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Places to visit near Maryland

20 Best Tourist Places To Visit Near Maryland

Have you ever wondered why the area surrounding Maryland buzzes with tourists every season? Here's a hint: It's not just the crabs pulling them in! Maryland might be small in terms of geography, but its influence stretches far beyond its borders. Yes, folks, we're diving into the ocean of attractions that make this region a magnet for explorers, thrill-seekers, and family holidaymakers. If Maryland is the beating heart of this mid-Atlantic region, then the surrounding tourist attractions are its lifeblood, feeding it with energy, history, and unbeatable natural beauty.

"Life's too short for boring holidays!" If that's your mantra, you're in the right place. We're not just talking about filling your Instagram feed with same-old, same-old attractions. Nah, we're aiming for the stars! We've got everything covered from the quaint to the monumental, from the peaceful to the adrenaline-pumping. So buckle up; adventure awaits! For those who want to expand their horizons and venture just a bit farther, we've crafted the ultimate list of the top tourist spots near Maryland. Trust us; you'll want to see every single one!

Gateway Adventures | Memorable Places to Visit Around Maryland

Looking for a holiday that packs a punch? Maryland and its surroundings have got you covered! From shimmering aquariums to star-spangled forts, there's something for everyone. Here's your ultimate guide to the Top tourist spots near Maryland that will have you planning your trip faster than you can say 'Old Bay Seasoning!'

  • National Aquarium | Captivating Marine Life
  • Baseball Charm | Camden Yards Experience
  • Prestigious History at Naval Academy
  • Inspiring Fort McHenry's Star-Spangled History
  • Sandy Retreat | Ocean City Beach Getaway
  • Lively Fun Along Ocean City Boardwalk
  • Natural Beauty | Assateague Island Seashore
  • Echoes of History at Antietam Battlefield
  • Time Travel | Harpers Ferry Historical Park
  • Engineering Marvel | Chesapeake Bay Bridge Views
  • Art Abound at Baltimore Museum
  • Artistic Treasures | The Walters Museum
  • Poe's Legacy | House and Museum Insight
  • Codebreakers' World | National Cryptologic Museum
  • Sky-High Exploration | Udvar-Hazy Space Center
  • Scenic Wonders at Great Falls Park
  • Civil War Stories | Frederick Museum Exploration
  • Cultural Delights at Weinberg Center
  • Artistry and Performance | The Kennedy Center
  • Thrills Await | Six Flags Adventure

1. National Aquarium | Captivating Marine Life

Who wouldn't be fascinated by the enchanting world under the sea? The National Aquarium in Baltimore offers you an underwater spectacle unlike any other. Imagine walking through a tunnel with sharks swimming over your head or being within arm's reach of mesmerizing jellyfish. This family-friendly spot offers numerous Outdoor activities near Maryland, including interactive sessions where you can learn about marine conservation efforts.

  • Best Time to Visit: Year-round
  • Best For: Family outings
  • Major Attractions: Dolphin Discovery, Blacktip Reef, Jellies Invasion

2. Baseball Charm | Camden Yards Experience

Have you ever sat in a stadium filled with roaring fans, feeling your heartbeat match the pitch of the game? Camden Yards in Baltimore is not just a ballpark; it's a pilgrimage for baseball lovers. This could be your perfect match for those on the hunt for the Best weekend getaways near Maryland.

  • Best Time to Visit: Baseball season (April to September)
  • Best For: Sports enthusiasts
  • Major Attractions: Baltimore Orioles games, Sports Legends Museum

3. Prestigious History at Naval Academy

Are you curious about life in the Navy? The Naval Academy in Annapolis is where young cadets are moulded into the future leaders of America's Navy. This is among the must-see Historic places to visit near Maryland.

  • Best Time to Visit: Year-round
  • Best For: History buffs and family visits
  • Major Attractions: Naval Academy Museum, Bancroft Hall, Chapel

4. Inspiring Fort McHenry's Star-Spangled History

Feel the tingling sensation of pride and patriotism as you enter Fort McHenry in Baltimore, where the U.S. National Anthem was born. This is one of the most educational and inspirational Day trips from Maryland.

  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • Best For: Patriotic souls and history lovers
  • Major Attractions: Visitor Center, Historic Demonstrations

5. Sandy Retreat | Ocean City Beach Getaway

Fancy building sandcastles or riding the waves? Ocean City Beach is the spot. This is one of the most popular Family-friendly attractions near Maryland, offering the quintessential beach experience.

  • Best Time to Visit: June to August
  • Best For: Beach bums and families
  • Major Attractions: Boardwalk, Mini-Golf, Watersports

6. Lively Fun Along Ocean City Boardwalk