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15 Best Places to Visit in Bihar 2024

Birthplace of Buddhism, home to a plethora of prosperous kingdoms and cradling civilization from the very beginning, the state of Bihar is replete with a significant number of historical as well as religious places. Primarily known for heritage and religious tourism, there are many tourist places in Bihar that are worth witnessing at least once in a lifetime. So get ready to discover the cultural, historical, religious well as the natural beauty of this affluent state. From virgin landscapes to famous tourist destinations, we have listed the 15 best places to visit in Bihar. Check out!

15 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bihar

Take a sneak peek into the grandeur and diversity of Bihar which allures tourists from all over the world.

  • Gaya
  • Patna
  • Nalanda
  • Vaishali
  • Munger
  • Navlakha Palace of Rajnagar
  • Rajgir’s World Peace Pagoda
  • Madhubani
  • Jalmandir, Pawapuri
  • Vulture Peak
  • Sher Shah Suri Tomb
  • Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary
  • Kesaria Stupa
  • Barabar Caves
  • Thai Monastery

1. Gaya

Gaya, Tourist Place in Bihar

A bustling city situated on the banks of the Phalgu River, Gaya is one of the best tourist places in Bihar that amazes visitors with its religious essence. The belief about Lord Buddha attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi tree here makes this place even more interesting for visitors and devotees alike. Home to revered Hindu temples, prominent Buddhist sites, and historical edifices from the Mauryan dynasty, the city has secured a place in Hiuen Tsang's travelogues. Its main attractions include Bodhgaya, Bodhi Tree, Barabar Caves, Magla Gauri Shrine, Bhutan Monastery, Muchalinda Lake, and many more.

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2. Patna

Patna, Tourist Places To Visit In Bihar

Historically recognized as Patliputra and situated on banks of mighty Ganga, Patna occupies the largest area of Bihar. Patna secures its place in the list of famous places to visit in Bihar being reckoned as the birthplace of the last Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh JI as it is the vital reason for footfall here. The city also flourished during the reign of the Mauryan dynasty, Guptas, Palas, Shungas, and Haryankas. Nowadays, Patna is endeavoring to match up to modernization so one can expect all modern facilities available from high-end cafes, malls to luxurious hotels. One can pay here an eye to Gurudwara Pahila Bara, Takht Shri Patna Sahib, Qila House, Agam, Kuan along with many other tourist destinations.

3. Nalanda

Nalanda Ruins in Bihar

Basking in the glory of the oldest university of India, Nalanda is an important city that sparkles Bihar Tourism. This place in Bihar gathers the attention of both Buddhists and Jains as this is where the most famous Tirthankara of Jains, Mahavira resided for 14 monsoons and Buddha delivered lectures to his devotees near the Mango groves. Even the famous Chinese traveler, Huen Tsang lived in Nalanda for almost 2 years. With remnants from the golden era, Nalanda even today is quite an interesting place to visit in Bihar. The main tourist attractions of Nalanda are Silao, Nalanda Multimedia Museum, Rajgir Dance Festival held in October, Surajpur Baragaon, etc.

4. Vaishali

Vaishali, places to visit in Bihar

The birthplace of the last Jainism Tirthankara Lord Mahavira, Vaishali was once the capital city of Licchavi rulers. The place also holds importance as Lord Buddha gave his last sermon here which makes this city worth visiting for Jain and Buddhist devotees. One can also discover the famous Ashokan Pillar that adds more charm to this amazing tourist place in Bihar.

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5. Munger

Munger in Bihar

The Midland of Aryans and also the capital city of Mir Kasim, Munger has a rich history that is worth discovering. Presently, it is home to Bihar School of Yoga that makes it a perfect destination for yoga lovers. Apart from exploring historical relics, one can also expect a large foreign crowd swarming this charming place that is reckoned to be one of the top Yoga destinations in India. Some of the must-visit places in Munger are Sita Kund, Shri Krishan Vatika, Manpatthar, Goenka Shivalaya, Ucheswarnath, and whatnot.

6. Navlakha Palace of Rajnagar

Navalakha Palace of Rajnagar

Built by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh, Navlakha Palace lying near Madhubani adds charm to Rajnagar and is the major highlight of the city. Despite the massive destruction during the earthquake in 1934, the city is known for the marvelous architectural brilliance of this palace which is hard to resist. One must visit this palace to get the most of Bihar's tourist destinations.

7. Rajgir’s World Peace Pagoda

Rajgir’s World Peace Pagoda

One of the best tourist places in Bihar, the Peace Pagoda is also known as Vishwa Shanti Stupa is home to four pillars that reflect birth, teachings, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha while traveling across the globe spreading a message of nonviolence and peace. The World Peace Pagoda in Rajgir exhibits Japanese architecture which is another highlight for tourists.

8. Madhubani

Madhubani, best places to visit in Bihar

An ancient city, Madhubani is popular for preserving the rich art and culture in its iconic Madhubani paintings. This small city has gained popularity among art enthusiasts who visit here from all over to discover this beautiful tribal art. Dotted with beautiful temples and commercialization happening because of vibrant paintings, Madhubani has become the main attraction of Bihar Tourism

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9. Jalmandir, Pawapuri

Jalmandir in Bihar

Another pilgrimage site of Jains, Jalmandir is the place where Lord Mahavira took his last breath in 500 BCE. Also known as Apapuri, this city is known as a town without sins. History suggests that the ashes of Lord Mahavira were so much in demand by the devotees that a large amount of soil eroded from around the funeral pyre that led to the creation of a pond here. Later, a white marble temple was constructed that shares a deep connection with the religious sentiments of Jains.

10. Vulture Peak

Vulture Peak, tourist destination in Bihar

Popular with the name Griddhakuta Peak, Vulture Peak got its name because of its shape and elevation. Located in Rajgir, this place is where Lord Buddha gave a lot of sermons including the Lotus Sutra which converted Mauryan King Bimbisara to Buddhism. Also known as the Holy Eagle Peak, this place is considered to be one of the favorite retreats of Lord Buddha. A couple of caves present here also adds some thrill to your trip to this peak that offers magnificent views.

11. Sher Shah Suri Tomb

Sher Shah Suri Tomb in Bihar

Built-in the memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri in 1545 AD, this tomb is the best representation of Indo-Islamic architecture. Its splendid architecture and surrounding lake add more charm to its beauty. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Bihar.

12. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary in Bihar

Home to the largest freshwater Oxbow lake in Asia, Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is a breeding spot for 60 migratory bird species. Lying in Begusarai, Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary spreads over a sprawling area of 68 sq km. Ideal spot for bird watchers, this beautiful sanctuary in Bihar is a must-visit.

13. Kesaria Stupa

Kesaria Stupa in Bihar

Being the largest as well as tallest among Buddha Stupa, Kesaria Stupa can be counted under the list of the best places to visit in Bihar. It was built somewhere between 200 AD and 750 AD by the efforts of Raja Chakravarti. Its height of 104 ft. makes a magnificent view for the visitors.

14. Barabar Caves

Barabar Caves in Bihar

The oldest rock-cut caves of India, Barabar Caves date back to the Mauryan Empire. These majestic caves lie on twin hills, Barabar and Nagarjuna. It is believed that Ajivika Sect used these caves. Moreover, one can also find traces of Jainism and Buddhist art in these caves. Among the 4 caves of Barabar, 3 lie in Nagarjuna hills that shine with the articulate inscriptions made on their walls as well as ceilings.

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15. Thai Monastery

Thai Monastery in Bodhgaya, Bihar

Another incredible gem of Bihar, the Thai Monastery elevates the beauty of Bodhgaya. With its establishment in 1957, it became a must-to-visit place for Buddhist monks. The credit of its construction goes to both the government of Thailand and Indian Buddhist monks. It is an elite representation of Thailand's architecture along with the culture and traditions followed by Thai natives making it one of the most famous places in Bihar.

FAQ About - Best Places to Visit in Bihar 

Q1. What is famous in Bihar?
Ans. Bihar is famous for many tourist places, especially religious and historical icons that reflect Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism.

Q2. How many famous places are there in Bihar? 
Ans. Bihar is home to about 30 famous places that have cultural, historical, and natural relevance.

Q3. What is the most important place in Bihar?
Though there are several tourist destinations in Bihar, Gaya is one of the most important places in Bihar because of its association with Lord Buddha’s enlightenment. Also, Nalanda can be considered as the most important place as it is a center of learning, power, culture, and history.

Q4. Is Bihar a tourist destination?
Yes, Bihar is a tourist destination because it is home to many places that are worth witnessing.

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