Latest Travel News From Travel And Tourism Sector

 January 20th, 2023

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Latest Travel News From Travel and Tourism Sector

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1. Tighten Your Seat Belts as Rajasthan Launches Full Moon Tourism
Website. In line with the Rajasthan government, the state is seeking to introduce full moon tourism to enhance visitors' travel experiences. Visitors will be transported to secluded sections of the state for a glorious view of the full moon and starry heavens, making this an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, the establishment of campsites and telescopes in 33 areas is being done concurrently with the introduction of astrotourism.

2. Are You Ready For “The Hills Festival Meghalaya”? 
This year's "The Hills Festival Meghalaya," an annual cultural, culinary, and musical festival, will take place in Shillong. The amazing inhabitants of Umbir and Umiam Lake in Meghalaya are actively engaged in preparing. The "Food Pavilion," where you can savour Shillong's most authentic regional food, will serve as the event's star feature during its two days. The central emphasis is still on honouring the carnival with all environmentally friendly initiatives and using art installations made of sustainable materials.

3. All New DIrect Connectivity With Turkey, Says Indigo!
To improve the airline's global connectivity goal, Indigo has created the newest route that runs straight between Mumbai and Turkey. Vinay Malhotra, the head of global sales at Indigo, said that this new airline route launch was made to increase the airline's capacity internationally and to provide customers with a wide range of choices. Additionally, the airline provided details on its intention to wet lease widebody aircraft for its expansion into longer routes.

4. TBT Back in Bhutan After a Massive Gap of 60 years
Bhutan recently opened its borders, and one of the key highlights has been the revival of the Trans Bhutan Trail (TBT) after 60 long years, which was the principal pilgrimage path to the holiest sites in the 16th century. This route has now opened its arms to travellers from all backgrounds. Sam Blyth, Chair of the Bhutan Canada Foundation, said that any profits would only be utilised to assist the growth and upkeep of TBT.

5. Get Ready For Narmada Parikrama Tour in MP
Madhya Pradesh is prepared to launch the Narmada Parikrama Tour, which has been designed by the tourism board and includes the best lodging, transportation, and meals. Respected priests and sages from all across the nation, including MP, will participate in this journey, according to Vinod Gontia, The Chairman of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

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