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Famous Festival of Italy

10 Famous Festival of Italy You Must Experience In 2024

From all over the world, Italy is one exquisite destination that shows a plethora of soul-capturing towns and their profoundly unique cultures. This destination's history and heritage are just so impeccable and incredible! Everything about this region is intriguing, whether it's their culture, customs, people, food, breathtaking vistas, and whoo hoo...the list goes on and on!

According to a survey, festivals of Italy ooze traditional celebrations and magnificent re-enactments! So, are you ready to embark on an incredible virtual tour of these events that have the potential to make a lasting impression on your heart, mind, and, yes, soul? So, head straight to the list of top 10 Italian festivals and discover the legendary Italian fiestas where double the fun & triple the awe is guaranteed!

List of 10 Famous Festivals of Italy

  • Carnevale di Venezia - A True Delight to the Eyes
  • Festa Della Repubblica - The National Day of Italy
  • Palio di Siena - A Breathtaking Horse Riding Roadshow
  • Battle of Oranges - The Fruity Fiesta
  • Umbria Jazz Festival - The Spectacular Jazz Fiesta
  • La Festa di San Giovanni - An Incredible Fiesta
  • Oh Bej! Oh Bej! - The Festival of Beautiful Honour
  • Festa del Redentore - An Authentic Event of Venice
  • Easter Processions - The Procession of the Mysteries
  • Infiorata Festival - The Enchanting Festival of Flower Carpets

1. Carnevale di Venezia | A True Delight to the Eyes

This is by far the most incredible and famous festival in Italy, celebrated annually with truckloads of enthusiasm, excitement, grandeur, and extravagance! The unmatched zeal of the people can leave you speechless in a go! Carnevale is a two-week-long festival preceding Lent. The celebration is well-known for its spectacular masks and costumes worn by people of all ages. This festival dates back to the 12th century and is honoured in numerous towns in Italy. This festival can take you to a whole new exciting level where people can enjoy parades, masquerade balls, street performances, and parades as long as their hearts desire.

When. Each Year in February

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2. Festa Della Repubblica | The National Day of Italy

This festival is an Italian Republic Day celebrated every year on the 2nd of June with epic zeal and fervour. It celebrated the formation of the Republic of Italy after World War II. Some significant events, fests, amazing concerts and incredible parades are held throughout Italy on this day, followed by some spectacular pyrotechnics.

When. On 2nd June Every Year

3. Palio di Siena | A Breathtaking Horse Riding Roadshow

This is another incredible festival celebrated in Italy with immense zeal and enthusiasm. In these festivals, 17 districts or 17 contrade participate and furiously compete against each other. Audiences can witness these different contrasts, incredibly showcasing their colour and emblem. This historical horse race is held twice a year in Sirena, Tuscany. The event occurs in Siena's historic centre, with the horses representing the city's many neighbourhoods competing. Locals and visitors are ecstatic as they cheer for their favourite horse and jockey. Palio di Siena is a much-awaited summer event known to boast centuries-old origins that are so magical and raw!

When. In July / August

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4. Battle of Oranges | The Fruity Fiesta

The Battle of Oranges, aka The Carnival of Ivrea, is the craziest festival in Italy. It is here to astound, amaze, and excite you simultaneously! It is also the oldest festival of Italy which began in 1947, and is celebrated to date with commendable passion, excitement, and solidarity. If we talk about the game, the battle is played between 9 teams of Aranceri ( the orange throwers) on foot, which dramatically represents the people who revolted, and the Aranceri on the horse-drawn carriages plays the role of the feudal armies.

When. On Sunday Before Catholic Lent Season

5. Umbria Jazz Festival | The Spectacular Jazz Fiesta

This festival was established in 1973, and its celebrations stretch to 10 days every year in July. A Phenomenal music festival that can make your soul go crazy with the foot-tapping jazzy beats. If you want to see renowned music personalities, head to this festival. Jazz lovers gather here every year to feel and enjoy the vibes happening. This festival., undoubtedly, is an excellent platform for emerging talents that are par excellence!

When. In July Every Year

6. La Festa di San Giovanni | An Incredible Fiesta

An incredible celebration of the patron, Saint of Florence, features an epic boat race on the great Arno River, glorifying parades, and terrific fireworks lighting up the sky. In the Christian religion, it is followed that Jesus was a follower of John, who baptised Jesus in the river Jordan. The patron saint is a city protector and interceded on the city's well-being and behalf of God. These festivities gloriously take place to celebrate their saint. Many godfathers and godchildren celebrate this day with tokens of gifts.

When. On June 24th

7. Oh Bej! Oh Bej! | The Festival of Beautiful Honour

Oh Bej! Oh Bej! translates to How Wonderful! How Wonderful! That is celebrated in Milan every year with great fervour! This festival is a traditional Christmas fair in Milan enthusiastically awaited yearly. What you can enjoy here is the phenomenal gift fairs and shopping under the magical Christmas vibes. Oh Bej! Oh Bej! is the cry of joy of the children of Milan when they see beautiful gifts and products.

When. December 7th to 10th

8. Festa del Redentore | An Authentic Event of Venice