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Have a Fun International Gateway to Turkey with Our Practical Guide

If you plan to visit Turkey this year, you definitely need some help with a practical guide on making the most out of your international trip with your loved ones. So, if you are confused about the swirling thoughts of what to do and what to explore, we have got you covered.

In this blog, we have combined everything you must know before making arrangements for your international gateway to Turkey. From applying for a Turkey visa online to creating a realistic budget for the trip, go through the blog below to know everything in detail.

Where Should You Visit in Turkey?

Wherever you visit a country, the most important thing to decide is what to explore. Well, you should always consider exploring the country's famous and significant landmarks and ones with distinctive historical or cultural significance.

So here are some of the travel itinerary ideas that can help you make suitable plans to explore the country:

One to Three Days

If you are visiting Turkey for the first time or on a budget, you can plan your trip to this nation for one to three days. In that case, Istanbul is the perfect place to start your journey.

You can get enough time within three days to explore the top attractions of Turkey. However, you can consider visiting the neighbouring cities of Bursa, Gallipoli and Ephesus.

Three to Five Days

If you have a little more time to spend in Turkey, say five days, you can visit Cappadocia and its neighbouring cities like Selcuk, Alacati and Ismir. The best way would be to reach these cities after spending at least three days in Istanbul.

Five to Seven Days

In case you have an entire week in your travel itinerary to explore the country, start with Istanbul for three days. Then move to Ephesus for two days. You can then finish your trip by exploring the magnificent landmarks in Cappadocia for another two days.

Seven to Ten Days

If your Turkey trip is for around ten days, you can consider spending a couple of days along the Southern Coast, including Dalyan, Patara, Marmaris, Demre, Kas, etc. Start your journey by spending three days in Istanbul and finish your trip with at least one day in Pamukkale.

More than Ten Days

It cannot get any better when you have more than ten days to explore Turkey. This way, you can cover most of the extravagant places in the country. So start with three days in Istanbul, two days in Cappadocia, then visit Ephesus, Pamukkale, Kas, Dlayan and Alacati, staying one day in each city.

What to Eat When You Are in Turkey?

One of the most important things we always remain excited about is food! It is always a good idea to try some of the authentic cuisines of the country you are visiting. So when you are in Turkey, you cannot afford to miss out on trying their street food and those heavenly kebabs.

Even if you are a vegan, you will never fall short of options when it comes to food in Turkey. Some of the popular dishes you can try in the country include:

  • Cay: Cay is what is called tea in English. Their tea is one of a kind. Served in traditional glasses, cay is made without milk or cream yet becomes delicious.
  • Baklava: It is basically a sweetened pastry that is stuffed with dried nuts and soaked in syrup. Even though there are many variations available with different flavours, it is a must-have in Turkey.
  • Manti: Mantis are small dumplings that are stuffed with meat. These are served with yoghurt sauce and a drizzle of tossed red pepper. It is one of the traditional Turkish foods you cannot afford to miss.
  • Doner Kebabs: These kebabs are made of slow-cooked meat. Those thin slices of meat are cut and rolled into a flatbread. It is then seasoned with spices and vegetable pickles.
  • Menemen: If you want to try comfort foods, menemen can be a good option. It is basically scrambled eggs with tomatoes, some veggies and spices. It is usually served with bread.

Budgeting for Turkey

When it comes to budget, Turkey is one of those countries that allows you to explore with whatever budget you have. Yes, a significant expense has to be the flight fare. But again, Turkey is well-connected with other countries globally, which can help you get a good deal. Also, if you are on a budget, the best idea would be to travel off-season.

Apart from this, the type of accommodation you choose in the country will impact your budget to a great extent. So, it is advisable to go for mid-range accommodations to save money you can spend on other essentials on the trip. Nevertheless, a daily budget of around Rs. 8,300 is enough to cover your basic expenses.

Visa and Arrivals

Individuals can get an e-visa from Turkey depending on the country they are visiting from. However, this does not apply to all countries. For instance, travellers from India need to have a visa and are not offered a visa on arrival. So you need to apply for the same traditionally online.

Also, make sure to purchase a suitable travel insurance plan. As per the mandates generated by the Turkish Government Indians must have travel insurance valid throughout their entire stay in the country to visit Turkey. Hence, travel insurance for Turkey can positively impact your visa approval for Turkey.

The Bottom Line

To wrap up, visiting Turkey with your loved ones can be a great experience when you have everything properly planned and executed. So follow all guidelines, apply for a Turkey visa, and get ready to enjoy a marvellous trip to Turkey.

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