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Nestled in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat is a popular hill station and a mountain pass. With its numerous waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and verdant flora and fauna, Malshej Ghat is a famous spot among trekkers, hikers, and nature lovers.

Malshej Ghat is an ideal hideaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and is a famous weekend getaway from Pune, Mumbai, and Thane. It is most popular for the pink flamingoes which migrate here between the months of July and September. This place becomes more beautiful during the monsoons with exotic pink flamingoes and lush green hills. 

From beautifully structured dams and steep to lofty forts and mesmerizing waterfalls, Malshej Ghat is a perfect place that draws nature lovers from around the globe. A trail to Harishchandragad Fort in the vicinity is very popular among trekkers. The temples in Malshej Ghat are great examples of architectural marvel and date back to the 16th century AD. Malshej Falls, Ajoba Hillfort, and the beautiful Pimpalgaon dam are some of the major attractions here which will leave you speechless. 

Best Time To Visit to Malshej Ghat

The best time to visit Mlshejghat is between the months of October and March to enjoy the dams, Fort, and sightseeing. However, during monsoons, this place is simply stunning, and one can enjoy overflowing dams and natural waterfalls. 

History of Malshej Ghat

According to the local folktales, Ajobagad Fort situated in Malshej Ghat became home to Goddess Sita after being separated from Lord Rama. Some old carvings on the walls depict stories of God Rama and Goddess Sita. The fort was derived its name from the great sage Valmiki who used to be called 'Ajoba' or grandfather by Luv and Kush.

Places To Visit In And Near Malshej Ghat

1. Malshej Falls

Mist, fog, and the cascading waterfalls amidst lush and woody forest together form the fascinating and refreshing Malshej falls.

2. Pimpalgaon Joga Dam 

The Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is a sprawling 5 km long structure across the plain waters of the enchanting Pushpavati river. With one of the most beautiful of sights to behold in the town to offer, Joga Dam is spread over a vast expanse of backwaters. 

3. Harishchandragad

Situated in the district of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, Harishchandragad is a hill fort. One of the famous Bhandardara tourist spots, this hillfort is popular for the trekking trail. Harishchandragad fort has many attractions like temples, caves, and a lake which makes it an ideal tourist place. 

4. Ajoba Hill Fort

The hillfort is a popular spot for trekking and rock climbing amongst adventure seekers which can be enjoyed amidst lush greenery and sceneries. Situated near the fort, Darkoba Peak is also famous for rock climbing, trekking, and its surrounding nature. 

How To Reach Malshej Ghat 

Pune, Thane, and Mumbai are the major cities nearest to Malshej Ghat and are very well-connected via a wide range of transportation. Here’s how to reach Malshej Ghat. 

  • Nearest metropolitan city. Mumbai
  • Nearest railway station. Kalyan
  • Nearest airport. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
  • Distance from Pune. 120 Kms
  • Distance from Thane. 105 Kms

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By Air

New Pune International Airport in Pune is the nearest international airbase to Malshej Ghat. It is one of the busiest airports in India and one can board flights to Pune from all the key cities of India and then travel to Malshej by road or rail. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is also a viable option to reach Malshej. 

  • Distance from New Pune International Airport - 57 Kms

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By Train

Malshej Ghat has no dedicated railway station. The nearest railhead to Malshej is in Kalyan, Maharashtra. One can easily get a bus, rail, or taxi outside the station to cover the remaining distance. 

  • Distance from Kalyan Railway Station. 85 Kms

By Road

Malshej is very well connected to cities like Pune, Thane, and Mumbai via Mumbai-Pune Highway. Regular state-run and private buses from Mumbai, Pune, and Panvel are always available to reach your destination.

  • Distance from Mumbai. 126 Kms

Travel Tip

Monsoons are one of the best times to Malshej Ghat but trekking is not recommended on rainy days as the steep trails can become very slippery.

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