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10 Best Waterfall In The United Kingdom

10 Best Waterfalls In The United Kingdom | That You Must Visit

The sovereign nation of the UK is popular worldwide for its sports and literature. Home to the most notable writers like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, the country is the inventor of several games played worldwide. But that is not it! The UK also hosts some of the most stunning waterfalls in the world.

Backed by geological history and hosting some of the best cultural events, you must visit these top 10 waterfalls in the United Kingdom.

List Of 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is celebrated for its historic landmarks and picturesque landscapes. It hides a collection of natural wonders within its diverse terrain that captivate the senses and tell tales of geological epochs. Here is more to it!

  • Pistyll Rhaeadr | Explore One of the Seven Wonders of Wales
  • Fall of Glomach | Third Highest Waterfall in the United Kingdom
  • Aira Force | Experience the Power & Beauty of Nature
  • Steall Falls | A Mesmerising Adventure
  • Hardraw Force | Highest Unbroken Single Drop Waterfall
  • Nectan's Glen | Spiritual Paradise
  • Fairy Pools | Witness Aqua Blue Waterfalls
  • Glenoe Waterfall | The Serenity in Seclusion
  • High Force | Experience the Force of Water
  • Waterfall Country | Embrace the Scenic Walk

1. Pistyll Rhaeadr | Explore One of the Seven Wonders of Wales

Pistyll Rhaedr, the stunning waterfall with a total height of 240 feet, is among the Seven Wonders of Wales, which one must visit once in a lifetime. It is approximately four miles from the village of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, about 16 miles west of Oswestry. It has a beautiful layout with three stages of falling water over a Silurian cliff face.

When you are here, you can have the thrill of Wales waterfall trails while admiring this natural wonder's beauty and spirit. Further, there are Berwyn Mountains and hills nearby to climb and also for biking.

  • Location: Powys, Wales
  • Terrain: Ope

2. Fall of Glomach | Third Highest Waterfall in the United Kingdom

When exploring the best waterfalls in the UK, Fall of Glomach is always on the itinerary. The waterfall has a massive 370-foot drop in the Ross-shire region. It comes in the "Scotland scenic waterfalls" list and is visited by only enthusiasts. So you won't find many tourists here and can spend some calm time amidst nature.

When you reach the base, you will experience the breathtaking allure of nature shrouded in a misty haze. There's also a B&B nearby for you to stay in, or you can camp at the site. Many short treks lead to the highest viewpoint but are a little precarious.

  • Location: Rosshire, Scotland
  • Terrain: Open, Woodland, Hill

3. Aira Force | Experience the Power & Beauty of Nature

Aira Force is among the magnificent Lake District waterfalls and is part of Seven Wonders of Wales. It's located near the village of Watermillock, on the shore of Ullswater, the second-largest lake in the region. It has a drop of 213 feet and is fed by Aira Beck.

You can visit Aira Force and enjoy this natural wonder's scenery, sound, and spirit. Additionally, there are surrounding woodland and parkland that you can explore. One popular walk here is a circular walk around the waterfall, which takes about an hour and offers stunning views from different angles.

  • Location: Lake District, England
  • Terrain: Open, Hill

4. Steall Falls | A Mesmerising Adventure

If you are looking for a scenic waterfall in the United Kingdom, your destination should be Steall Falls, also known as An Steall Bàn. The name is derived from Gaelic and means "the white spout." It's the second-highest waterfall in the UK, with a single drop of 390 feet.

You can reach the waterfall by following a low-level path which involves some rocky and uneven terrain, so suitable footwear is recommended. Along the way, you will relish the stunning views of the gorge, the river, and the surrounding mountains.

  • Location: Glen Nevis, Scotland
  • Terrain: Open, Woodland, Rocky

5. Hardraw Force | Highest Unbroken Single Drop Waterfall

When visiting UK waterfalls, one must not miss the Hardraw Force, known to be the highest unbroken single-drop waterfall with a height of 100 feet. There's also a water basin at the base, which can be accessed, but only professional trekkers are advised to do so.

There are several short treks around the waterfall, which leads you to the forest, where you can witness the flora and fauna at its best. If you've enough time, you can also stretch your walk to Gowbarrow Fell, which has a summit of 1578 feet and overlooks Ullswater.

  • Location: Yorkshire Dales, England
  • Terrain: Open, Hill

6. Nectan's Glen | Spiritual Paradise

St. Nectan's Glen is a magical place of natural beauty and spiritual significance in Cornwell, England. It's also a famous sacred site in the United Kingdom. The main attraction here is the 60-feet waterfall that flows through a hole in the rocks.

This waterfall is believed to have healing powers and is a place of pilgrimage for people who leave ribbons, crystals, photos and other offerings near the waterfall. So you can do the same, and while you climb up the rocks, don't miss a chance to see around. There's exceptional wildlife, like red squirrels, deer and birds.

  • Location: Cornwall, England
  • Terrain: Open, Woodland

7. Fairy Pools | Witness Aqua Blue Waterfalls

Fairy Pools is the most visited waterfall in United Kingdom because of its moderate-level trek and magnificent location. It's famous for the vivid aqua-blue pools fed by a series of waterfalls cascading down from the slopes of the Black Cuillin mountains.

The waterfall here is not as high as the others in the list, but the magnetic scenery makes it a must-visit place in the UK. Fairy Pools are also famous for wild swimmers who brave the frigid waters. The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming, but it is advisable to bring a wetsuit as it can be icy.

  • Location: Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye
  • Terrain: Woodland

8. Glenoe Waterfall | The Serenity in Seclusion

If you are searching for hidden waterfalls, England, Glenoe Waterfall is the place to be. This 30-foot fall in the Glens of Antrim showcases some extraordinary scenery. People visit this place to leave all the stress behind and meditate. There's calmness and freshness in the surroundings, with the hustling sound of water gushing down the rocks.

The path here is narrow and quite steep, so one must have an adequate fitness level to reach the falls. You will also see fish in the basin of the waterfall. If you're skilled enough to catch one with your hands, you can have a barbecue in a splendid location.

  • Location: County Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • Terrain: Woodland

9. High Force | Experience the Force of Water

If you ask anyone which waterfall in the United Kingdom is the most famous, they'll name the High Force without an error. It's among the most impressive natural attractions in the country. There's a moderate 70-foot fall, but that has a dramatic high force, and the sound of water is deafening here.

While trekking towards the fall, you can listen to the water's high-speed gushing sound from about a distance of two to three kilometres. The flow of water is that high here. Also, if you are interested in UK waterfall photography, go a little farther and then frame the fall. It looks fantastic from a distance.

  • Location: County Durham, England
  • Terrain: Open, Woodland, Rocky

10. Waterfall Country | Embrace the Scenic Walk

Waterfall Country is an English name often given to the Vale of Neath in South Wales. It's a tourist area within the Brecon Beacons National Park, famous for numerous spectacular waterfalls.

Once you're here, you can witness the beautiful waterfall falling from different cliffs. There's a rich history and culture to explore, like industrial and mining heritage and Celtic and Welsh identity cultural history. Further, there are four walks here, and the most famous of all is Sgwd Yr Eira because it lets you walk behind the water.

  • Location: Brecon Beacons, Wales
  • Terrain: Woodland

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Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfalls In The United Kingdom

Q1. Are there any notable waterfalls in the United Kingdom?
Yes, there are plenty of them. Some of the top ones are Steall Waterfall, Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall, High Force Waterfall, and Grey Mares Tail Nature.

Q2. What regions of the UK have the most waterfalls?
Scotland and Wales are the most mountainous areas of the UK, and most of the waterfalls are in these areas.

Q3. Can you visit waterfalls in the UK year-round?
Yes, you are open to visiting the waterfalls in the UK year-round. However, for the best experience, you must visit them in the Spring.

Q4. Are there any cultural events celebrating UK waterfalls?
Several cultural events celebrate UK waterfalls, such as photography exhibitions, Environmental Conservation Events, and Educational Workshops and Talks.

Q5. How do I access information about UK waterfall hikes?
There are numerous resources to obtain information about the UK waterfall hikes, such as local guided tour agencies, internet blogs, National Trust in the UK, and Tourist Information Centers.

Q6. Are there any waterfall-related conservation efforts in the UK?
The waterfalls in the UK are conserved by several organisations, such as Wild Trout Trust, the Rivers Trust, National Parks, Forestry Commission Initiatives, and Catchment Management Programs.

Q7. Can I find accommodations near popular waterfalls in the UK?
Yes, easily! You can find several accommodation options near waterfalls in the UK, such as The Green Dragon Inn, Aysgarth Falls Hotel & Restaurant, and more.

Q8. Are there any UK waterfall trails suitable for families?
Some suitable waterfall trails for families in the UK are Janets Foss and Gordale Scar, Stainforth Force and Catrigg Force, and Aysgarth Falls.

Q9. What is the geological history of waterfalls in the UK?
Several aspects play a critical role in the geological history of waterfalls in the UK, such as tectonic processes, glacial activity, uplift and erosion, etc.

Q10. Are there any UK waterfalls with unique geological features?
Yes, there are many UK waterfalls with unique geological features. Some of them are Pistyll Rhaeadr (layers of hard gritstone), Assynt Falls (Torridonian sandstone), etc.

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