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Honeymoon Places in Chennai

15 Places to Visit in Chennai for Couples

Are you planning your honeymoon and wondering where to go? Chennai, a city on the southeastern coast of India, offers honeymooners an exciting blend of culture, history, and romance. With its vibrant atmosphere and various attractions, Chennai provides an ideal setting for newlyweds to embark on their journey together.

The weather in Chennai for a honeymoon is typically warm and tropical, making it an inviting destination year-round. Whether you're exploring the historic Fort St. George, visiting the stunning Kapaleeshwarar Temple, or strolling hand in hand along the picturesque Marina Beach, you'll find plenty of opportunities to create cherished memories. Additionally, honeymoon packages in Chennai cater to your preferences, ensuring a delightful experience as you start this new chapter together. So, consider Chennai as your honeymoon destination, where you can discover a blend of culture, history, and love.

List of Top 15 Places to Visit in Chennai for Couple

Are you searching for a honeymoon haven where love blooms in every corner? Chennai, the vibrant coastal city of South India, beckons you to explore its enchanting destinations. We've curated a list of the Best Honeymoon destinations in Chennai.

  • Marina Beach | Shore Bliss
  • Edward Elliot's Beach | Coastal Haven
  • East Coast Road (ECR) | Scenic Drive
  • Thalankuppam Pier | Creek Charm
  • Chetpet Eco Park | Green Oasis
  • VGP Golden Beach | Fun Retreat
  • Semmozhi Poonga | Garden Magic
  • Theosophical Society | Serene Sanctuary
  • Guindy National Park | Wildlife Wonder
  • Valluvar Kottam | Poet's Tribute
  • Government Museum | Art Marvel
  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple | Sacred Beauty
  • Fort St. George | Historical Gem
  • Adyar Eco Park | Nature Escape
  • National Art Gallery | Elegant Showcase

1. Marina Beach | Shore Bliss

Looking for a vibrant start to your romantic journey? Marina Beach beckons with its golden sands and endless horizons. Stroll hand in hand along India's longest urban beach, feeling the gentle sea breeze ruffle your hair as the waves kiss the shore. The lively atmosphere, with food vendors offering delectable treats, adds excitement to your romantic escapade.

  • Location: Triplicane, Chennai
  • Distance from City Centre: 3 km
  • Major Attractions: Sandy expanse, Chennai Lighthouse

2. Edward Elliot's Beach | Coastal Haven

Are you seeking some Romantic beach getaways in Chennai? Besant Nagar Beach, known affectionately as the 'Bessy Beach,' invites couples to its inviting shores. Here, you can relish the simplicity of a beachside romance. Sunbathe, paddle in the shallows, or savour delicious street food; the choice is yours. This beach promises a casual, laid-back setting for you to connect intimately.

  • Location: Besant Nagar, Chennai
  • Distance from City Centre: 13 km
  • Major Attractions: Peaceful ambience, food stalls

3. East Coast Road (ECR) | Scenic Drive

East Coast Road is the scenic route to your romantic adventure and is also one of the secluded romantic spots in Chennai. Does the idea of a coastal drive, flanked by palm trees and glimpses of the sea, sound enchanting? Along ECR, you'll find charming resorts, beachfront cafes, and opportunities to pull over, breathe in the sea air, and steal a kiss or two.

  • Location: Runs along the coastline of Chennai
  • Distance from City Centre: Starts within 5 km
  • Major Attractions: Scenic drive, beachfront cafes

4. Thalankuppam Pier | Creek Charm

Seek a quiet and intimate pier by the waters. Thalankuppam Pier, nestled along Ennore Creek, offers a charming escape within Chennai. As the water gently laps against the pier's edge, you can find solace in each other's company. This hidden gem is perfect for couples seeking a peaceful, secluded spot to kindle their romance.

  • Location: Beach Rd, Nettukuppam, Ennore, Chennai
  • Distance from City Centre: 20 km
  • Major Attractions: Secluded pier, creek views

5. Chetpet Eco Park | Green Oasis

Want to escape the city buzz for a tranquil rendezvous in nature? Chetpet Eco Park is your lush oasis within Chennai's heart. Here, you can immerse yourselves in the serenity of greenery, take leisurely walks around the lake, or enjoy a romantic picnic in the shade of the trees. Here, you'll come across amazing resorts if you seek some of the Best honeymoon resorts near Chennai.

  • Location: New Bupathy Nagar, Kilpauk, Chennai
  • Distance from City Centre: 8 km
  • Major Attractions: Lush park, tranquil lake

6. VGP Golden Beach | Fun Retreat

Is your idea of romance a mix of thrill and relaxation? VGP Golden Beach, an amusement park with a beachside setting, offers an exciting and delightful escape. From thrilling rides to strolls on the beach, this destination ensures your honeymoon is filled with laughter and adventure.

  • Location: Injambakkam, Chennai
  • Distance from City Centre: 20 km
  • Major Attractions: Amusement rides, sandy beach

7. Semmozhi Poonga | Garden Magic

Picture a garden where love blossoms amidst vibrant blooms and lush landscapes. Semmozhi Poonga, a beautifully landscaped botanical garden, invites you to experience the magic of nature together. Stroll through manicured gardens, admire the colourful flowers, and let the enchanting surroundings set the stage for your love story.

  • Location: Ellaiamman Colony, Teynampet, Chennai
  • Distance from City Centre: 4 km
  • Major Attractions: Exotic plants, serene walks

8. Theosophical Society | Serene Sanctuary