Clark Higgins
2023-09-06 17:57:41

what is the traditional dress of japan ?

2023-09-18 17:10:49

List of Japanese traditional dress and wearing occasions 

♥ Kimono - Traditional Japanese dress worn by both men and women on formal occasions

♥ Yukata - A summer kimono, usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, worn at summer festivals and firework shows

♥ Komon - Kimono with small, repeated patterns all over the fabric, worn for casual outings or at home

♥ Furisode - Long-sleeved kimono worn by unmarried women, usually very colorful and decorated

♥ Kitsuke/Iromuji - Simple, solid color kimono suitable for tea ceremonies, flower arranging, or other traditional arts

♥ Haori - Hip- or thigh-length kimono jacket worn over kimono by both genders

♥ Hakama - Divided or undivided skirt worn over kimono, traditionally worn by men but now also by women

♥ Getas - Wooden sandals worn with kimono, with or without tabi socks

♥ Tabi - Ankle-high, split-toe socks worn with kimono and getas

♥ Kanzashi - Hair ornaments like hairpins worn in traditional hairstyles with kimono

♥ Obi - Kimono sash tied around the waist, decorative and helps hold kimono closed

♥ Zōri - Flat, thonged sandals made of cloth, leather, vinyl, felt, or lacquered wood

♥ Fundoshi - Traditional loincloth underwear worn by men underneath kimono

♥ Montsuki kimono - Formal kimono with family crests on the chest, shoulders and back for men

♥ Susoyoke - Short vest like garment worn by young children (both girls and boys) together with kimono

♥ Happi coat - Short cotton jacket embroidered with family crest, worn during festivals

♥ Jinbaori/Kataginu - Armoured sleeveless jackets worn over armor by samurai


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