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Hill Stations Near Palakkad

10 Hill Stations Near Palakkad You Must Visit

Have you ever wondered where culture meets geography in a captivating blend? In the heart of Kerala lies Palakkad, a town where nature and history intertwine in a fascinating embrace. What sets it apart is the iconic Palakkad Gap, a natural cleft in the Western Ghats, allowing centuries of cultural exchange between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This geographical marvel brings a unique climate to the region, distinct from the tropical surroundings. It is a vibrant blend of Tamil and Malayalam traditions creates a captivating tapestry, making it a destination where history and geography unite.

This town is a gateway to a treasure trove of picturesque hill stations, each with a unique allure. Embark on a voyage through the undulating hills, forests, and tea plantations to uncover the beauty of places like Munnar and Ooty, where you can enjoy scenic train rides, explore botanical gardens, and savour the flavours of homemade chocolates. The strategic location and historical significance will guide you to these affordable hill vacations near Palakkad, promising an enchanting experience in the lap of nature.

So, get set for this journey to Palakkad hill retreats that grace the surroundings, offering a delightful escape into the lap of nature!

List Of 10 Best Hill Station In Palakkad 

Have you ever yearned for a soothing escape to nature's pristine havens? Look no further, for we've curated an exquisite list of the Top 10 hill getaways around Palakkad, each a gem in its own right. As you traverse the winding paths and lush landscapes, you'll find yourself enchanted by the verdant beauty surrounding these hidden treasures.

  • Coonoor | Gem Hill
  • Ooty | Emerald Haven
  • Lakkidi | Misty Valley
  • Munnar | Green Paradise
  • Kodaikanal | Misty Woods
  • Wayanad | Wild Escape
  • Vagamon | Cloud Retreat
  • Idukki | Rich Biodiversity
  • Yercaud | Lake Bliss
  • Thekkady | Wildlife Haven

1. Coonoor | Gem Hill

Coonoor is a captivating hill station with a rich history and timeless charm. Coonoor's history is deeply intertwined with the British colonial era. The echoes of that time can still be felt in the architecture and the famous Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This hill station is renowned for its tea plantations, producing some of the finest teas in India. Coonoor also boasts attractions like Sim's Park, a botanical wonderland with diverse plant species, and the old-world charm of Droog Fort, which provides panoramic views of the Nilgiri landscape. The amazing experience continues with the majestic Catherine Falls, a two-tiered waterfall set amid lush greenery.

  • Distance from Coonoor: 121 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Sim's Park, Droog Fort
  • Major Attractions: Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Dolphin's Nose Viewpoint, Highfield Tea Factory

2. Ooty | Emerald Haven

Ooty, often called the 'Queen of Hill Stations,' is a lush green paradise in the Nilgiri Mountains. With a historical connection to the British era when it served as the summer capital of the Madras Presidency, Ooty continues to charm visitors with its serene beauty. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway, another UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases the area's rich history. Ooty is famous for its Botanical Gardens, housing an array of exotic plants and the renowned fossil tree. To top it off, the Ooty Chocolate Factory is a delightful stop for handcrafted chocolates and confectionery.

  • Distance from Coonoor: 137 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Botanical Gardens, Ooty Lake
  • Major Attractions: Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, The Ooty Chocolate Factory

3. Lakkidi | Misty Valley

Lakkidi, located in the Western Ghats, is often called the 'Gateway to Wayanad.' This picturesque location is famous for associating with the legendary freedom fighter and social reformer Veeran Kutty, who hailed from this region. Lakkidi greets you with a delightful climate, rich biodiversity, and a unique geographical feature - it's one of the highest locations in Wayanad. This enchanting hill station offers a range of delectable regional dishes, with Malabar biryani a favourite. Lakkidi is known for its misty landscapes, lush rainforests, and vibrant birdlife.

  • Distance from Lakkidi: 155 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Pookode Lake, Chain Tree
  • Major Attractions: Lush Rainforests, Thamarassery Churam, Birdwatching Paradise

4. Munnar | Green Paradise

Munnar, often called the 'Kashmir of South India,' is a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats of Kerala. This lush paradise is famous for its association with the colonial times when it was a favoured summer retreat of the British. Munnar is also popular for its tea plantations, with the Tata Tea Museum showcasing its historical significance. The region's geographical speciality lies in the Anamudi Peak, the highest point in South India, and its rich biodiversity within the Eravikulam National Park. Munnar is indeed one of the best hill stations near Palakkad.

  • Distance from Lakkidi: 157 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Tata Tea Museum, Mattupetty Dam
  • Major Attractions: Anamudi Peak, Eravikulam National Park, Scenic Tea Plantations

5. Kodaikanal | Misty Woods

Kodaikanal, 'Princess of Hill Stations,' is a captivating gem in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. American missionaries established the town, and their influence is still visible in the architecture and institutions. Kodaikanal is famous for its homemade chocolates and eucalyptus oil. One of the town's geographical specialities is the serene Kodaikanal Lake, where you can enjoy boating. Bryant Park is known for its colourful flowers, making it a horticulturist's delight. Coaker's Walk, a paved path along the edge of steep slopes, offers panoramic views of the Western Ghats.

  • Distance from Kodaikanal: 174 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Bryant Park, Coaker's Walk
  • Major Attractions: Kodaikanal Lake, Shenbaganur Museum, Pillar Rocks

6. Wayanad | Wild Escape

Wayanad is famous for associating with Pazhassi Raja, a local hero who fought against British colonial rule. Wayanad's cuisine includes Malabar biryani and bamboo rice, offering unique and flavorful tastes. The geographical speciality of Wayanad lies in the dense forests and pristine wildlife. It's home to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot elephants, tigers, and leopards. The Edakkal Caves are another attraction, displaying ancient petroglyphs. Wayanad also boasts the Banasura Sagar Dam, the largest earth dam in India, surrounded by lush greenery.

  • Distance from Kodaikanal: 183 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Edakkal Caves
  • Major Attractions: Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Peak, Thusharagiri Waterfalls

7. Vagamon | Cloud Retreat