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Are you looking for that perfect location which has everything regarding comfort? If yes, then Ukhrul is that for you. It has hills, valleys, waterfalls, streams and what not. The nature lover in you will go a notch higher once you visit the place for real. There are so many attractions like the Khangkhui cave, Kachourphung lake and so much more. Ukhrul is a town in the Ukhrul district in the state of Manipur and is also known as Hunphun locally. The district is the administrative headquarters of the nearby villages and there are also four sub-divisions under it which regulate those villages. Ukhrul, however, is a beautiful town which is covered all sides by mountains, amazing forests with wildlife worth seeing. The town is enriched by tribal inhabitants and their culture and traditions fill life in the town. The place is simply mesmerizing, and the tribal people are friendly and kind which makes it a unique experience to go and live their life for a while. The atmosphere is so enchanting and serene that the tourists will fall in love with its simplicity and the calmness in its ambience.

Places to visit in Ukhrul

Khayang Peak

The Khayang Peak is the largest peak situated in the Ukhrul district. It has an altitude of around 3,114 metres in height. If you visit this peak then you would be bestowed with a number of picturesque and scenic views of nature’s delight. What is quite good is the fact that you can also participate in trekking activities along the way.

Shirui Kashong Peak

The reason that this peak is somewhat more popular among the tourists might be because of the fact that it is quite easily accessible for the tourists as compared to Khayang Peak. And what is quite interesting about this place is the fact that here you will also be finding a lot of plants and herbs.

Khangkhui Cave

This main ingredient with which this cave has been made of the limestones! This cave consists of two large chambers along with five tunnels. Furthermore, there are just too many legends behind this cave which are interesting and at the same time a little scary as well. For instance, it is believed that the hall is the place where the king used to have all his important meetings and discussions.

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Things to do in Ukhrul

Visit Nillai Tea Estate

The Nillai Tea Estate is one of the best places which you must definitely visit. This place is where green tea is grown, hand-picked and then sun-dried as well. The greenery which you will be experiencing here is definitely a treat to the eyes.

Kachouphung Lake

This lake is specifically known for its novel beauty. And what is really interesting fact to know about this place is that its shape resembles the map of India. In this lake, you will also be finding a great variety of fish which can be used for activities like pisciculture.

Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake

This lake covers an immense area of around 9 acres in length. It is situated close by the Kachouphung Lake. If you want to experience some really amazing views of nature during the serene evenings then this place must be on your travel bucket list.

Events and festivals in & around Ukhrul

Shirui Lily Festival

This festival consists of demonstrating the ancient remnants of the traditions as well as the culture of Ukhrul. During this festival cultural shows, live music, folk songs form an indelible part of this festival.

Chumpha Festival

You can compare the Chumpha festival with the Thanksgiving festival and is celebrated in the post-harvest season. During this festival, it is the women who carry most of the rituals and as for the men they mostly stay outside of their homes. Read More...


Celebrated in the month of January this festival is particularly for the dead. And an interesting ritual which is performed during this festival is the dance of the dead.

Best time to visit Ukhrul

Ukhrul can be visited just about any time of the year. However, if you are still looking for the aptest times to visit this place then the months of April and June and then October and

February would be the most suitable time to make your visit.

How to reach Ukhrul?

By Air – The nearest airport is situated in Imphal. From there you will have to take a bus or a cab to travel.

By Road – From Dimapur, you can easily get a cab or a bus to travel to this place. The overall connectivity via roads to this place is quite good thus it won’t be much of a problem if you plan to visit this place by your own vehicle as well.

By Train – The nearest railway station is located in Dimapur which is at a distance of around 210 kilometres.

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