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India is blessed with a rich history that can be witnessed by Indians and non-Indians, both. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that Indian culture is as old as its heritage sites and one of the most beautiful ones is Lal Mahal, situated at Kasba Peth area, Pune. The palace was built by Shahaji Bhosle as a gift for his wife Jijabai. One of the tourist attractions, it is also a prominent holiday destination for locals.

Located near the popular Shaniwar Wada, a celebrated fort in the city of Pune, Lal Mahal has its own share of admirers who cherish its architecture and tales of its time. Lal Mahal was built in the 16th century with red bricks. These red bricks gave this magnificent structure its name.    

The Lal Mahal remains open for all days of the week from 9 am-1 pm and 4 pm-8 pm. The visit duration can take approx. one hour. One can visit the place any time of the year. The geographical location of the place is such that it observes a moderate climate throughout the year. Hence, one can plan a visit in any month. 

History of Lal Mahal Pune

Lal Mahal was built by Shahaji Bhosle, Shivaji’s father with an intent to revive Pune from the destruction and misery that had fallen on it. He was a Sardar in the Sultanate of Bijapur. While he was staying in Bangalore with his family, after conquering a number of territories - he was given a few in Pune. He constructed a palace for residing in 1630 AD. After building this magnificent marvel, he sent his wife Jijabai along with his son Shivaji to stay here. This place was his abode until he acquired his first fort, Torna Fort in 1645. 

Near the end of the 17th century, with repeated attacks, the Mahal has knocked down once again. At this time, Shaniwar Wada was being built. It is said that soil, stones and other construction material from Lal Mahal were taken as a token of good luck.to construct Shaniwar Wada. Some land of the Mahal was given to construct houses and was given to Ranoji Shinde and Ramchandraji. Brahmins till date are fed today. After repeated attacks, it was never rebuilt. What one sees today is just a smaller version of the red coloured building.

Major Attractions in and Around Lal Mahal

1. Ayyappa Temple

Perfectly built with fine architecture, the temple is a replica of the original Ayyappa Temple in Sabarimala, Kerala.

2. Darshan Museum

A museum-like scenario but not a museum! Amazing statues that prompt life. The 3D holographic adds a splendid scenario.

3. Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

Spread across a large area that contains an array of flower species. Equally trimmed and well-maintained.

4. Shopping

You can enjoy the street shopping near Fashion Street Pune.

5. Horse Riding

Witness the enthralling horse riding at Japalouppe Equestrian Center.

How to Reach Lal Mahal Pune 

The Red Palace of Pune, Lal Mahal is one of the most popular monuments of the city as well as the country. The credit for its unique establishment goes to the ancient ruler Shahaji Raje Bhosala (father of Shivaji) who made the Palace for his wife and son. Being located in the middle of Pune city, Lal Mahal gets incredible recognition from the tourists as well as the locals. It is 1423 km away from Delhi, 147 km from Mumbai, and 7 km from Bangalore while making it easily accessible from most of the Indian metropolitan cities. 

By Air

Deboard at the Pune International Airport, you will have to hire a taxi or rickshaw to reach the Lal Mahal. The distance between Pune and Lal Mahal is about 11 km which takes about 20 minutes to reach the destination. 

  • From Kanpur - Board Spicejet, GoAir, Air Asia flights from Kanpur Airport. The airfares start from INR 4,000-5,000
  • From Lucknow - Board Spicejet, IndiGo, Air India flights from Lucknow Airport. The airfares start from INR 4,000-5,000
  • From Prayagraj - Board IndiGo, AirAsia, Go Air flights from Prayagraj Airport. The airfares start from INR 6,000-7,000

By Train

You can reach Pune railway station from all the major cities in India directly. However, you might have to change the train once or twice if you are traveling from other places. On reaching the Pune railway station,  you can take a taxi, rickshaw, or local bus to reach Lal Mahal. The distance between Pune railway station and Lal Mahal is just 2 km which you can cover by walking as well to enjoy the most. 

By Road

Pune is well connected to all the places in mainland India by road. You can hire a personal cab from your home to reach the Lal Mahal in Pune. You can also hire a taxi or rickshaw after reaching the Pune bus stand from your respective destination. 

  • From Mumbai - 148 km via Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway
  • From Satara - 110 km via NH48
  • From Hubli - 426 km via NH48

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