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11 Famous Places To Visit In Alleppey

11 Famous Places To Visit In Alleppey | Best Tourist places

Alleppey, often referred to as the "Venice of the East," is a picturesque gem nestled along the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, India. This enchanting destination is celebrated for its intricate network of canals, shimmering lakes, lush green paddy fields, and a vibrant culture deeply rooted in the heart of the Malabar Coast. 

With its alluring blend of natural beauty and rich heritage, Alleppey is a traveller's paradise, offering a unique and unforgettable experience. From serene houseboat cruises on the backwaters to the vibrant local markets and from pristine beaches to ancient temples, Alleppey has something to captivate every kind of traveller. The best backwater tours in Alleppey will leave an indelible mark on your mind that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

List Of 11 Best Places To Visit In Alleppey

In this guide, we will explore the best places to visit in Alleppey, taking you on a journey through the town's most fascinating attractions, ensuring you uncover the essence of this magical destination. From Alleppey's local cuisine experiences of seafood to the exhilarating charm of beaches, Alleppey is a treat for every traveller.

  • Alleppey Backwaters | A Tourist Hotspot
  • Alleppey Lighthouse | Old-world Charm
  • Kuttanad | Scenic Countryside
  • Krishnapuram Palace | Exquisite Architecture
  • Pathiramanal Island | A Paradise for Nature Lovers
  • St. Mary Forane Church | Majestic Architecture
  • Punnapra Beach | Beautiful Sunsets
  • Champakulam Church | Architectural Grandeur
  • Mannarasala Temple | A Unique Temple
  • Arthunkal Church | Spiritual Atmosphere
  • Marari Beach | Ideal for Fishing

1. Alleppey Backwaters | A Tourist Hotspot

Known as the "Venice of the East," Alleppey's backwaters are a vast network of interconnected canals, lakes, and rivers. Houseboat cruises on the backwaters allow you to witness the tranquil beauty of Kerala's countryside and experience a unique stay on traditional Kettuvallams. The lush green surroundings, vibrant avian life, and the calming sound of water make the backwaters a serene escape. It is amongst the major Alleppey tourist attractions. To unwind in nature's lap, relishing the tranquil waters and experiencing authentic Kerala life.

  • Major Attractions: Punnamada Lake, Vembanad Lake.
  • Best Things to Do: Houseboat cruises, bird watching, village tours.
  • Distance from Alleppey: 12 km

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    2. Alleppey Lighthouse | Old-world Charm

    A historic lighthouse offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea must be on your Alleppey travel itinerary. When you are here, climb the spiral staircase for stunning vistas and gain insight into maritime history. The lighthouse stands tall against a backdrop of azure waters and coconut palms. Visit here to appreciate Alleppey's maritime heritage and enjoy breathtaking views.

    • Major Attractions: The lighthouse itself.
    • Best Things to Do: Climb the lighthouse and enjoy the views.
    • Distance from Alleppey: 14 km

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    3. Kuttanad | Scenic Countryside

    Kuttanad is a unique and below-sea-level farming region. Known as the "Rice Bowl of Kerala," it features paddy fields below sea level. The vibrant green landscape and serene waterways are captivating. Visit here to witness innovative farming.

    • Major Attractions: Paddy fields, canals, villages.
    • Best Things to Do: Canoeing, village tours, and visiting farming communities.
    • Distance from Alleppey: Approximately 11 km.

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      4. Krishnapuram Palace | Exquisite Architecture

      A historic palace with a museum and beautiful architecture, it is one the best Alleppey offbeat places to explore. The palace houses the Gajendra Moksha mural, one of the largest in Kerala. The traditional Kerala architecture and the surrounding gardens are enchanting. Visit here to explore the history and artistry of Alleppey's royal past.

      • Major Attractions: Gajendra Moksha mural, museum.
      • Best Things to Do: Explore the palace and admire the mural.
      • Distance from Alleppey: Approximately 34 km.

        5. Pathiramanal Island | A Paradise for Nature Lovers

        A serene island in Vembanad Lake, known for its biodiversity, it's a paradise for birdwatchers with numerous migratory birds. The untouched natural beauty and the surrounding backwaters are captivating.

        • Major Attractions: Birdwatching, scenic beauty.
        • Best Things to Do: Take a boat ride and spot migratory birds.
        • Distance from Alleppey: Approximately 20 km.

          6. St. Mary Forane Church | Majestic Architecture

          A historic church with stunning Gothic architecture houses a miraculous Mother Mary statue. The intricate stained glass windows and serene ambience are captivating. Visit here to admire the architecture and experience spiritual tranquillity.

          • Major Attractions: Church architecture, Mother Mary statue.
          • Best Things to Do: Attend a service and explore the architecture.
          • Distance from Alleppey: 5 km

          7. Punnapra Beach | Beautiful Sunsets

          A serene beach with beautiful sunsets. It is lesser known and less crowded, perfect for quiet contemplation. Golden sands, calm waters, and the view of fishing boats are stunning. To enjoy solitude and stunning sunsets, you must visit this place.

          • Major Attractions: Beach, fishing activities.
          • Best Things to Do: Beachcombing, sunset watching.
          • Distance from Alleppey: Approximately 12 km.

            8. Champakulam Church | Architectural Grandeur