Keep Abreast Of The Latest Happenings In The World Of Travel & Tourism

 June 3rd, 2022

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Keep Abreast of the Latest Happenings in The World of Travel & Tourism

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Nothing brings more peace to the mind and body than traveling does. Have a look at the weekly happenings in the tourism world from around the globe.

1. All tourists visiting Ladakh will have to undergo a mandatory 48-hour acclimatization program in Leh before traveling further into Ladakh. The acclimatization program was introduced in the wake of multiple tourists showing the symptoms of severe acute high altitude sickness. With Leh being situated at nearly 3500 feet above sea level, many tourists who fly in by air face altitude sickness and cannot cope with the sudden attitude change. The program intends to reduce this drastically and will ensure all tourists are familiar with and ready to handle the high-altitude weather of Ladakh and surrounding regions. Tourists need to plan their trip accordingly. The decision was taken by the Chief executive of the Ladakh autonomous hill development council.

2. After almost two years, Japan finally gears up to welcome tourists. The nation had a multitude of covid 19 protocols in place which prevented tourists from giving Japan a visit. Even though many of these protocols have been removed, certain key rules have been retained to keep the population and tourists safe from the grasp of the virus. 

3. Chennai center is gearing up to hold its first Dinosaur festival in June. Dinosaurs are the rage all across India, with super cities like Delhi and Chennai hosting multiple events regarding the same. The festival takes place from 10th June to 19th June. The event will be conducted with world-class exhibitions and activities. Life-size statues are expected to take center stage, with multiple classes about dinosaurs, their habitats, methods of living, environments, and biology. The statues will be animatronic and engaging for kids and adults alike. The event will also have a lot of activities like fossil excavation, jumping castles, and a lot of photo sessions. An overall fun package to enjoy your weekend.

4. The Uttarakhand government has decided to connect 17 different tourist spots via road by the upcoming super project Manaskhand circuit to boost tourism and the economy. Kainchi Dham, Jageshwar temple, Mukteshwar, Golu Devta temple, and Purnagiri temple are all expected to be connected by the end of this project. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dham stated that Kumaon has many beautiful tourist destinations connected via this road to ease traveling costs and increase tourism in all these regions. Multiple parking spots are also expected to be built around tourist Destinations to handle the increased footfall and cars.

5. Street View is a unique and perspective way to enjoy the beauty and scenery of a place without ever setting foot there. It's a feature provided by Google Earth and google services to explore places in a way just as realistic as you have visited the said location. Taj Mahal has been revealed to be one of the most visited places on Street View. Taj Mahal is India's most iconic tourist destination and one that many are eager to visit and explore. Still, since not everyone can visit Delhi and the surrounding areas due to cost and distance, Street View is an amazing way to experience Taj and its beauty.

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