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Best Water Parks in Goa

7 Best Water Parks in Goa To Beat The Summer Heat

Goa ranks among the top holiday destinations for the people of India and abroad. Besides sunbathing on the beach, enjoying the evening party, and cruising on the ship, numerous things can make your visit worthwhile.

Now, though the heat in the Southern state is not as intense as in North India, there is still a need for some water activities to beat it. This is one reason Goa is popular for water sports.

Thanks to the state government, numerous water sports activities and water parks are built across the state where you can go with your family and have fun. If you are ready for a Goa Trip, here's a comprehensive list of the best water park in Goa.

7 Best Water Parks in Goa 

Goa has a mix of water sports and activities in its water parks. From exhilarating water slides and lazy river rides to kids' pools and adrenaline-pumping adventure sports, there is everything for everyone.

  • Blue Whale Water Park | Your Kids Will Love It!
  • Froggyland | Get Away From The City
  • Splashdown Waterpark | Just as Splashy as its Name
  • Nagesh Water World | The Park with a Natural Touch
  • 6 Shades Of Nature | A Park on a Farm
  • Sharvraj Eco Farm | The Blend of All!
  • Nagesh Jungle Resort | Another Ecotourism Spot

1. Blue Whale Water Park | Your Kids Will Love It!

The first on the list is the Blue Whale Water Park in Goa, and if you are with your kids, you must come here. Easily accessible from the North Goa beaches and visible from Baga Creek, the park is lined with tall coconut trees that act as a key USP. When you go inside, you will see a shack, beach, and numerous rides ready to serve you the nerve-chilling experience.

You can begin with blaster boats which are the most popular slides here. Post that, you can slide down from other water rides and sit still or swim in swimming pools within the park. For kids, the park has unique attractions like the Finding Nemo Jumping Castle and a dance floor where your kids can vibe to the beats of the music till evening.

  • Location: Baga-Arpora Road, which is near the Goan Beach Club
  • Price: INR 300 per person
  • Timings: 9 am to 6 pm

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2. Froggyland | Get Away From The City

If you want to go somewhere away from the hustle & bustle, you can go to Froggyland. Spread across an area of 35k square meters, Froggyland is your one-stop destination for unlimited fun. This theme park in Goa has two sections, one for adults and one for kids.

You and your kids can beat the heat in various slides. Get your kids onto the laughing joker, mushroom or lilypad. You can lie down in the lazy river and physically feel the stress leaving your body. When distressed, climb onto the float flume slide, three-lane wave line, and tube slide. These slides are just as enjoyable as their names. Lastly, you can stand in the wave pool and dance to the beats of music while soaking in Rain Dance.

  • Location: Pateapur, Nuvem
  • Price: INR 300 to 500 (based on height and activity), 300 to 600 (Weekends)
  • Timings: 10 am to 6 pm, with Monday closed

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3. Splashdown Waterpark | Just as Splashy as its Name

Not all parks can be regarded as all-around parks, but they can be. The Splashdown Waterpark Goa comprises almost everything that your visit demands. From thrilling rides and lunch options to overnight stays, the park has everything you may or may not need. First, you can start your pursuit in the Anjuna water park with its rides.

The park is surefire to provide you with a nerve-chilling experience with its multi-storied slides, cannonball slides, and adventure walk. Further, you can get thrilled in the wave and leisure pools or relax by lying on the lazy river. The park offers 12 different slides for your children to spend their entire day. The main attraction of Splashdown Goa is the Zip Hand Glide. You can glide across the park on it. At the day's end, you can rest in the lush greenery and have snacks at BBQs, Pizza Corner, etc.

  • Location: Baga-Anjuna Main Road
  • Price: INR 420 (spectator), INR 520 (less than 4 feet), INR 690 (over 4 feet), INR 560 (Senior)
  • Timings: 10:30 am to 6 pm

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4. Nagesh Water World | The Park with a Natural Touch

If you are searching for a park with a mashup of nature and fun rides, Nagesh Water World is the best water park in Goa. The park is a part of the ecotourism project in Goa. It is outlined by lush green patches that include coconut trees and wooden cottages, perfectly blending with the surroundings.

You can begin your fun pursuit by taking adventurous rides with your family. The critical thing about this water park in Goa is the wide poolside area. You can host parties for your friends here. Not only this, but the park is also great for overnight picnics and stays. You will see separate pools for kids and adults and numerous other amenities like outdoor sports, barbeque, restaurant, safe lawn, and bonfire. In short, it is an ideal place for a trip with family and friends.

  • Location: Near Pascol farm (Opposite the Nestle factory), Tisk Road
  • Price: The prices vary based on the packages. For water park entry, the price is INR 300 per head.
  • Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

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5. 6 Shades Of Nature | A Park on a Farm

There are various water parks in Goa, but this one is on the farm, which makes it unique. How? Well, the water park allows the visitor to plant and grow trees on the farm just beside the water slides. The giant farm adjoining the park provides a natural vibe as you can sit there while relaxing to the sounds of water.

The park has all the required amenities, including separate pools for adults and kids. You can spend hours in the pool while watching the waterfall and listening to its soothing sound. On top of all, the park has cottages where you can live and spend the night if you have that on your schedule. Let your kids have fun in the huts and treehouses.

  • Location: Quepem Market Road, Nirmal Nagar
  • Price: Entry fee (depends on the kind of services)
  • Timings: 24x7

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6. Sharvraj Eco Farm | The Blend of All!

All the described parks so far are dedicated to some particular purpose. However, Sharvraj Eco Farm Park is a water park, adventure park and amusement park in Goa. Hence, whether you are here with your kids, family, or friends, there will surely be something for all. One of the good things about this brilliant park is the curvy waterfall made from different materials, giving it a look of a natural waterfall.

The adventure park has numerous attractions for those who dare to try them. You can try sky cycling, rope net crossing, net climbing, Burma Bridge, and more. If you want to try the rides, there is a multi-lane ride, spiral ride, family slide, and a water play station.

The Sharvraj Eco Farm water park is said to have the longest water slides in Goa. Hence, it is a great place to spend an entire day productively.

  • Location: Mapusa Belgaum Highway, Pitre Estate
  • Price: Customised Price (depends on the kind of package)
  • Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

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7. Nagesh Jungle Resort | Another Ecotourism Spot