3 Basics of Puneet Verma - Minimalism, Simplicity and Traveling Light

There is a pensive contemplative feeling for our own country. No matter wherever we travel and wherever we settle, we always hold a special feeling for the place we hail from. This feeling keeps us connected to our roots.

Our guest, Puneet Verma, Global Business Head - Artize, is not just a head honcho but also a ravenous traveler who has traveled to almost every part of the world. In an exclusive interview with Adotrip, he has revealed his love for India, his cherished childhood memories, and how traveling with less brings massive freedom.

Read this interview and make your heart warm!

: What makes India unique from the rest of the world?

I travel for twenty days in a month and coming back to your own country is like you’re back in the real world. I am a die-hard India fan. No matter where ever I travel, the moment I land on the Indian soil, I feel less burdened and absolutely free which probably is something I miss in other countries. The warmth, the connection that I feel here is unique. I feel that the kind of liberties and comforts we have in India cannot be found in any part of the globe.

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

: One travel memory from your childhood that is close to your heart?

It may sound stereotypical but I believe, vacation spent in Nani ka Ghar is always a cherished memory of every child. I have beautiful memories of Bhopal. I remember riding pillion with my cousins and we used to drive through every narrow lane of the city. On rainy days, the city used to look mesmerizing. Bhopal is like two cities packed in one as it is split by a lake in two distinct parts that boast of a contrasting lifestyle. The north side of the city has an old world charm of serpentine alleys, old Havelis, bustling markets while the south of the city is modernized and plush. I just love the simplicity and vibe of the city, umm, nostalgic.

: India is a land of myriad festivals, which is your favorite festival?

Well, festivals are a great way to get a break from the mundane realities of life. I have always loved the winter charm of Christmas. All decked-up Christmas trees, fairy lights, chilly weather are pretty alluring. Another festival that I don’t miss is Holi. The festival of colors has some sort of a frenzied effect and no matter how old we get, we still wish a day of insanity in 365 sane days. Sometimes, being around friends and merry-making is all you need.

Intoxing insanity allows people to dream outside of the lines and we truly deserve a break to get a fresh perspective.

: A moment while traveling when you felt nothing is far?

I believe this ‘far’ word creates perplexity. Fine-tuning your brain to get accustomed to nothing is far frequency can sort this fear forever. I reside in Noida and my workplace is at Manesar which is roughly about 85 km on one side. Initially commuting 170 km was quite taxing but now Gurgaon seems close. I made peace with the arrangement and thereon it has become a joyride.

: Corporate people face a lot of stress at work. How do you unwind yourself?

Over the years I’ve learned that no matter how tough life gets, hitting the road is always a recipe for feeling great again. Whenever I am stressed out, I take a break and drive down to Kasauli. We have a family house there. This pristine hilltown is quaint and calming. It has an old school charm and is an ideal place to rejuvenate. I spend some quality time with my family, relax and then drive back home, prepared for new challenges.

Sometimes you just need to drop everything and get out.

: What is your Travel Mantra?

My Travel Mantra is very simple. Live Light, Stay Light, Travel Light. Living and traveling light is like carrying less of a burden to your body and your mind. It’s important to get out and experience different cultures of the places than to fret about the stuff you left behind in the hotel room.

Simplify. Feel Free. Experience new places. Eliminate the rest.

: Do you prefer to stay in an exotic hotel in the bustling city or a quaint resort on the outskirts?

I prefer to crash at a nice quaint resort. I enjoy the property, read some books, chill with family, bask under the sun, and occasionally step out for an excursion. I like to slow down, enjoy some me-time and of course a quality family time is really important.

A vacation brings the whole family together to annoy each other in interesting new places. Hahaha!

Rapid Fire

: Traveling solo, with your family or friends


: An Indian dish everyone must try

Chola Chawal

: Your favorite travel gadget

Phone, Ipad

: Your favorite travel app


: 3 travel essentials

Never forget the phone, never forget the charger, never forget the laptop.

: The exquisite souvenir you bought

I cannot name one. I love to carry souvenirs from every place I visit.

: Google maps or Local folks

Google maps largely. However, the last leg is always local folks.

: Travel Guide or Travel Blogs

Travel Blogs


: If you have a choice of planning a vacation free of cost with our circuit planner or you have to shell off money with a travel agent, what would you choose?

So far, the travel agent has been helping me out, however, I would try the circuit planner for my next trip. Why spend extra?

: If you wish to travel somewhere that is not known to you but you find it worth visiting by reading a travel blog. Would you go ahead and plan your holiday?

I always read travel blogs to gather information and real-time experiences before planning my trip. So yes, I buy this piece of information and I would definitely go ahead and plan my holiday.

: If you boarded the flight already and you realize that you have left your mobile phone at home. What would you do?

It would be a disaster but going back home would be a wastage of time and money. After landing, the first thing I would do is to buy a new mobile phone, get my SIM card and retrieve my contacts. Sorted as it sounds!

: If you get 15 days off from your busy corporate life, which part of India would you like to cover, and why?

Without any second thought, I would pack my bag, grab my car keys, and drive down to Leh Ladakh . I have read so much about the thrilling experiences of travelers on this enduring road trip. I know it’s bad to keep a vacation waiting, just waiting to get lucky!

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

Puneet Verma - Global Business Head - Artize at Jaquar & Co Pvt Ltd is a prolific retailer and Business Strategist who has an experience spanning around two decades. He focuses on possibilities and solutions to create winning business plans. Implying his expertise to decode life, he surely has winning solutions for every situation. Professional or Personal, simplifying life is his forte. So sorted, isn't he?

Planning to pack your bags? Source some inspiration from intriguing travel stories in our Trip Talkies section. Happy reading and Stay tuned to Adotrip. Nothing is far!


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