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Adjoining the two regions of Rishikesh-Sivananda Nagar and Swarg Ashram, Ram Jhula is one of the significant landmarks of the city of Uttarakhand. Expanding a mind-boggling view, Ram Jhula or bridge is a great work of intelligence in the field of engineering. The bridge is a famous spot where so many Bollywood movies’ shoots have been done.

There are many Hindu ashrams and religious centres established at both sides of the Ganges. It is also a connecting bridge between Sivananda Ashram located in Muni Ki Reti to Gita Bhawan, Parmarth Niketan and other temples located in Swargashram. Though similar in design, this bridge is bigger than Lakshman Jhula which is 2 kilometres upwards the river stream. This bridge is constructed with a span of 750 feet.

Ram Jhula History

The famous Ram Jhula was initially a bridge made of very strong jute ropes, tightly intertwined to give it strength and to help it bear the weight of passers-by. It did not have any pillars to provide structural support in the beginning. Later, it was re-constructed with iron in the year 1986 by the PWD under government supervision. Since it is located in the spiritual and holy city of Rishikesh, the name of the bridge is derived from the Aryan King- Lord Ram- the protagonist of the epic Ramayana.

The other famous bridge on the river is the Lakshman Jhula. The story goes that in the era of Ram’s reign, Lakshman had crossed the Ganga with the help of two ropes.

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Top Attractions near Ram Jhula

Parmarth Niketan Temple. Founded by Pujya Swami Shukdevanand Ji. The place is known for spirituality activity. You can practice various yoga under the guidance of expert Yoga practitioner.

Swarg Ashram. One of the spiritual places in Rishikesh, Swarg Ashram is a great place to meditate. This is absolutely mind and soul rejuvenating.

Bharat Mandir. One of the ancient temples in Rishikesh that witnesses a number of devotees, history explorers and much more people.

Ram Jhula Market. The Ram Jhula Market can be found in the point where the bridge ends, where you can find shops selling everything imaginable- from groceries to mementoes and religious tokens. You can find religious sculptures, statues and framed pictures of different gods and goddesses, dress materials, jewellery and other artefacts available in the markets.

Things to Do near Ram Jhula

River Rafting. River rafting is one of the prominent activities that will ensure great fun. There are many river rafting organizing authorities which organize the river rafting ensuring the utmost safety.

Trekking. Here, you can enjoy the trekking. There are several organizations who organize the trekking.

Hiking. Another exciting experience is hiking. But, make sure you are guided by the authentic authority that organizes the hiking activity.

Best Time to Visit Ram Jhula

The pleasant weather of Rishikesh is absolutely inviting and lets you visit anytime you want. Though, visiting during August-October will be preferable months as it is the time when the city witnesses perfect and moderate weather to explore more.

How to Reach Ram Jhula?

Rishikesh is located in the state of Uttarakhand and the state is well-connected with other regions of India. After landing the Dehradun Airport, you can take the local buses to reach the Rishikesh. Also, you can opt Uttarakhand Railway service to reach the Rishikesh. The nearest railway station is Virbhadra Railway Station to reach Ram Jhula.  

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