An unforgettable holiday getaway and an adorable city with good feels is how we can best describe Thoubal; a district situated in Manipur. 

This place is quite terrific, especially when it comes to indulging in activities like hiking, trekking and spending some really good time with your loved ones. 

Along with this, the city is also renowned for the presence of lots of temples and several lakes. With this, it won’t be wrong to recognize Thoubal as a well-packed travel getaway for travellers and tourists who have different tastes. 

It is also famous for its variety of flora and fauna. Some of the plant varieties here include pipal, khok, and tera. Bamboos and plantain can also be seen all around.

Best Time to Visit Thoubal

The best time to visit Thoubal is between the months of March and October. During this time, the overall temperature here is very pleasant for sightseeing.

History of Thoubal

In terms of history, there is not much to know about this district. All we can say is that Thoubal was founded in 1983. This was a time when Thoubal, a sub-division of former Manipur Central District along with its administrative units was transferred to form a completely new district. 

Later on, i.e. by November of 1983, this district was divided into Thoubal and Kakching sub-divisions which mainly comprised of Kakching and Waikhong Tahsils (administrative units). Currently, there are a total of three subdivisions in Thoubal district namely Thoubal, Lilong and Kakching.

Major Attractions in and Around Thoubal

1. Ikop Pat

If you love to explore new places then you should not miss out on Ikop which is a very beautiful lake in Thoubal. It is situated at an altitude of around 772m and is in the shape of a basin. The tantalizing aura of this place will win your heart away.

2. Khongjom War Memorial Complex

The complex holds a very significant place in the history of Manipur. This is the site where Major Paona Brajabasi along with his soldiers and many other freedom fighters had fought against the British invasion which unfortunately ended in complete British control over Manipur.

3. Pumlen

The other name for this freshwater lake is Pumlen Pa. It is interesting to know that this lake spreads over an area of 19 sq km and is covered by phumdis (floating islands) which has a strong resemblance to the surroundings of Loktak Lake.

4. Matai Garden

The impressive stretch of lush greenery of this garden will make you want to come here again and again. Also, popularly known as the Ibudhou Asheiningthou Garden, it was named after Ibudhou Asheiningthou, a local God.

5. Kangla Fort

The Kangla Fort is one of the oldest palaces situated in Imphal. Kangla means dry land. This magnificent piece of architecture, in its essence, signifies the glory of Manipur’s history. Historically, speaking, this fort dates back to 33 AD, a time when the king of Manipur Nongda Lairen Pakhangba had ascended the throne.

How to Reach Thoubal

If you love to travel to places with peaceful vibes quite often, then it is time to add Thoubal to your travel list. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in northeastern India and is located at a distance of about 2,411, 3,257, 1,513, 3,456 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can reach Thoubal.

By Air

The nearest airport is the Imphal International Airport (IMF) aka Bir Tikendrajit Airport situated 20-30 km away. However, if you want you can also deboard at Dimapur Airport (DMU) as a second option. Both the airports have overall good connectivity with other Indian cities via regular and connecting flights. The Imphal Airport has been well connected via major airlines like IndiGo, Alliance Air, AirAsia, Air India and many others.  

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Imphal

By Train

The nearest train station is the Dimapur Railway Station situated 200-250 km away. The station has overall good connectivity with neighbouring cities and states. From the station, you can easily take a taxi or a bus to reach your respective destination.

By Road

Thoubal has overall good road connectivity with fairly accessible and motorable roads and national highways. For travelling to Thoubal you can choose to book taxis or take state-run buses. If both these options don’t suit you then, you can travel at your own pace by self-driving here.

  • From Tuensang - 386 km via NH2
  • From Mokokchung - 305 km via NH2
  • From Silchar - 265 km via NH37

Frequently Asked Questions About Thoubal

Q: What are some popular tourist places in Thoubal?
A: Some popular tourist places in Thoubal include:

  • War Memorial
  • Thoubal Dam
  • Khongjom War Memorial
  • Loktak Lake
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park

Q: What are some must-see places in Thoubal?
A: Some must-see places in Thoubal include:

  • War Memorial
  • Thoubal Dam
  • Khongjom War Memorial
  • Loktak Lake
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park

Q: What are some unique places to visit in Thoubal?
A: Some unique places to visit in Thoubal include:

  • Loktak Lake
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park

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