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Places to visit near colorado springs

20 Best Places To Visit Near Colorado Springs

Ah, Colorado Springs! The name brings to mind fresh mountain air, beautiful blue skies, and the promise of countless adventures. Nestled at the eastern foot of the Rockies, it's like nature's own holiday resort. But did you know there's so much more just a stone's throw away from this lovely city? If you're thinking of weekend getaways or want to stretch your legs a bit farther from the city, you're in for a treat. We're not just discussing any usual outing but diving into the best weekend getaways from Colorado Springs.

Picture this: you've had a fabulous time in Colorado Springs, soaking in its vibrant culture, enjoying its scenic beauty, and maybe sipping a coffee in one of its quaint cafes. But, as the weekend inches closer, you feel the itch. The itch to explore, to step a little out of the known and dive into the new. And this is exactly where the surrounding areas come to the rescue. They're like the cherry on your delightful Colorado Springs cake. Whether you fancy towering mountains that touch the clouds, historic towns that tell tales of old, or vast dunes that feel like a desert dream, the areas around Colorado Springs have got you covered. So, pack a little bag, tie those shoelaces, and get ready to be wowed! We're about to embark on a journey through some of the most fun-filled, picturesque, and downright amazing spots just a hop, skip, and jump away from Colorado Springs. Buckle up; it's time for an adventure!

List of 20 Best Places to visit Near Colorado Springs

Who's ready for some fun? Let's check out the best family-friendly attractions near Colorado Springs.

  • Garden of the Gods | Unique Rock Formations
  • Pikes Peak | Majestic Mountain Views
  • Royal Gorge Bridge and Park | Suspended Bridge, Stunning Gorge
  • Seven Falls | Cascading Waterfalls Attraction
  • Cave of the Winds Mountains Park | Intriguing Underground Exploration
  • Manitou Incline | Challenging Hiking Experience
  • Old Colorado City | Historic Charm, Vibrant Culture
  • US Air Force Academy | Notable Military Institution
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo | Elevated Animal Encounters
  • Seven Lakes Trail | Scenic Mountain Hiking
  • Cripple Creek | Quaint Mining Town
  • Victor | Historic Gold Mining Town
  • Grеat Sand Dunеs National Park | Massivе Sand Dunеs
  • Rocky Mountain National Park | Iconic Alpine Landscapes
  • Mesa Verde National Park | Ancient Cliff Dwellings
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park | Dramatic Canyon Views
  • Telluride | Picturesque Mountain Town
  • Durango | Western-Themed Charm
  • Aspen | Upscale Mountain Destination
  • Boulder | Progressive College Town

1. Garden of the Gods | Unique Rock Formations

Garden of the Gods is like a playground but made by nature. Huge, tall rocks stand around and are so cool to look at. It feels like the rocks are trying to touch the sky!

  • Best Things To Do: Have fun climbing some of the rocks (safely!), snap lots of pictures, and maybe take a horse ride.
  • Nearby Tourist Spots: You can also see an old place called Rock Ledge Ranch; it's close and neat.
  • Best For: If you love the outdoors, this is for you. Great for photos too.

2. Pikes Peak | Majestic Mountain Views

Seeking scenic drives around Colorado Springs? Do you know how it feels on top of the world? Pikes Peak gives you that feeling. It's a super tall mountain, and from up there, everything looks tiny. Like you're a giant looking at a toy world!

  • Best Things To Do: Enjoy a walk, picnic, or take a cool train to the top.
  • Nearby Tourist Spots: Don't miss the fun train called The Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway.
  • Best For: People who like tall places and families with kids.

3. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park | Suspended Bridge, Stunning Gorge

Looking for thrilling outdoor activities near Colorado Springs? Imagine a bridge so high that you feel like a bird when you walk on it. That's the Royal Gorge Bridge. Underneath is a deep canyon, like a big slice in the ground.

  • Best Things To Do: You can go super-fast on a zip line or have a smooth ride in a gondola.
  • Nearby Tourist Spots: If you like dinosaurs, there's the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience.
  • Best For: This is for you if you want some thrill or love old things.

4. Seven Falls | Cascading Waterfalls Attraction

Imagine seven waterfalls, one after the other. Sounds cool, right? That's what Seven Falls looks like. Water dances down from high up, and it's beautiful.

  • Best Things To Do: You can just walk and enjoy or see the falls when they light up at night.
  • Nearby Tourist Spots: Check out a nice place called The Broadmoor if you're nearby.
  • Best For: Waterfall lovers and families will have a great time here.

5. Cave of the Winds Mountains Park | Intriguing Underground Exploration