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Weekend Getaways in Odisha

Experiencing Odisha - Why It Should Be Your Next Vacation Weekend Getaways?

Odisha is one such state where you will find chunks of immortal history, phenomenal architecture, traditional temples, scenic wildlife and exotic beaches all rolled into one magnificent travel concoction. Not many places offer such an amazing experience of nature and culture together and Odisha is one of them. Let’s discover why this place must be on your travel bucket list for touring India.

Hub Of Exquisite Arts And Crafts

The indigenous arts and crafts of Odisha are the base of its identity. The state is known for its applique, silver filigree, stonework and dhokra castings. A land of dexterous artists and craftsmen; Odisha is all about finding the traditional handicrafts, paintings, and carving work along with the dance and music which are considered as the symbols of our rich culture and heritage. 

Wonders Of Nature - The mini Amazon and the Migratory birds