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The spectacular rock shelters of Bhimbetka rest within the depths of the hills of the glorious mountains of Vindhyan, right over the sharp borders of the well-known great plateau of India. Enclosed in huge rock formations far away from evergreen forest and wildlife, exist five magnificent masses of rock shelters, depicting historical paintings. The numerous forms of traditions and culture of people residing in villages close to this shelter hold a significant similarity to those displayed in the paintings of the rocks.

The great rock shelters of Bhimbetka are often praised for being a major site filled with archaeological resources as well as for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Madhya Pradesh. This very fact gives every tourist the perfect reason to visit here.  Moreover, the very name of Bhimbetka originated from the connection of the site with Bhima who was prominent among the Pandavas in the Mahabharata. 

The most appropriate time of the year to visit Bhimbetka Rock Shelters is between the winter months of October and April. It is only during these months, that the days are cool for sightseeing and completing it with adventure, and the nights are peaceful, welcoming that well-deserved sleep.  

Summer season, on the other hand, tend to be extremely humid and very hot, making it uncomfortable to move around and witness the beauty of the rock shelters.

History of Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Archaeological records of India in the significant year of 1888 listed Bhimbetka to be a Buddhist landmark. The Bhimbetka shelters beautifully display fine historic remnants of the early life of man in India. There are a few paintings of the stone age that were then discovered later in the Bhimbetka rock shelters that are now known to be over 31,000 years old and of great historic importance.

The detailed artistic caves have indefinitely progressed over long periods into beautiful, fine rock shelters that serve as a perfect site for the arrival of indigenous people. The detailed design on the rocks has left the scientists thinking that it was once completely submerged in water. The rocks now display splendid shapes in various textures and colors. 

Other than the fact that the drawings of the indigenous people hold a significant place in history, the adventurous caves give us a lot more mysterious findings for great studies to be carried out on the world’s glorious history.

Places To Visit Around Bhimbetka Rock Shelters 

1. Hoshangabad

Resting upon the banks of the peaceful river known as Narmada in the state of Madhya Pradesh is none other than Hoshangabad district. This district is a fantastic tourist spot full of nature’s gifts and unique monuments of historical importance. Further, its name is originated from Shah Hoshang who was the king and supreme power of the region of Malwa. Other significant attractions consist of a quiet, chilly hill station known as Pachmarhi and the ever rejuvenating hills of Adamgarh.

Further to the fact that it is an enchanting destination, this district is considered to be a royal pathway to many famous tourist spots. An important point to note about this district is that there is a wide variety of trade concerning leather, silk, and pulses which ultimately makes it every shopper’s favorite destination. 

2. Bhojeshwar Temple

Usually carried out particularly in colors of red or white and an unusual hint of yellow or green having concepts drawn from the events of the past, the images of this temple show horses, elephants, animal riders, fighting animals, and musical stories carved on walls. Most of the animals like tigers, lions, elephants, dogs, crocodiles, and reptiles have been well displayed in the caves. Some rituals and religiously important symbols do make an appearance from time to time.

3. Bhopal

Also known as the City of Lakes, Bhopal has stunning views that will regenerate your insides. This city is only 45 km away from Bhimbetka.  Bhopal is full of life, modern art, and culture. 

How to Reach Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters is the most fascinating site located in central India.  For those who are eager to visit this fabulous site, you would have to travel a total distance of around 810, 834, 1,405, 1,403 km from major metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. 

The following are some of the means of transportation that will ease your travel stress and save you from ending up in a great mess. 

By Air

Fortunately, even though there is no direct flight to Bhimbetka, Raja Bhoj Airport, also known as Bhopal Airport lies only 48 km away. Once you arrive at Bhopal airport, you can take advantage of the option of traveling in a local taxi and can even find several private ones at very reasonable rates to reach Bhimbetka rock shelters. 

  • From Mumbai to Bhopal – Fly by IndiGo or Air India airlines. The basic airfare rates are between INR 3,000-4,000. 
  • From Hyderabad to Bhopal– Fly by Air India or IndiGo airlines.  The basic airfare rates range from INR 4,000-5,000. 
  • From Ahmedabad to Bhopal– Fly by IndiGo airlines. The basic airfare rates are between INR 6,000-7,000. 
  • From Chennai to Bhopal– Fly by IndiGo airlines. The basic airfare rates are between INR 7,000-8,000.

By Rail

There is no direct rail network to Bhimbetka. The nearest railway station to Bhimbetka is none other than the Bhopal Railway Station which is only 45 km away. Opt for a train route from this railway station and later you may consider hiring a local taxi.

By Road

Linking Bhopal to the great city of Hoshangabad, NH 12 gives travelers convenient access to the caves. Despite this, heading to Bhimbetka Rock Shelters in any form of public transport such as buses or even taxis can be completely tiring and even very physically uncomfortable mainly because of uneven road conditions. Therefore, it is highly recommended to travel here by flight instead of by rail or car. However, if you still consider it worth the risk and fancy a nice drive, you may consider a 46 km drive from Bhopal to Bhimbetka. 

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