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Shekhawati Rajasthan

Shekhawati Tourism | The Land of Rich Heritage And Architectural Splendours

Shekhawati, lying in a triangle between Delhi, Jaipur, and Bikaner, is a land peppered with beautiful frescoes, magnificent havelis, reservoirs, incredible cenotaphs, beautiful temples, and deep wells. Shekhawati, Rajasthan comprises Jhunjhunu and Sikar districts. The countryside is arid, vast, and almost monochromatic, with the exception of Aravalli Range that dissects the Shekhawati circuit diagonally, showing its rough and jagged edges here and there. Inhabitants of this area have always been great admirers and patrons of art and culture, which is evident in its vibrantly coloured and frescoed havelis and citadels. It is as if they tried to compensate for the lack of color in the landscape of their homeland with a colorful montage of intricate designs on the walls of their homes. Another aspect that makes Shekhawati famous is it's well-known, reputed, and flourishing merchant community. If you wish to see different aspects of. 

Rajasthan in its purest form, plan a trip to this gorgeous region and enjoy the vibrancy and upbeat ambiance of this place. Have a look at some of the best places to visit in Shekhawati and see how this place entices you to stay back and spend days together exploring this black and white image coming alive with colorful frescoes.

Check out this blog to know more about the top 10 places to visit in the Shekhawati region endowed with striking elements that make them stand apart from other places in the vicinity.

1. Samode

When visiting this place for the first time, it may appear as a ghost settlement but in reality it is a world waiting to be explored and enjoyed. The major attraction of this town is the famous and most luxurious Samode Palace. 42 km from Jaipur, this palace and its adjacent garden seems to be an oasis in otherwise arid landscape. Diwan-i-khas of the palace is particularly attractive with its magnificent wall paintings and intricate mirror work. Now a heritage hotel, this palace was a Rajput Fort built in the 16th Century. The unique blend of Mughal and Rajput architectural style is evident. The other areas of the palace worth exploring are Sultan Mahal, Durbar Hall, and Sheesh Mahal. Shekhawati tourism seems to start from this place.

Main Attractions of Samode. Samode Bagh, Samode Palace, Samode Fort, Samode Haveli, and Govind Dev Ji Temple.

2. Sikar

An integral part of the Shekhawati Circuit, Sikar is known for its magnificent clock tower and delightful Biyani Havelis. One of the havelis is painted only in blue color, reminiscent of the typical blue and white porcelain of China. There is a Jubilee Hall, Sikar Fort, and a palace that has turned into a temple. The fort is lying in ruins but its meandering stone ramps and chevroned patterns lead directly to the private terraces. The fretted windows and frescoed walls leave the visitors awestruck with its sheer beauty.

Main Attractions of Sikar. Harshnath Temple, Khatu Shyam ji Temple, Jeen Mata Mandir, Shyam Kund, Sikar Fort, Biyani Havelis, Clock Tower.

3. Nawalgarh

Founded by Nawal Sigh in 1737, it is a fascinating town with hundreds of old and new painted havelis. The other attractions that one must explore and check out are the British Clock Tower, Roop Niwas, Saat Haveli and more. This town is very popular because Indian merchants hailing from this area are some of the most successful merchants in the country and abroad. Take a stroll through the streets of this town and you will find a lot of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. The multi-headed lingam in the Shiva Temple, an incredible looking cenotaph, the frescoed telephone exchange, and a colorful bazaar surrounding the old fort area.

Major Attractions of Nawalgarh. The Poddar Haveli, the Morarka Haveli, Science Park Nawalgarh.

4. Dundlod

It is a quaint and very charming town, lying in the heart of the Shekhawati region. The cultural heritage of this place is evident in its magnificent palaces, forts, and baolis. The rugged fort of Dundlod is one of the most stunning properties in the town, attracting loads of tourists. The fort today houses European-style portraits, well-stocked library, and magnificent chandeliers. Tourists can stay in this place that is decorated with four-poster beds and imitation European furniture. The stunning Goenka Haveli is another attraction that you should not miss. The walls of the haveli narrate the stories of Dhola Maru and other heroes and heroines of Rajasthani heritage, depicted beautifully in wall paintings.

Major Attractions of Dundlod. Badalgarh Fort, Goenka Haveli, Fort of Dundlod, Satyanarayan Temple, Jagathia Haveli.

5. Mandawa

After making a journey through dusty roads of Shekhawati region, Mandawa seems to rise like a mirage. Known for its magnificent mediaeval fort built in 1750, it is the major attraction for the visitors. The entrance is a spectacular arched gateway painted in vibrant colors with Lord Krishna’s images. Three huge gates lead to the cannon-guarded fort interiors. The décor of the rooms have retained the medieval flavour. Enjoy camel riding around the fort area, which is one of the best things to do in Shekhawati. The Castle Mandawa is another attraction that commands breathtakingly beautiful views of the semi-arid plains. Its beautiful frescoed walls leave you awestruck with its sheer beauty. When staying in the castle, one can experience the timelessness of the desert that envelops the town in a gentle embrace.

Major Attractions of Mandawa. Frescoed Hvelis of Goenka’s, Saraf’s, and Chokhanis, Castle Mandawa, Open Art Gallery (painted and frescoed shops and homes)

6. Laxmangarh

Laxmangarh is a small town peppered with old havelis or mansions and a rugged fort. The walls of these mansions are beautifully frescoed. Built in 1862 atop a hill by Rao Raja of Sikar Laxman Singh, the fort looks majestic when seen from afar. A lot of temples in the area add a unique spiritual and religious touch.

Major Attractions of Laxmangarh. Bansidhar Rathi Haveli, Sawant Ram Chokhani Haveli, Kedia Haveli, Char Chowk Haveli, Sanganeria Haveli.

7. Khetri

Located in the Jhunjhunu District, Khetri is another marvellous part of the Shekhawati region. The town is famous for its magnificent frescoes that seems to be the highlight of the structures all across the Shekhawati region. Explore the gorgeous Bhopalgarh Fort and the serene Raghunath Temple. The view of the town from the ramparts of the fort are awe-inspiring to say the least. The place is also known for its copper deposits.

Major Attractions of Khetri. Panna Lal Shah Ka Talab, Sukh Mahal, Baghor Fort, Bassi.

8. Mahansar

This lovely place is famous for its room decked completely in gold and referred to as the Sone Chandi ki haveli. As per the ancient texts, this room was the showroom of erstwhile goldsmiths in the town. As a result, this exquisite room is completely painted in gold.

Major Attractions in Mahansar. Sahajram Poddar Chhatri, Raghunath Temple.

9. Mukundgarh