Sachin Sahu
2023-10-18 12:11:00

How can you extend a tourist visa in Japan?

2023-10-20 16:07:14

Plan Ahead: You should apply for an extension well in advance of your current visa's expiration date. It's recommended to apply at least a month before your visa expires.

Eligibility: Not everyone is eligible for a tourist visa extension. The decision is at the discretion of the immigration authorities. Extensions are generally granted in cases of illness, accident, or other unavoidable circumstances that prevent you from leaving the country.

Application Form: You would need to fill out the Application for Extension of Period of Stay. You can obtain this form at the nearest Immigration Bureau or download it from their website.

Required Documents: The specific documents required may vary, but in general, you would need to provide documents supporting your reason for the extension, such as medical certificates, letters explaining your circumstances, or any other relevant documentation. You will also need to provide your passport and residence card.

Visit the Immigration Bureau: You'll have to visit your local Immigration Bureau with your application and documents. Depending on your location, you might need to make an appointment or show up during specified hours. It's important to go to the correct office that serves your area.

Payment: You will be required to pay a fee for the extension. The fee depends on the length of the extension requested.

Interview: Immigration authorities might conduct an interview to further evaluate your situation and your need for the extension.

Wait for the Decision: After submitting your application and going through the process, you'll have to wait for the immigration authorities to make a decision. This can take several weeks.

Pick Up Your Extension: If your extension is approved, you will need to visit the Immigration Bureau again to pick up your new residence card, which will show the extended visa period.


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