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Australia In December

Australia In December | The Beginning Of The Summer Festive Fun

Most of you would put Australia on the list if you had to shortlist a location for your year-end holidays.

Well, there is no doubt why most of you would go to the land of kangaroos. Australia in December is the perfect place for a family outing.

Housing gorgeous cities, cultures, scrumptious food, and soothing weather, the continent country is this sweet spot to enjoy your holidays and celebrate the biggest festivals of the year. Let's read ahead and find out more about Australia in December.

  • The Weather for Water Activities
  • Best Places to Visit in Australia in December
  • Australia December Travel Tips

1. The Weather For Water Activities!

The weather of a place is the primary element in deciding if it is worth visiting. Thankfully, December is the first summer month in Australia; therefore, most of the southern cities are warm or hot. This makes it the perfect time for visitors or tourists to have fun and enjoyment on the beach.

Tasmania is the most fabulous place in Australia in December. With the lowest temperature of 20°C in the South, Tasmania provides the best beaches in Australia in December. Other than Tasmania, the heat in southern cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Canberra is intermediate. The maximum high temperature oscillates between 24°C to 26°C. However, the evenings are colder.

If you are in Australia, Southern city beaches are the best places to go, and you will find plenty of them nearby, except Canberra.

On the other hand, the northern and western regions, like Brisbane, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, etc., are hot. The temperature of Perth can be around 30°C, whereas Brisbane has 29°C and Alice Springs has 35°C. Therefore, it is best to visit these places from May to October.

Overall, the Australia in December weather and climate report says southern Australia is the best place for you in December.

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2. Best Places to Visit in Australia in December

The Land Down Under unpacks a plethora of awesome things to do and places to go for you. If you have Australia on your bucket list, here are the top summer destinations in Australia in December!

Bruny Islands, Tasmania | Rare Species in the Wilderness!

Begin your Australian Summer voyage from a colder location, Tasmania. Tasmania houses the rugged Bruny Island at the lower tip of Australia. The Bruny Island offers you several things to do. However, you should begin with The Neck’s Easter Island Beach. It is a narrow strip of land that connects the two halves of the island and has various adventurous activities.

You can go on a romantic walk with your loved one along the coastline. If you like wildlife, you could get sight of some rare species like the White Wallaby, stunning Swift Parrot, and Forty-Spotted Pardalote. Other than the beach, there is South Bruny National Park and Cape Bruny Lighthouse to see. You can also savour the taste of the local cuisine at Hotel Bruny.

Bondi Beach | Beat the Heat!

If you are in Sydney, Bondi Beach is one of the top spots to visit for you. Located in Eastern Sydney, the beach has much for you to do in December. If you are a surfer or want to try it, the fierce waves of the beach are ideal for both. For learners, there are several instruction schools and training enthusiasts on the beach itself.

Further, you can explore the marine life of Bondi by trying snorkelling. As the water is stunningly clear, you can see far while getting a little deep in it. Those who can’t control their urge to stroll can take the scenic walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee. The two-hour walk will take you through the most beautiful views of the beaches, parks, rock pools, and more. For more, go to the Bondi Pavilion, Gertrude & Alice, and the Bondi Market.

Blue Mountains National Park | The Home to Three Sisters

Those who like to test their stamina while gazing at the eternal beauty of nature, head to the Blue Mountains National Park in Sydney. Home to The Three Sisters, the mountains are ideal to try some thrilling activities. The Three Sisters is a towering sandstone structure that is best for mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. You can try whatever you want to.

Moving further, the park spreads over 664,000 acres with numerous waterfalls, canyons, and lakes that add to its beauty. You can take the trail to the top of the mountain and capture the view of the Three Sisters and the city. If you are with the kids, you can let them enjoy the horseback ride down the hill. If you take the tour to Blue Mountains National Park, you also get to enjoy a scrumptious meal.

Great Barrier Reef | The Underwater Adventure

Not many of you would be interested in it, but Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is the best thing to do in Australia in December. Although you would be mesmerised by just looking at its picture, it is way more than that. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is an underwater adventure that extends up to a distance of 2300 kilometres.

It is not counted in the seven wonders of the world, but it is a wonder that features 600 continental islands and 3000 coral reefs. You can dive into the deep waters of the reef and explore several water creatures, such as giant clams, dolphins, dugongs, tropical fish, stingrays, sharks, and more. To unlock your adventurous side, you can try deep diving and snorkelling in the reef.

The Hobart City | The City of Historic Brews and Modern Art

If you are in Australia and haven’t visited Hobart City, there is a lot you are missing. The capital city of Tasmania is best known for its historic brews and modern art. However, that is not it. There are several other things that you can do here.

You can begin your tour from the MONA museum, which houses some of the finest and innovative arts. The museum is located in the Moorilla Winery, where you can go for wine tasting afterwards. Further, head to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery if you want to explore the natural and cultural heritage of the state. There are several eating and drinking experiences in Hobart. You can visit Cascades Brewery for beer tasting, Coal River Farm for the best cheese, and Lark Distillery for single malt whiskey.

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3. Australia December Travel Tips!

As the weather across the country varies a little, it is critical to ensure that you follow some necessary travel tips!

  • The first tip is the packing list for December in Australia. As the temperature in most locations is high, it is best to pack light clothes. These clothes may include cotton t-shirts, shorts, swimwear, sunglasses, flip-flops, hats, etc. If you want to visit the country's northern area too, carry a raincoat.
  • As many people worldwide plan a trip to Australia in December due to holidays and festivals, make your flight and hotel reservations in advance. It may get costly near the vacation days.
  • Check out the festive event to make your trip worthwhile and enjoyable. For example, if you plan a trip this year, you can check the Christmas events in Australia 2023. In 2023, there are several Christmas events in the country, such as the Christmas Lights and Decorations Walk, Pyrmont Christmas Concert, Christmas at Darling Harbour, Sydney Children’s Christmas Concert, and more. You can attend any of them based on your plan and location.

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When planning a trip to Australia in December, choose Adotrip for an unforgettable experience. We offer tailored itineraries that ensure you make the most of your trip, whether you're exploring Sydney's iconic landmarks, diving into the Great Barrier Reef, or enjoying the vibrant festivals. With expert guidance and local insights, we ensure seamless travel, from visa assistance to accommodation, making your Australian adventure stress-free. Trust Adotrip to turn your December trip to Australia into a magical and hassle-free holiday.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Australia In December!

Q1. What's the weather like in Australia during December?
A1. The weather in Australia in December is mostly warm or hot in most areas except the tropical areas.

Q2. Are there any major holiday events or Christmas celebrations happening in December?
A2. Yes, various specific holiday and Christmas celebrations are happening in December, such as the Rosebery Christmas Concert, Wicked The Musical, Rushcutters Bay Christmas Concert, etc.

Q3. Which beach destinations are popular for celebrating New Year's Eve in Australia?
A3. Beach destinations like the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Noosa, Bondi Beach, etc., are ideal for celebrating New Year's Eve in Australia.

Q4. Is December a good time for visiting wildlife parks and observing native animals?
A4. Yes, December in Australia is a good time for visiting wildlife parks and observing native animals, as it is a breeding season for various wildlife species.

Q5. Can you recommend some water-based activities like kayaking or sailing for December?
A5. You can do all the water-based activities at various beaches like Bondi Beach, Byron Bay, Mind Glass Bay, etc.

Q6. Are there any festive light displays or holiday-themed attractions in December?
A6. There are some special festive light displays or holiday-themed attractions. These include the Adelaide Christmas Pageant, Brisbane City Hall Lights, Vivid Sydney, etc.

Q7. What's the availability of transportation options for travelling around Australia in December?
A7. The best way to get around in Australia in December is via plane. However, buses and trains are also favourable options.

Q8. Are there any outdoor music concerts or open-air performances in December?
A8. Yes, there are some outdoor music concerts or open-air performances in December. One of them is the Summer Prom.

Q9. Is December suitable for exploring the coastal cliffs and natural rock formations?
A9. December is suitable for exploring the coastal cliffs and natural rock formations.

Q10. What are some family-friendly events and attractions for December trips to Australia?
A10. Several family-friendly events and attractions include Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and Madame Tussauds.

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