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Food of Malta

Foods Of Malta: 10 Dishes You Must Try In 2024

Welcome to the culinary delights of Malta, a charming Mediterranean archipelago renowned for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cuisine. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta's gastronomy is a delightful fusion of influences from neighbouring countries, including Italy, Spain, and North Africa. Explore the vibrant markets and quaint villages where traditional Maltese dishes are lovingly prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From hearty stews like rabbit stew (fenkata) and fisherman's stew (aljotta) to savoury pastries like pastizzi and qassatat, each dish is a celebration of Malta's cultural diversity and culinary heritage. Indulge in the tantalising flavours of Malta's cuisine, where every bite offers a taste of the island's rich history and warm hospitality.

List Of 10 Best Foods Of Malta 

This cuisine isn't just a fusion; it's a tapestry of history and identity, inviting all, from avid food enthusiasts to those curious about new cultures, to indulge in Malta's culinary enchantment and taste the magic for themselves.

  • Pastizzi | Quintessential Taste of Malta
  • Hobz biz-Zejt | A Culinary Masterpiece
  • Fenek | Symphony of Robust and Savory Flavors
  • Lampuki | Symphony of Flavours
  • Bigilla | An Irresistible Allure
  • Ġbejna | A Vibrant Mosaic
  • Kannoli | An Indulgent Delight
  • Qagħaq tal-Għasel | Subtle Savoury Notes
  • Kinnie | Refreshingly Unique Delight
  • Cisk | Essence of a Tranquil Haven

1. Pastizzi | The Quintessential Taste of Malta

These beloved pastries reign supreme among Maltese street eats, flaunting their flaky, golden exteriors and tantalising fillings. Offering a choice between luscious ricotta cheese or the earthy embrace of savoury peas, these pocket-sized delights are both affordable and irresistibly addictive. A quintessential taste of Malta, they boast a perfect blend of textures and flavours that dance on the palate, making each bite a sensory experience worth savouring.

  • Where to eat: Crystal Palace Bar
  • Cost: 30-40 Cents

2. Hobz biz-Zejt | A Culinary Masterpiece

A culinary cornerstone in Malta, this simple yet deeply satisfying open-faced sandwich encapsulates the essence of the best local food. The robust Maltese bread, crusty and inviting, serves as a canvas for a harmonious marriage of flavours—fresh tomatoes, piquant garlic, and the lushness of olive oil. Toppings like tuna, capers, or olives elevate this humble fare to a culinary masterpiece, suitable for a swift bite or a leisurely, flavoursome repast under the Mediterranean sun.

  • Where to eat: Papajoe's, The Oven, Big bun dolcerija
  • Cost: Depends upon the restaurants

3. Fenek | Symphony of Robust and Savory Flavours

Rabbit, esteemed in Maltese traditional dishes, takes centre stage in the revered Stuffat tal-Fenek, a dish cherished for its comforting essence. Slow-cooked to tender perfection, the rabbit meat melds with a sumptuous tomato sauce infused with the sweetness of onions, the earthiness of carrots, the aromatic touch of celery, and a splash of red wine. This hearty stew embodies tradition, serving up a symphony of robust and savoury flavours that resonate with the heart of Maltese heritage, inviting indulgence in every spoonful.

  • Where to eat: Paranga, Sole by Tarragon
  • Cost: 1.50 Euro

4. Lampuki | Symphony of Flavours

As the summer sun bathes Malta, the prized Lampuki fish emerges as a culinary luminary. Its seasonal presence becomes an embodiment of the Maltese culinary specialities, adorning dishes in multifaceted ways: whether pan-fried to a golden crispness, nestled within savory pies, or harmoniously simmered in the fragrant embrace of Aljotta soup. The symphony of flavours unleashed by these cooking methods encapsulates the essence of Maltese cuisine, offering a vivid taste of the Mediterranean's bounty, a poetic exploration of the sea's treasures.

  • Where to eat: Marsaskala, Birgu, Marsaxlokk
  • Cost: 4 Euros

5. Bigilla | An Irresistible Allure

Bigilla, a robust fava bean dip, embodies the heartiness cherished by vegetarians and food enthusiasts alike. Meticulously mashed fava beans intermingle with robust garlic, velvety olive oil, zesty lemon juice, and an assortment of herbs, yielding a creamy, textured spread that tantalizes the palate. This flavourful tapestry of Maltese gastronomy, rich in both depth and aroma, beckons a sensorial exploration, inviting crusty bread or fresh crudités to partake in its irresistible allure.

  • Where to eat: Legligin – Valletta, Gozitan Restaurant, Tal-Familja Restaurant
  • Cost: 3.75 Euros

6. Ġbejna | A Vibrant Mosaic

These diminutive Ġbejna cheeses stand as miniature treasures within Maltese food culture. Handcrafted from sheep's or goat's milk, they are present in various guises: plain, peppered, or filled with luscious ricotta or aromatic herbs. Each bite into these cheeses, whether relished individually or paired with honey-kissed fruits, reveals a tapestry of nuanced flavours—a vibrant mosaic that whispers tales of tranquillity and craftsmanship, unlocking the essence of Malta's gastronomic legacy.

  • Where to eat: Ta' Stringi Restaurant, Gozitan Restaurant
  • Cost: 1.6 Euros

7. Kannoli | An Indulgent Delight

Kannoli, a Sicilian dessert cherished within Maltese cuisine, emerges as an indulgent delight. Encased within crispy, golden-fried pastry shells, these delicacies cradle a sumptuous filling of sweet ricotta cream. Their allure lies in versatility, available plain or lavishly adorned with an array of embellishments such as rich chocolate, earthy pistachios, or the vibrant hues of candied fruit. Each bite offers a symphony of textures—a crunch yielding to a creamy, luscious centre—that captivates the palate with its exquisite contrast.

  • Where to eat: Busy Bee
  • Cost: 50 - 80 cents

8. Qagħaq tal-Għasel | Subtle Savoury Notes

Qagħaq tal-Għasel, a popular Maltese dish presents deep-fried honey rings that epitomise culinary craftsmanship. Crafted from a humble yet meticulously prepared dough infused with the aromatic essence of anise and fragrant orange blossom water, these rings undergo a transformative journey. Immersed in a fragrant bath of hot honey, they emerge glistening and fragrant, crowned with a delicate sprinkle of sesame seeds. The resulting fusion of flavours—a delicate balance between the sweetness of honey and the subtle savoury notes—creates an irresistible temptation.

  • Where to eat: Ta' Cassia Salina Restaurant
  • Cost: 50 cents

9. Kinnie | Refreshingly Unique Delight