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15 Best Things To Do In Chikmagalur

15 Best Things To Do In Chikmagalur | Top Activities For Every Traveller

Ever thought of a place where green hills and coffee plantations meet? Welcome to Chikmagalur, hidden in Karnataka's Western Ghats. The best time to visit is from September to March, thanks to the perfect weather. The nearest airport is in Mangalore, making it easy to reach this nature-filled spot. There are many exciting things to do in Chikmagalur, from trekking to exploring coffee fields.

Chikmagalur is great for all, whether on a budget or looking for luxury. It's a mix of calm and fun, a must-see place. Picture yourself in beautiful scenery, drinking coffee right from the plantations. It's the perfect getaway for nature and adventure lovers!

Grab your backpacks as the real fun begins now!

Top Things To Do In Chikmagalur: Top Activities For Every Traveller

Experience the enchanting blend of adventure and peace in Chikmagalur. Dive into the Chikmagalur sightseeing guide to find the Himalayan marvels. Don't miss the unique thrill of exploring the ancient ruins of the Hoysala Empire amidst natural beauty.

  • Mullayanagiri Peak: Trekking Paradise
  • Coffee Plantation Tours: Exploring the World of Coffee
  • Baba Budangiri: History, Culture, and Stunning Views
  • Kudremukh National Park: Immersing in Biodiversity
  • Hebbe Falls: Nature's Picturesque Cascades
  • Kemmangundi: A Charm-filled Hill Station Getaway
  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: Encounter with Wildlife
  • Sringeri Sharada Peetham: Spiritual Paradise
  • Z-Point: Scenic Trekking Delight
  • Jhari Waterfalls: Refreshing Natural Pools
  • Chikmagalur Golf Club: Golfing Amidst Scenic Beauty
  • Kayaking Adventures: Embracing Water Sports
  • Coffee Museum: Discovering the History of Coffee
  • Local Shopping: Souvenirs and the Aroma of Coffee
  • Kudremukh Trek: Thrilling Adventure Trails

1. Mullayanagiri Peak | Trekking Paradise

For adventure enthusiasts, Mullayanagiri Peak stands as Karnataka's highest peak. Offering stunning trekking trails, this spot boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the Western Ghats. The trek is invigorating at 1,930 metres above sea level, and the summit rewards trekkers with an enchanting sunrise. Adventure seekers can go on Chikmagalur trekking trails around this area, providing an adrenaline rush with stunning natural panoramas.

  • Nearby Attractions: Baba Budangiri, Kavikal Gandi Viewpoint, Kemmangundi
  • Best Things to Do: Trekking, Capture Sunrise/Sunset Views, Camping
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

2. Coffee Plantation Tours | Exploring the World of Coffee

Dive into the heart of Chikmagalur's heritage with informative and captivating coffee plantation tours. These insightful tours let you witness the entire process of coffee cultivation, from the flourishing plantations to the hand-picking of ripe coffee cherries. Learn about the distinctive growing conditions that create the rich flavours of the region's renowned coffee. Experience the rich aroma and sights of Coffee Plantation Tours in Chikmagalur.

  • Nearby Attractions: Coffee Museum, Manikyadhara Falls, Hirekolale Lake
  • Best Things to Do: Coffee Picking, Guided Plantation Walks, Coffee Tasting
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year

3. Baba Budangiri | History, Culture, and Stunning Views

Steeped in history, Baba Budangiri is a range of hills that blend spiritual significance and breathtaking views. Named after the revered Sufi saint Baba Budan, this site houses ancient shrines and is a pilgrimage spot for both Hindus and Muslims. It's said that Baba Budan introduced coffee to India, making this place not just historically significant but also a cornerstone of India's coffee culture. Visitors can check out Chikmagalur trekking trails around Baba Budangiri, offering spiritual and natural experiences.

  • Nearby Attractions: Mullayanagiri Peak, Galikere Lake, Jhari Waterfalls
  • Best Things to Do: Pilgrimage, Trekking, Cave Exploration
  • Best Time to Visit: September to March

4. Kudremukh National Park | Immersing in Biodiversity

Known for its biodiverse beauty, Kudremukh National Park is a paradise for nature lovers. Trek through lush forests, witnessing diverse flora and fauna. It's a sanctuary for wildlife, including tigers, leopards, and rare species like the Malabar giant squirrel. The Kudremukh trek offers an immersive experience amid rolling hills, grasslands, and shola forests. Adventurous activities near Chikmagalur include exploring the Kudremukh trek and immersing in the park's rich biodiversity.

  • Nearby Attractions: Hanuman Gundi Falls, Kadambi Waterfall, Kalasa
  • Best Things to Do: Wildlife Spotting, Trekking, Bird Watching
  • Best Time to Visit: October to May

5. Hebbe Falls | Nature's Picturesque Cascades

Tucked away amidst pristine natural surroundings, Hebbe Falls is a cascading wonder. The journey to these falls involves a thrilling trek, with the reward being the picturesque view of water plunging from a height of around 168 metres. The falls are a sight to behold during the monsoon season when they swell, offering a captivating experience for those seeking nature's peaceful beauty. Visitors can opt for camping in Chikmagalur near Hebbe Falls, indulging in the breathtaking natural beauty.

  • Nearby Attractions: Z-Point, Kemmangundi, Baba Budangiri
  • Best Things to Do: Trek to Falls, Photography, Nature Walks
  • Best Time to Visit: August to December

6. Kemmangundi | A Charm-filled Hill Station Getaway

This charming hill station, perched at 1434 metres, is a wonderful retreat. The landscaped gardens, breathtaking views, and colonial-era architecture create a unique ambience. The Rose Garden and Z-Point viewpoint offers postcard-perfect vistas of the verdant valleys. You can search for the best homestays for a weekend in Chikmagalur around Kemmangundi to provide an opportunity to enjoy the picturesque charm of the region.

  • Nearby Attractions: Hebbe Falls, Z-Point, Kalhatti Falls
  • Best Things to Do: Sightseeing, Trekking, Rose Garden Visit
  • Best Time to Visit: September to May

7. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary | Encounter with Wildlife

Home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, and rare bird species, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary's undulating terrain and diverse ecosystems make it an ideal place for a safari adventure. The Bhadra River adds to the allure, offering opportunities for boating and bird-watching. Chikmagalur sightseeing guide includes the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary for an up-close encounter with nature's marvels.

  • Nearby Attractions: Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhadra Dam, Kalasa
  • Best Things to Do: Safari, Bird Watching, Nature Photography
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

8. Sringeri Sharada Peetham | Spiritual Paradise

A spiritual pilgrimage, Sringeri Sharada Peetham is an ancient monastery dedicated to Goddess Sharada. The architecture, adorned with intricate carvings, reflects the site's rich heritage and spiritual essence. Pilgrims and tourists flock here to seek blessings and admire the calm surroundings. Chikmagalur tourist spots encompass the spiritual paradise of Sringeri Sharada Peetham, inviting visitors to see its cultural heritage.

  • Nearby Attractions: Agumbe, Kigga, Sirimane Falls
  • Best Things to Do: Spiritual Visit, Temple Exploration, Scenic Views
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year

9. Z-Point | Scenic Trekking Delight