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Food Of Bosnia

12 Famous Food Of Bosnia You Must Try In 2024

The present-day regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina should be noticed by those planning their next European excursion. Unlike the more well-known holiday destinations, such as Madrid and Lisbon, not many travellers know of the diverse and rich history of the country.

From the days of the Ottoman Empire to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Bosnia absorbed plenty of cultural influences, many of which found their way into what people got accustomed to consuming. Whether you desire the spices of the Mediterranean or a delicious stew full of rich gravy, there are all those Food of Bosnia.

So, if you plan to take a vacation to the North Adriatic Sea, don’t forget to check each item off your list. It shall provide you with a culinary journey with the best Bosnian dishes available almost anywhere within the country.

List Of 12 Best Food Of Bosnia

As per the Islamic dietary Laws, there are very few dishes in Bosnia that contain any veggies. Primarily, most of the dishes have meat in them. So, if you are non-vegetarian, then Bosnian cuisine will be a delight for you.

  • Begova Corba | The Magic Potion
  • Bosanski Lonac | Authentic Cuisine Element
  • Ćevapi | All-rounder Dish
  • Burek | The Mingling Meat!
  • Tarhana | Soupy Delight!
  • Kačamak | Not for the lovers of spices
  • Meze | The Starter Dish
  • Halva | A Dry Fruit Surprise
  • Baklava | The King of Desserts
  • Šerbe | The Refresher
  • Bosnian Smoked Cheese | The Must-Have Food
  • Musaka | The Bosnian Lasagna

1. Begova Corba | The Magic Potion

The Begova Corba (which translates to “Bey’s stew”) is a staple throughout the country during the harsh winter months. While the main ingredients constitute a simple soup with meat and vegetables, each recipe holds a grand tale that has been passed on through generations.

It is a comforting, warm indulgence in stark contrast to the falling mercury in the Bosnian outdoors. If you’re looking for traditional Bosnian food, this is the perfect dish to start.

  • Best place to try Begova Corba: The soup is best consumed with some freshly baked bread. You can try out any restaurant within city limits, but the ASDŽ Aščinica in Sarajevo earns quite a repute with visitors for its unique flavour.
  • Average Begova Corba price: Don’t expect to pay more than 30 BAM per person if you plan to order Begova Corba along with a few sides. The price may rise in a few upscale restaurants in Banja Luka and Zenica.

2. Bosanski Lonac | Authentic Cuisine Element

Another one of the authentic Bosnian recipes that tells you all about the nation’s culinary heritage. In fact, it’s one of the first main course dishes that tourists try when learning to cook Bosnian recipes. The process is simple: simmering your choice of seasonal vegetables and meat in a melting pot. Finish off with your desired seasoning and cheese.

  • Best place to try Bosanki Lonac: While it’s straightforward to make Bosanki Lonac by yourself in any kitchen, several restaurants in Tuzla and Travnik may oblige you with a unique taste. If you want to try out the most hearty version, visit Restoran Škica in Mostar.
  • The average price for Bosanki Lonac: A Bosanki Lonac meal for two can vary between 30 and 60 BAM, depending on the restaurant. But, if you try to cook one yourself, it can cost you less than 15 BAM.

3. Ćevapi | All-rounder Dish

A simple dish with meat and patties that includes varying ingredients depending on where you travel in Eastern Europe. In Bosnia, the dish includes a stuffing of beef, lamb, or chicken, depending on which one you order. A typical serving includes 5-10 portions, which makes it an excellent dish to pack for your treks into the Dinaric Alps.

  • Best place to try Ćevapi: Across Bosnia, you can find several joints called Ćevabdžinica that have Ćevapi on their menu. While no restaurant will deny you a serving, these local street-level shops are the best way to experience the local taste.
  • Average price for Ćevapi: You can get a decent portion of Ćevapi for 20-40 BAM.

4. Burek | The Mingling Meat!

A guide to local food experiences in Bosnia wouldn’t be complete without a Burek recommendation. It’s a special meat-filled pastry that includes two different types of cheese for an exclusive treat for your tongue. Vegetarians may choose to replace the meat filling with mashed potatoes or zucchini.

  • Best place to try Burek: Buregdžinica Bosna serves the best Burek in Sarajevo. If you’re looking for a good restaurant in North Bosnia, be sure to check out the Piterija Ivo in Zagreb.
  • Average price of Burek: A neat portion of Burek shall set you back around 30 BAM in the cities and 20 BAM in a rural establishment.

5. Tarhana | Soupy Delight!

Originally an Armenian dish, the Tarhana is a dried food ingredient that you can find from Northern Asia to the Middle East. It has also become a massive part of the Bosnian culinary heritage over the decades, often accompanied by a side of broth, soup, or milk.

The best advice is to buy a few packets from your local food store and cook them with some milk and soup yourself. Still, if you insist on eating out, it should be a part of the menu regardless of the eatery you visit.

  • Best place to try Tarhana: The capital of Sarajevo has numerous restaurants that offer Tarhana as part of their menu. Nevertheless, the best taste you can experience is at the Snack Bar Garden in Tuzla, as you have it for breakfast with the sun rising over the hills.
  • Average price for Tarhana: Packets for Tarhana go for no more than 5 BAM in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can have it for 8 BAM if you want to order it from a decent restaurant.

6. Kačamak | Not for the lovers of spices