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4 Airports In Bhutan | Fly Your Way

Bhutan's airports act as essential entry points to this captivating Himalayan monarchy and are tucked away in the awe-inspiring Himalayan environment. The only international link in the nation is at Paro International Airport, which welcomes visitors to the magical beauty of Bhutan. Domestic airports, including Gelephu, Bumthang, and Yonphula, which provide spectacular views of the kingdom's scenic valleys, including monasteries, enable regional travel. These airports demonstrate Bhutan's dedication to sustainable aviation and protecting its distinctive culture and environment, considering their tiny size and difficult terrain. Join us as we explore the hub of Bhutan's aviation system, where each flight is a unique journey.

Bhutan's airports offer a unique experience in aviation. Paro International Airport, nestled in the Himalayas, is renowned for its challenging approach and stunning scenery. Meanwhile, the newly opened Gelephu Airport and Yonphula Airport connect remote regions. These airports provide travellers with a glimpse into Bhutan's majestic landscapes and a warm Bhutanese welcome. The top Bhutan airport locations that act as a gateway to the mighty Himalayas.

List Of 4 Airports In Bhutan

  • Paro Airport | Nestled Amidst the Himalayan Mountains
  • Bathpalathang Airport | Features a Single Runway Surrounded by Mountains
  • Gelephu Airport | Aerial View of Gelephu Airport Situated Amidst Greenery
  • Yongphulla Airport | Aerial View of Yongphulla Airport Surrounded by Hills

1. Paro Airport | Nestled Amidst the Himalayan Mountains

Bhutan's Paro International Airport, located in the scenic Paro Valley, is an incredible aviation hub. It's regarded as one of the toughest airports in the entire globe. Due to the steep Himalayan mountains surrounding the airport's sole runway, takeoff and landing require skilled navigation from pilots. Only a few skilled pilots are authorised to land here because of its unusual location. Travellers seeking amazing views of Bhutan's breathtaking landscapes will find Paro Airport a remarkable and thrilling site because aircraft are permitted only during the daytime, and weather conditions could be unexpected.

  • Type of Airport: International Airport
  • Major airlines: Drukair and Bhutan Airlines
  • Distance from the city: 6-7 km

2. Bathpalathang Airport | Features a Single Runway Surrounded by Mountains

Jakar Airport, commonly referred to as Bathpalathang Airport, is a small domestic airport situated in the Bhutanese town of Jakar in the Bumthang District. The scenic and culturally diverse region of Bumthang is accessible from this airport, which is located in a valley surrounded by the massive Himalayan mountains. Bathpalathang Airport has a single asphalt runway and just a few flights per day, most of which link to Paro, the capital of Bhutan. Bathpalathang is a crucial link for tourists exploring Bhutan's interior and its historical, religious, and natural splendour, although it lacks the global popularity of Paro Airport.

  • Type of Airport: Domestic Airport
  • Major airlines: Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines
  • Distance from the city: 5-6 km from Jakar

3. Gelephu Airport | Aerial View of Gelephu Airport Situated Amidst Greenery

Domestic airport Gelephu Airport serves as a crucial transportation link for this isolated area of Bhutan. It is situated in the country's southern part. The airport, which has a single asphalt runway, serves as a major hub for flights to Bhutan's capital, Paro. Although Paro Airport may be more well-known globally, Gelephu Airport is essential for connecting the nation's southern regions and promoting trade, tourism, and local transit. It allows visitors to discover Bhutan's diverse topography and cultural legacy outside of its more well-known attractions because it is surrounded by lush vegetation and the distinctive Bhutanese scenery.

  • Type of Airport: Domestic Airport
  • Major airlines: Druk Air
  • Distance from the city: 3-4kms from Gelephu

4. Yongphulla Airport | Aerial View of Yongphulla Airport Surrounded by Hills

Domestic Airport Yongphulla Airport is situated in Trashigang district, in the eastern part of Bhutan, amid the gorgeous surroundings. It provides connectivity to Paro Airport, facilitates necessary travel tips for Bhutan airports, and allows freight movement to the country's remote eastern regions. This airport, which only has one runway, provides the community with access to trade, medical care, and educational opportunities. Yongphulla Airport serves as a portal to discover the lesser-known yet culturally rich and beautiful landscapes of Bhutan's eastern region. Green hills and unspoiled beauty surround it.

  • Major airlines: Bhutanese Airlines, Druk Air
  • Distance from the city: 20-25 km from Trashigang

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Frequently Asked Questions About Airports in Bhutan

Q1. Which cities in Bhutan have airports that cater to domestic flights?
A1. Airports that enable Bhutan domestic flights are located in the Bhutanese cities of Paro, Jakar (Bathpalathang), Gelephu, and Trashigang (Yongphulla). Despite being smaller in size, these airports are crucial for linking different parts of the nation.

Q2. How well-connected are Bhutan's airports to international destinations?
A2. Paro Airport, the country of Bhutan's international airport, only has a few nearby nations as its main international destinations. It offers flights to Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indian cities. Although it permits foreign travel, access is still limited, and Paro serves as the primary entry point for the majority of travellers to Bhutan.

Q3. Are there any unique features or challenges associated with Bhutan's airport infrastructure?
A3. Bhutan's airport infrastructure has specific challenges because of the country's hilly geography. Particularly, Paro Airport is renowned for its difficult approach, necessitating experienced pilots. Travel within Bhutan is different and occasionally logistically challenging due to the few airports and flight time constraints.

Q4. What is the primary international airport that travellers use to access Bhutan?
A4. Paro Airport serves as Bhutan's main international airport. It connects the nation to a few international locations, mostly in nearby nations, and in the Paro Valley.

Q5. Should travellers know about any regulations or procedures specific to Bhutanese airports?
A5. Visitors to Bhutan must be informed of the country's special rules. They demand a visa, a daily rate, and reservations through authorised travel operators. Since Paro Airport has only one runway and is a difficult approach, flying to Bhutan is unique.

Q6. How is the experience of flying into Bhutan different from other countries?
A6. Bhutan's hilly terrain makes for a unique experience when arriving by flight. Pilot precision is required to approach Paro Airport, which offers passengers breathtaking Himalayan views. In addition to the country's limited international connectivity and visa and tariff policies, Bhutan offers a distinctive travel experience.

Q7. What transportation options are available for travellers arriving at Bhutanese airports?
A7. The transportation options available to visitors arriving at airports in Bhutan include shuttle services, taxis, and rental automobiles. For example, cabs are easily accessible in Paro, and some hotels provide airport transportation. However, it's best to plan transportation through tour companies, especially for trips that take visitors to all of Bhutan's distinctive areas.

Q8. Are there any plans for the expansion or development of airports in Bhutan?
A8. Bhutan had plans to improve the infrastructure at its airports, especially at Gelephu and Bathpalathang. These additions were made in order to allow bigger planes and improve regional connectivity. However, it's best to verify with Bhutan's civil aviation authorities or pertinent news sources for the most recent updates.

Q9. How does Bhutan's geographical terrain impact its airport locations?
A9. Bhutan's airport placements are substantially influenced by the country's rocky, mountainous environment. Paro and Bathpalathang airports are tucked away in valleys, whereas Yongphulla and Gelephu are strategically positioned on level terrain. Due to the geography, precise airport planning and piloting abilities are required, which makes approach and landing difficult but rewarding.

Q10. What nearby attractions or destinations can travellers explore after arriving at Bhutan's airports?
A10. There are many things available for visitors to experience once they arrive at Bhutan's airports. Each offers distinctive insights into Bhutan's rich culture and stunning natural surroundings, including the well-known Tiger's Nest Monastery in Paro, historical attractions in Bathpalathang (Jakar), access to wildlife-rich areas in Gelephu, and traditional marketplaces and lovely surroundings in Yongphulla (Trashigang).


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