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This is a historical garden where tombs of Prince Khusro along with Sultan Begum are located. The prince was the eldest son of Jahangir and didn’t live a very long life. It is in his name that the garden has been named. Within the garden, you will find three mausoleums built in exquisite Mughal architecture. 

The two belongs to the Prince and Sultan Begum. The other one belongs to Khusro’s sister, Nisar. Talking about her mausoleum, it is empty and doesn’t have anything within it. This particular tomb lies on an elevated platform and has been adorned with many panels depicting Mughal arch motifs.

Out of all the three tombs, Khusro’s is the last one. As per history, he was first imprisoned within the garden after his rebellion against his own father - Jahangir.

Top Attractions in and Around Khusro Bagh

Shah Begum Tomb. The Shah Begum’s Tomb is another stunning example of Mughal traditions and heritage. The impeccable Mughal architectural style is perhaps one of its highlighting features to explore.

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Nisar Begum Tomb. It is the tomb of Jahangir’s daughter Nisar Begum who was one of the influential people in the Mughal era. For history lovers, this place is a must-visit.

Street Shopping. Local street shopping is the thing in Allahabad you can find many local shops nearby. You can certainly take away many souvenirs from this place.

Food hubs in Prayagraj. Most of Uttar Pradesh's cities are known for its food. There are several restaurants that are known for the delicious Mughlai dishes. You shouldn't miss checking them out.

Best Time to Visit Khusro Bagh

The Khusro Bagh remains open for all days of the week for 6 AM-7 PM. Month-wise, you should consider visiting here between October-March.

How to Reach Khusro Bagh

By Air.  Allahabad Airport is located in Bamrauli, is well-connected to other regions of India. It has good connectivity with other Indian cities. After reaching the airport, you can take local buses, taxis or autos towards Khusro Bagh.

By Rail. This is the easiest way to reach Khusro Bagh. The bagh is extremely nearby Prayagraj Railway Junction. The Khusro Bagh is located at a distance of 5 km from the station. 

By Road. If you are residing in nearby regions, then you can also choose to travel here by roadways. You can hire a cab or a bus.

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