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16 Best Beaches in Auckland

16 Best Beaches in Auckland | Liquid Jewels of Auckland

Auckland has many beautiful beaches, each with its distinct personality. Visitors can choose from family-friendly bays with calm waters to surf-worthy beaches along its gorgeous coastline. Auckland's beaches are great for sunbathing, water activities, or coastal hiking. Auckland's beaches provide something for everyone, from quiet coves to lively shorelines. You get to explore some of the best beaches in Auckland with facilities, from well-maintained restrooms and changing areas to picnic spots and nearby BBQ facilities or accessible parking.

Discover the ultimate aquatic paradise as you explore the city's best beaches for swimming in Auckland. With their clean sands and waters, these beaches are perfect for a restful day by the sea. Canine companions are also in for a treat at the city's best dog-friendly beaches in Auckland. These sandy shores welcome four-legged friends and their owners for fun-filled pastimes by the water. You can relish quality time with your furry pal while exploring the welcoming coastal gems that offer plenty of space for pups to play, run, and splash in the waves.

List Of 16 Most Famous Beaches in Auckland | Must-visit Beaches in Auckland

Discover the allure of the best beaches near Auckland CBD, where urban sophistication meets coastal charm. These pristine shores, just a stone's throw away from the city centre, offer a perfect escape for locals and tourists. Which one to choose? Explore Auckland beaches ranked by reviews as we guide you to the most beloved spots.

  • Piha Beach | Sunset Bliss Haven
  • Karekare Beach | Wild Beauty Retreat
  • Mission Bay Beach | Urban Paradise Oasis
  • Takapuna Beach | City Escape Sands
  • Orewa Beach | Coastal Tranquillity
  • Muriwai Beach | Gannet's Coastal Domain
  • Bethells Beach | Untamed Coastal Magic
  • Long Bay Beach | Serene Sands Getaway
  • Cheltenham Beach | Seaside Elegance
  • Maraetai Beach | Secluded Coastal Gem
  • Anchor Bay | Nature's Harbor Hideaway
  • North Piha Beach | Rugged Paradise Bay
  • Milford Beach | Waterside Retreat
  • Ladies Bay | Seaside Serenity Cove
  • Little Oneroa Beach | Quaint Shoreline Bliss
  • Whatipu Beach | Paradise Unveiled

1. Piha Beach | Sunset Bliss Haven

Piha Beach is a little piece of paradise on Auckland's west coast. It is well-known for its imposing Lion Rock, rough black sand, and strong surf. You can go swimming, surf, or stroll along the shore. The Lion Rock summit climb, which offers fantastic views of the Tasman Sea, is one of the great walking trails in Piha. Piha is a favourite among beach lovers and surfers due to its stunning beauty and powerful surf.

  • Things to Do: Surfing, swimming, hiking Lion Rock, picnicking, exploring the Tasman Sea coast.
  • Famous for: Rugged black sand, powerful surf, iconic Lion Rock, and scenic walking tracks.

2. Karekare Beach | Wild Beauty Retreat

Near Piha is the isolated treasure of Karekare Beach. It is a location where the splendour of nature is untamed and wild. Karekare, famous for appearing in the movie "The Piano," provides peace and seclusion. It is the ideal location for a revitalising holiday because of the Karekare Falls and the thick rainforest surrounding it.

  • Things to Do: Enjoy solitude, visit Karekare Falls, and explore the surrounding rainforest.
  • Famous for: Secluded, wild beauty, and its appearance in the film "The Piano."

3. Mission Bay Beach | Urban Paradise Oasis

Mission Bay Beach is distinct from the untamed beaches along the west coast. Its location on the calm waters of the Hauraki Gulf provides a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Several cafes and restaurants are nearby to enjoy regional food, and the beach has a bustling promenade ideal for a stroll. The welcoming atmosphere of Mission Bay makes it a popular vacation spot for families.

  • Things to Do: Swimming, beach volleyball, walking along the promenade, enjoying local eateries.
  • Famous for: Calm waters, family-friendly atmosphere, and bustling boardwalk.

4. Takapuna Beach | City Escape Sands

You'll be spoiled for choice when finding the best family beaches in Auckland. Auckland offers a variety of options, but one that stands out is Takapuna Beach. On the North Shore, Takapuna Beach is a thriving urban beach. With good cause, it's one of Auckland's busiest beaches. For beachgoers, the pristine waters and golden sand provide an attractive environment. You can do windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or picnic by the water in one of the well-kept parks.

  • Things to Do: Swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, beachside picnicking, coastal walk.
  • Famous for: Golden sand, clear waters, and a vibrant urban beach experience.

5. Orewa Beach | Coastal Tranquillity

Orewa Beach is an excellent location for a traditional beach experience because of its expansive sandy shoreline. Because of the relatively calm seas, swimming and paddleboarding are acceptable activities. The Orewa Promenade is lovely for a beautiful stroll, and the town has a variety of services and restaurants to make your stay more enjoyable.

  • Things to Do: Swimming, paddleboarding, picnicking, coastal walk, exploring the town.
  • Famous for: Long sandy shoreline, family-friendly atmosphere, and amenities.

6. Muriwai Beach | Gannet's Coastal Domain

For its untamed beauty and gannet population, Muriwai Beach is well-known. It's one of the few locations to examine these magnificent birds closely. Due to its big waves and black sand, Muriwai is a well-liked destination for surfers. Walking paths also lead to colony-viewing platforms, providing a singular opportunity to study these amazing creatures.

  • Things to Do: Surfing, gannet colony viewing, hiking through the dunes.
  • Famous for: Rugged beauty, black sand, and a large gannet colony.

7. Bethells Beach | Untamed Coastal Magic

Te Henga, another name for Bethells Beach, is a breathtaking location. The vast, untamed beach is proof of the strength of nature. Adventures can be set against the backdrop of the Tasman Sea, the Waitakere River, and the towering dunes. You can walk through the dunes, swim in the river, or relax and take in the peace.

  • Things to Do: Hiking through the dunes, swimming, river exploration.
  • Famous for: Expansive, wild beauty, dunes, and the Waitakere River.

8. Long Bay Beach | Serene Sands Getaway