Jenna Mason
2023-09-06 17:57:41

where are garo hills located ?

2023-10-20 16:00:09

The Garo Hills are located in the northeastern part of India, primarily in the state of Meghalaya. The Garo Hills are one of the three prominent hilly regions in Meghalaya, the other two being the Khasi Hills and the Jaintia Hills. These hills are part of the Garo-Khasi range, which extends from the Indian state of Assam into the Garo Hills region of Meghalaya and further into Bangladesh.

The Garo Hills are known for their lush green landscapes, dense forests, and the predominantly Garo tribal population. Tura is the largest town and administrative center in the Garo Hills. The region is characterized by its rich biodiversity, and it is a popular destination for nature lovers and tourists interested in experiencing the unique culture and traditions of the Garo people.


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