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Surrounded by luxuriant woods, Chinmaya Tapovan is located near the Dhauladhar Mountain range in Sidhbari. The meaning of the word Sidhbari means the ‘abode of the Siddhas’ and self-realized masters. It is said that this was the place which was the home to numerous saints and seers who once walked on this very earth and made every being pure and self-realized who came their way. They did so by essentially teaching them practices related to yoga. 

There are many ancient scriptures which give the evidence describing the presence of great saints who had flourished their wisdom in the past in this place and helped many to attain liberation. Established by Swami Chinmayananda, this place is home of spirituality to everyone and anyone who wishes to drink from the nectar of peace and contentment. Here, any such being is welcome to explore this place. While visiting here, one can feel the utmost peace around the lavish nature. The depth and life exuding energies can be felt all the way to a person's core here. Meditation and yoga are regularly practised in the ashrams of Chinmaya Tapovan.

History of Chinmaya Tapovan

It was the year of 1977 when Swami Chinamayananda came across a barren piece of land. Right then, he knew in his intuition that this place was a consecrated space with holy vibrations flowing through. It was then, that he decided to found the Chinmaya Tapovan Trust along with the ashram which comes under the management of this trust.   

After that, somewhere in the year 1981, Swami Chinmayananda successfully established a Vedanta institute commencing a two-year intensive Vedanta course in the Hindi language which was quite similar to the course being offered in the English language. And today, the spiritual camps for both adults and youth are offered at the ashram.   

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Why You Should Visit Chinmaya Tapovan

For anyone who wants to explore one’s spiritual side then visiting the Chinmaya Tapovan is a must for any holy seeker. This is the kind of place which is essentially overlooked by mainstream travelers and tourists. But for the people who seek something real and substantial really shouldn’t miss visiting this place.  

Top Attractions in and Around Chinmaya Tapovan

Sandeepany HIM's Campus. The campus has existed within the premises and has a magnificent and gigantic statue of Lord Shiva. Once you are into the beautiful premise you will naturally feel the bliss. The campus of this place is stunningly vast and is also quite beautiful. And the Shivalingam present here is clearly visible for miles. 

Spiritual Bookstore. It is a must-visit store for the Spiritual book lovers! Yes, this premise consists of many spiritual book stores where you can buy several books suiting your spiritual needs. Some of them might be a real eye-opener for a person.

Things to do in and Around Chinmaya Tapovan

Meditate and Feel Great. Here at Chinmaya Tapovan, you can spend some quality time meditating and rejuvenating your soul right under the godly grace of the Yogis and Masters. 

Yoga. While you are exploring the beautiful Sidhbari region, you can sit at the ashram for a while and practice Yoga or learn different asanas from the gurus of Ashram. This will surely be helping you create some really productive opportunities for your future self. 

Best Time to Visit Chinmaya Tapovan

The Chinmaya Tapovan is the place that is opened for all day. Tourists may consider visiting and witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of Sidhbari when the weather is upright in the month of October, November, and January.

How to Reach Chinmaya Tapovan

Chinmaya Tapovan is an Ashram which was started by Balakrishnan Menon. He was a journalist who had met many spiritual masters like Swami Sivananda. It is said that after meeting with him, he began his search for meaning and while doing so, and with time, he also began to set up various trusts along with his life's journey.

One of them is the Chinmaya Tapovan, named after Bala Krishnan Menon’s guru Swami Tapovan. The overall ambience around this place offers nothing but serenity and calmness to the person visiting here. The Chinmaya Tapovan is located at a distance of 471 km, 1,851 km, 2,642 km, 1,987 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Let’s discuss how you can reach Chinmaya Tapovan from the following routes.

By Air. If you are planning a trip to Chinmaya Tapovan then you will need to take a flight and deboard at the Gaggal Airport also known as the Kangra Airport (DHM). This airport is located at an overall distance of 13-15 km from the ashram. 

Kangra Airport is located at an approximate distance of 12 km from Dharamshala and 8 kilometres from Kangra.

It is spread over a total area of about 1,269 acres. One of the highlighting features of this airport is that it is located at an overall height of about 2,492 feet and only has one asphalt runway. Various airlines like Air India, SpiceJet operate to and fro from various Indian cities here. After you deboard at the airport, you can take a cab to reach Chinmaya Tapovan. The driving time will take you around a timeframe of 20 minutes.

By Train. It is not recommended to travel here via train. The overall train connectivity is not good in this area. However, still, the nearest train station is the Pathankot railway station. From this railway station, the Chinmaya Tapovan is located at an overall distance of 115 km. To cover this distance, you will have to take a cab.

However, particularly from Delhi, you can take a train to Haridwar. And from Haridwar, you will further need to travel to Uttarkashi by cab. It would be a six-hour-long drive and should cost you somewhere between Rs.1,500-Rs.2,000.

By Road. Depending upon your location you can also travel to Chinmaya Tapovan by road. Here is the route you can follow to reach here. You can also rely on interstate buses to reach here. From Delhi, traveling via bus will cost you about Rs.700, from Amritsar it will cost you about Rs.300-Rs.600, from Shimla it will cost you about Rs.300-Rs.400.

Otherwise, the route is as follows.

  1. Delhi - 471 km via NH44 or NH52
  2. Ludhiana - 191 km via NH3 or Chandigarh-Chintapurni-Dharamshala Road
  3. Patiala - 276 km via Jammu-Delhi Road or NH503
  4. Amritsar - 211 km via NH54 or NH154
  5. Chandigarh - 239 km via NH503 or NH344A
  6. Aligarh - 613 km via NH44 or NH503
  7. Agra - 702 km via NH44 or Western Peripheral Expressway

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