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Walking In Maldives

11 Best Walking Trails in Maldives

The Maldives, regarded as one of the most exquisite destinations on Earth, captivates with its vibrant tropical colours. It creates a self-contained realm that seems detached from the rest of the world to the extent that one might find themselves lost in their thoughts, almost forgetting the surrounding sea. Those who desire an ocean view have recently introduced overwater retreats, touted as the largest in the world.

Maldives is known for its beaches, mountains, and the Insta-worthy breakfast arrangement, but the location is way beyond this. The walking routes in the Maldives are worth your time! 

Let us dive into some of the best tips, tricks, and destinations to make your walking vacation in the Maldives a memorable experience.

List Of Top 11 Places For Walking In Maldives

Glance at some of the best walking destinations in Maldives for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The curated list will surely help you in your exploration of the beach paradise:

  • Landaa Giraavaru Beach | Home to Luxury Four Seasons Resort
  • Baros Island | Gem of Diving
  • Reethi Rah | Perfect Couple Getaway
  • Veligandu Island | Watersports Attraction
  • Vaadhoo Island | Sea of Stars
  • Hulhumale Island | Decorated with Tropical Beauty
  • Dhigali Jungle Walk | Mesmerising Jungle Walk
  • Ayada Island Resort | The Artistic Island
  • Riu Palace | Royal Vibes
  • Kanuhura | Treasure of Marine Life
  • Fuvahmulah | 3rd Largest Island in the Country

1. Landaa Giraavaru | Home to Luxury Four Seasons 

Landaa Giraavaru is a Baa Atoll island in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The island has been home to a luxurious resort since 2004. The island's attraction offers world-class resorts and hotels with all possible facilities and entertainment.

The 600 meters long island is sure to melt your heart away. This beautiful beach offers a perfect distance for intimate walking with your loved ones. The place is one of the best options for representing the health benefits of walking in the Maldives goals. The walking path surrounded by palm trees and screw pines will make your dawn walk memorable.

  • Location: Northeast of Ball Atoll, Maldives
  • Major Highlights: Dense tropical vegetation, diving, whale sharks and manta rays spotting

2. Baros Island | Gem of Diving

Baros Island is a touristy island with high-class resorts and beaches. The island is a heaven for divers to enjoy serene corals and exciting marine life. The island attracts tourism because of the luxurious resorts and the beautiful walking path offered by the island. The resort's private beaches are a perfect getaway for enjoying walking vacations in the Maldives.

The beach can also be used to enjoy the sunrise with a perfect walk for a perfect start to the day. The island is perfectly secluded, with all the required amenities and facilities. The peaceful environment of the beach is all you'll need to make your vacation perfect.

  • Location: In the Archipelago of Maldives, Indian Ocean
  • Major Highlights: Diving, snorkelling, water sports, best seafood

3. Reethi Rah | Perfect Couple Getaway

This beautiful beach resort is located in the north of Male Atoll. The destination resort is perfect for couples wishing to spend quality time with each other. The island can be enjoyed perfectly on a 45 minutes speed boat ride. The island can also be enjoyed with the help of a luxurious yacht ride. Another ideal way to explore the island is by walking. The island, surrounded by beautiful lush green coconut trees, will allure you to enjoy a morning or evening stroll with your loved one. It is also on the list of best beaches in the Maldives for walking. The resort on the beach offers multiple cuisines such as Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean, and many more lip-smacking cuisines.

  • Location: North of Male Atoll, Maldives
  • Major Highlights: Private Beach, luxurious resorts, spa and massages, yoga, water sports

4. Veligandu Island | Watersports Attraction

The long white sand beach is located on the eastern rim of the Rasdhoo Atoll. The island is located amidst huge lush coconut trees and blue waters. The island is surrounded by a blue-turquoise lagoon making it look like a blue pearl. Entering the island by a scenic flight indicates the start of a fun trip.

The 600 meters long and 150 meters wide island can be your sheer walk path with your loved ones. May it be an after-dinner walk or a walk for a healthy start of the morning, this secluded beach resort is all you need to make your vacation the stunning one. The island also has a lot of activities or facilities for couples, such as candle-lit dinner setups, private beach walk time, and other similar activities.

The beach is also a perfect destination for water sports lovers. Kayaking and snorkelling are some of the fun water sports which you can enjoy with your partner. The fun level-ups with other outdoor activities like football and windsurfing.

  • Location: North Ari Atoll, Maldives
  • Major Highlights: Couple walks and dinner setups on the beach, water sports

5. Vaadhoo Island | Sea of Stars

Wish to feel and see the epic and shiny view of stars on Earth? Then Vaadhoo Island is the right choice for you. The island of Raa Atoll is renowned as the 'Sea of Stars.' The beach shines blue and bright like the stars in the sky, making it a surreal walking spot. The beach is one of the famous tourist spots for walking trails in the Maldives. The luminescent beach is popular for its resorts, water sports, and giant shady coconut trees.

  • Location: South Male Atoll, Maldives
  • Major Highlights: Snorkeling, Kayaking

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6. Hulhumale Island | Decorated with Tropical Beauty

The island is a perfect example of beauty with technology. It has a perfect touch of nature's beauty with tech-savvy and luxurious resorts. The artificial island is made with highly surreal finishes giving it a natural look in the best possible manner. This beautiful stretch of 8 km of land on the North East Coast of Male resembles futuristic beauty.

The whole resort is spread over an eye-popping 188 hectares of land, allowing the guests to enjoy the delight of multiple sports and activities. The island will indeed have some of Maldives' best walking routes. The resort has all the possible amenities, including spas, massages, therapies, or water sports; you name it!

  • Location: South of North Male Atoll, Maldives
  • Major Highlights: White sand and blue waters, diving, snorkelling

7. Dhigali | Mesmerising Jungle Walk