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Jatinga Bird Suicide Mystery: This Spooky Place is Where Birds Go and Commit Suicide

Jatinga is a small village in Dima Hasao District of Assam. With incredible and lush views of nature, this place is all about knowing and exploring the essence of Incredible India.

However, what differentiates Jatinga from any other normal travel getaway in India is the bird suicide mystery. Yes, according to this story, it is believed that birds from several geographical locations come here not to mate, migrate or do something else but to commit suicide. Unbelievable, isn't it so? 

However untrue or unheard this may sound but the fact is, it is a natural phenomenon which till date no one has been able to explain and decipher.

But now, as the word of this phenomenon has managed to travel far and wide, it soon caught the eye of scientists, researchers and other proclaimed personalities belonging to the science field. And according to their scientific approach and study, it was partially concluded that this phenomenon of mass bird suicides in Jatinga, Assam specifically occurs between the months of September and November and that too at a specific timing, i.e., mostly around 7 pm to 10 pm. 

What’s the Reality Behind these Suicides? Does the Mass Suicide Phenomenon Have Something to Do with Evil Spirits?

For many years, the local villagers used to believe that evil spirits are behind this cruel happening. However, it is not so. As modern-day science has progressed, many ornithologists (someone who studies and is an expert on birds) are of the opinion that birds like Kingfishers, Pond Heron, Tiger Bittern are subjected to such strange behaviour. It has also been noted that most of the birds commit suicide in Jatinga during the late monsoon season as several of the water bodies are flooded by that time; due to which the birds tend to lose their homes and have to migrate to some other place. According to the locals, the birds look somewhat dazed, disoriented and end up crashing into trees, lights and buildings.