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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Indonesia That Travellers Must Know

With a vivid range of experiences that Indonesia has to offer, it is much more than what meets the eye. An incredible concoction of about 17,000 islands, a trip to Indonesia could be just what you wanted all your life. It is the world’s fourth most populous country with its geographical boundaries stretching and covering a humongous area of 5000 km.

A land of several cultures mixed into one with tons of options for adventuring, sightseeing, eating, and whatnot, Indonesia is just the right choice for any travel enthusiast to spend their holidays. However, before you plan your trip to this amazing country, we at Adotrip have compiled a list of top 10 facts that you must Sureshot be aware of for your own good.   

So, holding this thought in mind, let’s dive right into the topic and see how interesting Indonesia tourism can be.

1. You Will find a Lot of Volcanoes Here

Avolcano in Indonesia

For those who might not be aware, Indonesia is geographically placed at a point where two mammoth-sized tectonic plates meet.

At the same time, it is also a hotbed of seismic activity as a result of which one can find several volcanoes here. Wanna try and guess the number? Okay, let’s help you with that. The answer to that is Indonesia has about 400 volcanoes within its topography out of which about 127 are presently active. Quite an interesting fact about Indonesia, don’t you think?

2. Home to the Largest and Smelliest Flower

Rafflesia Arnoldii - world’s largest flower

Maybe you guessed the name of the flower already; if not, let us make it easy for you. It’s Rafflesia Arnoldii, a local species of flower that also happens to be the world’s largest flower and can weigh up to a massive 8 kgs. However beautiful the flower may look, the truth is, that it is equally smelly as well. Perhaps this is one major reason why people also call it the corpse flower. With this, would you still be looking forward to a trip to Indonesia? Do tell us in the comments.

3. About the Word Indonesia

The word Indonesia is derived from two words mainly. The first Greek word is Indus that means a land beside the river Indus and the second word i.e., Nesos means island. Thus, the name of this country came to be.

4. Great Diversity of Languages and Religions

Indonesian Diversity

Perhaps Indonesia is one among the few countries where you will find the usage of religion as well as languages in great abundance. For instance, Islam is considered the dominant religion here. However, almost on every island, you will find people following different sets of religions and speaking different languages as well, like in Bali, you will see Hindus in great numbers. And as for the languages, there are about 700 varied dialects of Bahasa (Indonesian language) used here. All in all, if you are looking for some cultural diversity, then now you know where to be!

5. Home to the Most Explosive Mountain

Mount Tambora, most explosive volcanic mountain in Indonesia

Now that’s staggering, isn’t it? Yes, Mount Tambora is considered the most volcanic mountain in Indonesia. And talking about explosions, the last time it had an eruption was way back in 1815. It is said that it was so powerful that the voice of the eruption could be heard from the Sumatra island as well.

6. Colour Changing Lake

Color Changing Lake in Indonesia

Climbing upon the Kelimutu volcano will make you aware of this interesting phenomenon wherein the water of the three craters lake below changes it's colour frequently. It is believed that this happens due to the volcanic gases which react with the water present inside these lakes.

7. Find One of the World’s Largest Goldmine Here

Grasberg Goldmine in Papua, Indonesia

Yes, we are talking about the Grasberg Mine situated in Papua, Indonesia. It is also the third-largest copper mine in the world. The sheer size of the mine will simply take your breath away. If you want to explore something unique and out of the box then this is where you need to be.

8. Home to Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon in Indonesia

The largest lizard on Earth can be found here; yes, we are talking about the Komodo Dragon. The sight of these magnanimous creatures will compel you to think and deeply contemplate nature and its musings.

9. World’s Largest Palm Oil Producer

Palm Tree in Indonesia

The country of Indonesia is also known to be the largest producer of Palm Oil in the world. After Indonesia, the second spot is taken by Malaysia, and together both countries are responsible for providing 84% of the world's oil production.

10. Barack Obama’s Childhood

Barack Obama childhood with his mother in Indonesia

A major chunk of the childhood of the former U.S. President of America, Barack Obama, was spent here in Indonesia. He used to live with his mother - Ann Dunham who was a qualified researcher and is respectably known for her work on village life to date.

So, these were the top 10 facts about Indonesia, a country that is all about exploring the cultural vividness along with trotting over nature's wonders. Also, check out the top places to visit in Indonesia. To plan your trip, use our AI-based smart Trip Planner Tool.  

--- Published By  VIPIN SAINI
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