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Zanskar is one of the ancient Buddhist Kingdoms located in the sub-district of Kargil district, of Ladakh. Zanskar valley is located in the interiors of the Ladakh region and is often flocked by biking enthusiasts for rides on wide roads set amidst vast landscapes. Apart from the bikers, regular tourists also love to travel here mainly for its natural beauty and monasteries. This valley is an unexplored place, that one would love to admire for the presence of high mountains, raw landscape and magnificent rivers. Zanskar has over the years become a perfect holiday destination for adventure junkies.

History of Zanskar Valley 

The valley is located at 7700 meters above the sea level and covers an area of about 7000 square kilometres. The oldest monuments present in and around the valley belong to the Kushan dynasty. The people of this dynasty were the followers of Buddhism; historians even claim that during the 8th century, Buddhism was at its peak in these regions. By the end of the 11th century, Zanskar had two monasteries out of which one was known as Phugtal while the other was known as Karsha.

Later in the 15th-century, it came under Ladakh. During and also after India’s independence, conflicts regarding the borders among India, Pakistan and China kept making headlines time and again. Amid this tensed scenario, Ladakh lost a major portion of its area to Pakistan and China. 

Today, Zanskar valley is a popular tourist destination in the newly formed Union Territory Ladakh. People from all over the country arrive here to enjoy camping trekking and other adventure sports. Apart from adventure enthusiasts, Buddhist followers, monks, and tourists in general also visit Zanskar to experience its pollution-free environment and its unexplored beauty. 

Top Attractions in and Around Zanskar Valley

Nimu Village. Nimu is a beautiful small village that is located at a distance of approximately 45 km from Leh. One of the major attractions of this place is that it creates a mystic scenery with the confluence of River Indus and Zanskar. Tourists often sit here for hours to gaze at this beautiful union and feel the divine calm in the environment.   

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Drang Drung Glacier. Drang Drung is the largest glacier in Ladakh and is accessible by a road that lets you enjoy the spectacular sights covered with snow. The best time to visit this glacier is between June and August. 

Phuktal Monastery. One has to travel on foot to reach the Phuktal monastery. The journey to the monastery is fun and refreshing because you get to witness the surreal views of the valley on the way.  

Zangla. The trekking lovers will love this beautiful place named Zangla. It is the major trek place that lets you explore your trekking mania.

Pensi La Pass. The pass has nature in abundance and it separates Zanskar valley and Suru valley. The pass is prominently known for being a campsite for trekkers. What makes this pass beautiful is flowing rivers and glaciers on both sides of the pass. 

Things to do in Zanskar Valley

Sightseeing, Exploring and Photography. Zanskar valley is home to magnificent glaciers, streams, landscapes, and meadows. Tourists who visit the valley often indulge in relaxing activities such as sightseeing, and photography to rejuvenate themselves and capture the surreal views. Every view in the valley is a picture-perfect frame and is worthy of capturing in the camera. 

Trekking. Zanskar is a heaven for tourists and specifically for the adventure seekers. Not just Zanskar, the entire Ladakh is identified as a heavenly place for adventure enthusiasts. Tourists often visit Zanskar to enjoy trekking in its raw and natural ambience. 

Best Time to Visit Zanskar Valley

The best time to visit Zanskar valley is between July to August as the weather during this time is quite pleasant. The weather is clear and apt to explore and roam around in these months. Visiting the place in other months and especially between December and February is not a good idea because the valley receives heavy snowfall and at times the roads get blocked due to the accumulation of snow or severe climatic conditions. 

How to Reach Zanskar Valley

By Air. The Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport of Leh is the only airport in Leh. After reaching the airport, you can take the regular local buses that will take you to the Zanskar Valley. Direct and connecting flights from all over India arrive at this airport, hence one will not find it difficult to find flights or make reservations.  

By Rail. The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi. From there, you can take a local/private bus or taxi to reach your desired location in Zanskar Valley. The Jammu Tawi train station receives trains from all major cities and states of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Pune, and many northeastern states. 

By Road. It is best to reach the Zanskar Valley from Kargil. The distance between Kargil and Zanskar Valley is almost 250 kilometres. So, you can first reach Kargil and hire any SUV to reach Zanskar Valley. Biking enthusiasts from all parts of the country go on road trips to several tourist spots in Ladakh and Zanskar is one such spot. From Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru one has to cover nearly 1200, 2600, 2700, and 3400km respectively to reach Zanskar valley.   

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