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10 Beautiful Landscapes Of Vietnam

10 Beautiful Landscapes Of Vietnam | Picture Perfect Diversity

Vietnam, a hidden gem in Southeast Asia, has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Its breathtaking landscapes, unique culture, and beautiful beaches attract travellers from all over the world. Inland, you'll find lush jungles and remote mountain villages that have retained their ancient traditions. Vietnam's breathtaking landscapes are a testament to the country's rich diversity and unspoiled beauty, awaiting exploration and awe.

From the iconic limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay to the picturesque rice terraces of Sapa, Vietnam offers a diverse range of natural wonders. In this blog, we will explore the top 10 landscapes in Vietnam that showcase its ecological diversity and beauty that you must not miss.

List Of 10 Best Landscapes In Vietnam | Romantic Retreat

  • Ha Long Bay | A Natural Wonder
  • Mekong Delta | The Land of Rivers
  • Sapa | A Mountain Paradise
  • Mui Ne | The Unexpected Sand Dunes
  • Phu Quoc Island | The Untouched Paradise
  • Nha Trang | The Beach Paradise
  • Da Lat | The Romantic Retreat
  • Son Doong Cave | The World's Largest Cave
  • Hoi An | The Timeless Beauty
  • Ha Giang Province | The Unexplored Territory

1. Ha Long Bay | A Natural Wonder

Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam. It is famous for its limestone karsts, emerald waters, and floating villages. The bay is home to 1,969 islands and covers an area of 1,553 square kilometres. Exploring Ha Long Bay by kayak or boat lets you witness the mist dancing around the limestone karsts, creating a magical atmosphere. To reach Ha Long Bay, you can take a bus or car from Hanoi, which is around 170 kilometres away or join Vietnam landscape tours.

  • Region: Northwest coast of the Gulf of Tonkin
  • Best Time to Visit: Between October to December
  • Things to do: Discover caves, Take a seaplane tour, Kayaking, Rock climbing, kite surfing, water motor riding

2. Mekong Delta | The Land of Rivers

The Mekong Delta is a vast region in southern Vietnam where the Mekong River flows into the South China Sea. This fertile delta is known for its sprawling mangrove forests, green rice fields, and vibrant floating markets. Taking a day cruise along the narrow canals of the Mekong River allows you to explore riverside villages, fish farms, and Buddhist temples and sample local fruits and coconut candy. The Mekong Delta is a unique landscape painting inspiration in Vietnam that showcases Vietnam's agricultural and cultural richness.

  • Region: Southwest Vietnam
  • Best Time to Visit: Between November and April
  • Things to do: Overnight homestay, Cruise trip, visit floating markets, Sampan Boat trip

3. Sapa | A Mountain Paradise

Sapa, a bustling market town in northern Vietnam, is surrounded by breathtaking rice terraces and conical mountains. The Hmong Tribe carved these rice terraces, which are still in use today. Many visitors use Sapa as a base camp for trekking to surrounding villages, where you can experience the traditional tribal way of life. Sapa is also close to Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam, making it a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts.

  • Region: Lao Cai
  • Best Time to Visit: Between March and May and September to November
  • Things to do: Visiting Cat Cat Village, Hiking, Cable Car trip, Shopping at Quang Truong Square, Trekking

4. Mui Ne | The Unexpected Sand Dunes

Mui Ne, located in southern Vietnam, is famous for its unexpected sand dunes. The town is home to two types of sand dunes - red dunes and white dunes. The white dunes are larger and are best visited in the mornings and evenings, while the red dunes offer great opportunities for unique Vietnamese landscape photography and sand sledging. The beauty of these sand dunes is truly mesmerising and provides a unique contrast to Vietnam's tropical rainforests.

  • Region: Bình Thuận
  • Best Time to Visit: Between November to March
  • Things to do: Hiking, Exploring White and Red Sand Dunes, Try some wind sports, Golfing

5. Phu Quoc Island | The Untouched Paradise

Phu Quoc Island, located off the coast of Vietnam, is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. This relatively undeveloped island is known for its sandstone mountains, white sand beaches, and spectacular ocean sunsets. The island's interiors are just as impressive, with narrow red soil paths, pepper plantations, and a national park full of diverse flora and fauna. Phu Quoc Island, one of the best-hidden gems in Vietnam's landscapes offers a tranquil and untouched experience for nature lovers.

  • Region: Kiên Giang
  • Best Time to Visit: During Winters- December to March
  • Things to do: Motorbiking, visiting Suoi Tranh Waterfall, Cable Car, Visiting Night Market

6. Nha Trang | The Beach Paradise

Nha Trang is Vietnam's premier beach destination and is often referred to as the "Miami of Southeast Asia." This vibrant coastal city offers pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs. Nha Trang is perfect for water activities such as diving and snorkelling, with its excellent visibility and abundant marine life. The city is also home to Hon Chong, a cluster of large rocks, that add a unique geological feature to its landscape and spring and autumn are the best times to visit Vietnam's landscapes.

  • Region: Khánh Hòa
  • Best Time to Visit: Between January to September
  • Things to do: Visiting the beach, Vinpearl Amusement Park, Ba Ho waterfall, Po Nagar Towers, I-Resorts, Vinpearl Cable Cars

7. Da Lat | The Romantic Retreat