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Travel Again India: Happy News Round-up of Arunachal Pradesh to Make You Pack Bags Right Away

It is not for nothing that Arunachal Pradesh is known as the Land of the dawn-lit mountains. The incredible beauty homes popular monasteries, tranquil lakes, unexplored passes, and picturesque mountains. Owing to the same, it is super popular among the tourists, both local as well as international.

One of the 7 sisters, Arunachal Pradesh’s tourism also faced an all-time low when Coronavirus hit the entire world like a fireball. And, although the curve is yet to be flattened, we have learned to live in the new normal.

That is the reason why, when everybody is focusing on what not to be done, we, at Adotrip, are working on doing what we can to make this world a better place. And, what can make you happier than travelling to your favourite destinations? Hence, we have come up with our very own initiative #TravelAgainIndia in which, this time we are covering Arunachal Pradesh. So, let’s spread some happiness, shall we?

AP Resumes ILP Renewals

After almost 6 months, Arunachal Pradesh Government recently resumed the renewal of the existing ILPs aka Inner Line Permits from September 1. They are issuing temporary ones from the first of this month in the interest of public service. For the unversed, to visit any of the 7 sisters, a traveller outside of these 7 states would need a permit.

AP Exploring Different Ways to Boost Tourism