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Son Bhandar Caves of Bihar

The Mysterious Son Bhandar Caves of Bihar: History, Myths and Legends

Son Bhandar or Sone Bhandar are artificial caves located in Rajgir, Bihar. Caves have always been a topic of amazement and enigma, and so are the Son Bhandar caves of Bihar. Located at the foot of Vaibhar Hills, Son Bhander are two adjacent caves that have been welcoming historians, travelers, and archaeologist experts from around the world for their mysteries and charm. 

So, without further ado, let's go on a virtual tour of these caves, which are among the top tourist places in Bihar.

History of Son Bhandar Caves in Bihar

Son Bhandar caves have been carved out of monolithic rock and are set amidst a green landscape. The entrance of Son Bhandar caves have inscriptions that have been identified to be belonging to the Gupta period script. As per the inscriptions, it can be implied that it was constructed by Vairadeva, a Jain Muni (a Wise Man). 

The carvings and inscriptions in the caves establish its relation with Jainism. In addition to the inscriptions, there lies an unfinished sculpture of Lord Vishnu, which is currently displayed in a museum. The main cave has some prominent architectural features comprising a rectangular shape, pointed ceiling, and a trapezoidal entrance, which add to its aesthetic appeal.

Myths and Legends about the Mysterious Son Bhandar Caves in Bihar

Although the beauty of the caves is timeless, the period they belong to is still a mystery! Some claim that the inscriptions on the entrance of the cave belong to the 3rd or 4th century Gupta Period, while some believe that their origin can be dated back to the Mauryan Empire i.e, 319-180 BCE.

Another intriguing and crazy fact about the caves is the belief that the caves are a treasure trove of gold! Locals claim that the caves have an insane amount of gold jewels hidden in them. Courtesy, this story, the caves became famous as Sone Bhnadar, which means (caves with an abundant amount of gold). To date, no one has found any trace of gold, but the story has successfully attracted tourists and curious souls to this place!

In addition to these caves, you can also explore other popular destinations in Rajgir like Japanese Stupa (a symbol of world peace), Ghora Katora Lake (a beautiful lake & a picnic spot), Cyclopean Walls (40km long wall that encircles Rajgir), Chariot Tracks (believed to be of Lord Krishna’s chariot), Rajgir Hot Springs, Ajatshatru Fort, and Griddhakuta hills.

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Stay tuned to Adotrip, as we are coming back with another blog about another popular, mysterious, exotic, or mesmerizing destination that is worth exploring in a lifetime!


--- Published By  Stella Wilson

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