Ajay Kashyap
2023-10-10 12:43:59

Which place is famous for Dussehra?

2023-10-18 12:14:45

Dussehra is a major Hindu festival celebrated throughout India, but there are several places in India where Dussehra is particularly famous and renowned for its grand celebrations. Some of the most famous places for Dussehra celebrations in India include:

Mysore, Karnataka: Mysore is known for its grand Dussehra celebrations, which include a stunning procession with a beautifully decorated elephant carrying the idol of the goddess Chamundeshwari. The Mysore Dussehra festivities are a major tourist attraction.

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh: The Kullu Dussehra is celebrated with much enthusiasm and features a week-long fair with cultural performances and processions. It is one of the most vibrant and colorful Dussehra celebrations in the Himalayan region.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: In Varanasi, Dussehra is celebrated with special prayers, music, and cultural events. The effigies of Ravana, Meghnad, and Kumbhakarna are burnt to symbolize the victory of good over evil.

Kota, Rajasthan: Kota is known for its unique Dussehra celebrations, which involve the use of mirrors and lights to create spectacular displays and decorations.

Kolkata, West Bengal: In Kolkata, Dussehra is celebrated as part of the larger Durga Puja festival. Elaborate idols of Goddess Durga are immersed in the Ganges River on Dashami, marking the end of the festival.

These are just a few of the many places where Dussehra is celebrated with great fervor and excitement in India. Each region may have its own traditions and ways of marking the festival, but the common theme is the victory of good over evil, symbolized by the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana.


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