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Travel Insurance for Holidays After Covid

Why There is a Preference for Travel Insurance for Holidays After Covid

After being cooped up at home for two long years, everyone is eager to travel and rejuvenate. One major change witnessed in the tourism industry is the growing importance of travel insurance. Travel came back with a vengeance, and the numbers corroborate this. More than 1.8 crore Indians travelled abroad in 2022, as per MHA’s Bureau of Immigration. The number went up by 137%, which clearly indicates a major comeback of the travel and tourism industry. While people are itching to travel to beat the pandemic blues, they are giving equal importance to travel insurance to make their journey hassle-free and safe.

People are not only taking health insurance but also taking out insurance for flight delays, flight cancellations and hotel quarantine. With the increasing uncertainty and unpredictability of travel, having insurance can provide peace of mind and protect against unexpected expenses. However, it's important for travelers to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of their insurance policy before purchasing, to ensure that they have adequate coverage for their specific travel needs. *

Growth in Travel Insurance Sector

Post Covid-induced break, there has been a significant rise in international travel. The demand for outbound flights is at an all-time high, increasing the demand for international travel insurance. Before the Covid pandemic, people used to take out basic travel policies mandated by airlines or as per the rules of destination countries, but a sense of urgency needed to be added. Today, people weigh several insurance options and look for the product that offers them the best coverage. The pandemic has undoubtedly given a reality check to travellers who are increasingly becoming proactive when it comes to purchasing insurance for their safety. *

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is no longer necessary but essential for the traveller’s safety. It is imperative to look for a policy that offers extensive coverage like expense reimbursement due to missed connections, substantial flight delays, flight cancellations, etc. The policy must also help access emergency money if the traveller gets stuck in a foreign destination or pays medical emergency bills. Many travel insurance policies provide benefits like covering stay duration extension, baggage theft, baggage misplacement, and more. If the traveller carries a laptop on a business trip, the policy also covers the loss of the laptop. Since international trips are highly unpredictable and quite complicated, having travel insurance from reputed companies like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, it is better to be prepared for any contingency. *

How to Choose the Right Cover?

Having decided to go ahead with purchasing domestic and international travel insurance, the next challenge lies in choosing the right cover. Here are a few elements that shall help in making a well-informed choice.

  • Destination Cover. Look for travel policies that offer global coverage. It is essential to keep an eye on geographical exclusions. High premiums often need to be paid when travelling to volatile or high-risk places.
  • Time Duration. Choose from single-trip or multiple-trip insurance based on trip frequency. If travelling for vacation, single-trip insurance is the right option.
  • Read Fine Print. It is recommended to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line to ensure no restrictions. It is best to look for the most comfortable and lenient policy.
  • Medical Coverage. Lastly, look for a travel insurance policy that offers the best medical coverage, including the cost of hospitalisation in foreign countries.

Indeed, travel insurance is no longer optional; it has become dire post-pandemic—travel stress-free with Adotrip.com as your travel partner. Enjoy exciting flight deals, hassle-free hotel bookings, amazing tour packages, and quick visa and travel insurance assistance. Stop worrying, and enjoy your vacation because, with us, nothing is far! *

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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