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Nepal Visa For Indians

Nepal Visa For Indians | Entry Information and Documents

Among the treasure trove of places worldwide for travelling, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha ranks among the top exotic destinations.

Housing the tallest mountain peak in the world, Nepal is just over the periphery of the Indian subcontinent and serves as a perfect holiday destination for people of all ages.

Blessed with the unique beauty of mountain ranges, national parks, temples, and rich wilderness, Nepal is a true heaven on earth. However, if you are planning to take a trip to this majestic place, you need to clear all the visa vetting processes.

List Of About Nepal tourist visas For Indian citizens

  • Do Indians Need a Visa to Travel to Nepal?
  • Nepal Visa on Arrival For Indians
  • How to Apply for a Nepal Visa from India?
  • Nepal Visa Requirements for Indians - Necessary Documents
  • Nepal Visa Cost and Process for Indians

Do Indians Need a Visa to Travel to Nepal?

Fortunately, NO! Citizens of India who have an Indian passport do not need any visa to enter Nepal. However, this does not mean that they are exempted from everything. Tourists from the Indian subcontinent must carry all the necessary credentials and documents to prove their identity and nationality.

Talking about the documents, the documents required will vary based on the mode of travelling. The documents needed for a Nepal Visa from India are different for by-road entry and by-air entry.

Nepal Visa on Arrival For Indians

Visa on arrival is a tourist visa offered by Nepal to temporary visitors for 15, 30, and 90 days. As Indians do not need any visa to enter Nepal, the question of visa on arrival is redundant.

However, for visitors from other countries, the Nepal Immigration Authority accepts online applications for entry visas.

How to Apply for a Nepal Visa from India?

As already elaborated, people from India do not need any visa to enter Nepal. However, they must provide some crucial documents as proof of identity and nationality.

Furthermore, here is the visa application procedure for those not from India and who want to visit Nepal!

The application for Nepal is pretty simple. However, based on the type of visa, the sources may vary!

There are three sources or websites that provide the Nepal Visa Application Form for Indians!

  • If applying through Nepal missions abroad!
  • If applying before arriving in Nepal!
  • If applying after arriving in Nepal, click here and apply from Nepal Immigration!

Once you are done filling out the form, you can track the visa application online.

Further, obtain a copy of the visa online and submit a hard copy and copies of the necessary travel documents at the embassy. Once the visa approval process is complete, all your submitted documents will be returned to you via courier.

Note: You need the visa application number and travel document number to track the visa application.

Nepal Visa Requirements for Indians - Necessary Documents

Though there is no visa requirement for Indians to enter Nepal, there are some verification documents required. These documents vary based on the mode of transportation.

Here are the verification documents required for those travelling to Nepal by air!

  • Proof of identity with a clear photograph of yourself. It needs to be issued by the Indian government. It can either be in the form of an identity certificate or a voter ID.
  • A valid passport.
  • An Emergency Certificate provided to you by the Embassy of India in Kathmandu, Nepal. (This is for those who do not have the documents required to travel to Nepal from India.

Here are some special requirements!

  • Indian citizens below 15 or older than 65 will be allowed entry into Nepal with a photo identity proof. It can be a PAN card, ration card, or driver's license.
  • Indian citizens between the ages of 15 and 18 will be allowed entry with an Identity certificate provided to them by their academic institution.

Further, here are the documents you need to have if you travel to Nepal via Road!

  • Registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Driving license
  • A vehicle permit
  • A customs permit

Nepal Visa Cost and Process for Indians

The process of acquiring a visa for Nepal is already discussed. If we talk about the fees or cost of the visa, Indian tourists don't have to pay any fee as they don't need any Visa to enter Nepal. However, they have to bear the cost of living and travelling within the country.

As per an estimate, the overall cost for one day in Nepal is 2500 INR. Consequently, for a week, it will be 7500 INR. This overall cost includes accommodation, food, and transportation services.

If you are not from India and want to enter Nepal, the visa fees vary based on the duration.

  • For 15 days - 2500
  • For 30 days - 4500
  • For 90 days - 10500

Types of Nepal Visa!

There are four types of Nepal visa.

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Study visa
  • Transit Visa

Different reasons have different requirements. Let's take a look at them!

  • Tourist visa

Eligibility - To be eligible for a tourist visa, you must have the following documents!

  • An identity proof
  • Proof of the accommodation
  • A confirmed return ticket
  • Bank statement

Validity - 6 months

Stay Duration - 15, 30, or 90 days, based on the type of visa.

Processing time - A week (if all the information provided by you is correct)

  • Business visa

Eligibility - To fulfil the business visa eligibility, you need to have

  • Identity proof
  • A confirmed return ticket
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of the accommodation
  • A letter from the local company stating the purpose of your visit

Validity - One month to a year

Stay Duration - Upto 5 years

Processing time - A week

  • Study visa

Eligibility - The necessary documents to be eligible for a study visa are

  • Identity proof
  • Online application form
  • Proof of the accommodation
  • Printed Nepal study visa application
  • Receipt of payment made to a university
  • Acceptance letter from the university
  • Bank statements

Validity - 1 year

Stay Duration - Maximum one year

Processing time - A week

  • Transit Visa (in case your flight has a layover in Nepal, you can explore the country on a transit visa.)

Eligibility - For a transit visa, you need

  • Identity proof
  • Printed transit visa application form
  • Photocopies of your passport
  • Flight ticket from Nepal to a third country
  • Bank statements
  • A copy of the latest visa

Stay Duration - 24 hours

Processing time - A week

Adotrip simplifies obtaining a Nepal visa, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. Our dedicated support team can assist with any queries or concerns throughout the application process. With Adotrip's Nepal visa assistance, travellers can focus on planning their trip and exploring the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant traditions of Nepal without the stress of visa-related issues.

With us, nothing is far!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nepal Visa For Indians

Q1. What is the process for Indian citizens to obtain a tourist visa for Nepal?
A1. The process to obtain a tourist visa for Nepal is simple. They just need to present some basic documents for identity and nationality verification based on their mode of transportation.

Q2. Are there any specific documents required for Indian travellers applying for a Nepal visa?
A2. Indian travellers do not need any visa for Nepal. However, there are some necessary documents required for entering the country.

Q3. How long is the typical duration of a tourist visa for Indian nationals in Nepal?
A3. A tourist visa for Nepal can go from 15 days to 90 days. However, it is issued for an interval of 6 months.

Q4. Is it possible to extend the visa duration once in Nepal, and if so, what is the process?
A4. Yes, it is possible to extend your Nepal visa. You can do so by clicking on “Visa Extensions” under the Visa tab on this page, filling in the details, and submitting the application at the immigration office with all the required documents. They are your passport, Online Application receipt, Tax clearance certificate, and Copy of the passport of your guardian in case of a minor.

Q5. Are there any fees associated with obtaining a Nepal visa for Indian citizens?
A5. No, there are no fees associated with obtaining a Nepal visa for Indian citizens.

Q6. How does the process for obtaining a Nepal visa differ for Indian citizens compared to other nationalities?
A6. Nepal Visa Requirements for Indians are just some regular documents, as there is no need for a visa. On the other hand, other nationals have to submit a visa application to the Nepal embassy along with all the necessary documents.

Q7. Can Indian citizens also obtain a visa on arrival at Nepal's International airports?
A7. Indians do not need any visa to enter Nepal.

Q8. Are there any restrictions or regulations that Indian travellers should be aware of when visiting Nepal?
A8. As of now, there are no specific restrictions or regulations that Indian travellers should be aware of when visiting Nepal.

Q9. What are the entry and exit points that Indian citizens can use when travelling to Nepal?
A9. Immigration Office TIA is the sole entry and exit point for Indian citizens when travelling to Nepal by air. Other than that, there is Kakarvitta, Jhapa, ImmiBirganj, Parsa, Kodari, Sindhupalchowk, and more.

Q10. Are there any recent updates or changes in the visa policies for Indian tourists visiting Nepal?
A10. There are some minor changes; your passport should be valid for at least six months after your Nepal trip, and you need to provide proof of accommodation in Nepal.

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