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Places to Visit Near Shimla

21 Best Places To Visit Near Shimla : Snowy Bliss In The Hills

Shimla offers more than just its picturesque colonial architecture against the stunning backdrop of the snow-covered Himalayas. It goes beyond the iconic Bollywood scenes filmed on Mall Road and the historic boarding schools that dot the town. Venture into the higher reaches of the Shimla region, and you'll discover the thrill of skating on natural ice and the exhilaration of witnessing the MTB Himalaya, Southeast Asia's largest mountain biking race.

Embark along the UNESCO heritage railway route to Shimla, and you'll experience sights and sounds like never before. Packed with family-friendly getaways near Shimla, the destination has much to offer! Take a dekko at some of the most fascinating places to visit near Shimla!

List Of 21 Best Places To Visit Near Shimla

  • Shoghi | Nature's Serene Hideaway
  • Mashobra | Tranquil Mountain Retreat
  • Kufri | Snowy Bliss in the Hills
  • Fagu | Elevated Paradise
  • Naldhera | Golf and Greenery Await
  • Theog | Scenic Beauty Unveiled
  • Chail | Royalty in the Hills
  • Solan | Gateway to Lush Landscapes
  • Barog | A Tranquil Escape
  • Tattapani | Hot Springs and More
  • Narkanda | Hilltop Haven
  • Kasauli | Charming Hillside Delight
  • Parwanoo | Gateway to Natural Beauty
  • Chindi | Discover Hidden Treasures
  • Nahan | Tranquility Beckons
  • Shoja | Secluded Mountain Retreat
  • Sirmour | Scenic Sirmour Awaits
  • Jibhi | Journey to Serenity
  • Tirthan Valley | Riverside Bliss
  • McLeodganj | Magic in the Mountains
  • Manali | Adventure Awaits

1. Shoghi | Nature's Serene Hideaway

Shoghi is a nature lover's haven nestled amidst lush forests and rolling hills. It's a place where the songs of birds are your morning alarm and the scent of pine trees your daily perfume. Tranquillity reigns supreme, making it the perfect escape from the chaos of city life. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Shoghi and rediscover the calm that nature graciously offers.

  • Distance from Shimla- 9 km
  • Major Attractions- Jakhoo Temple, Kiala Forest, Tara Devi Temple, Himalayan Bird Park, Hanuman Temple, Tara Devi
  • Best Time to Visit- March to June and September to November

2. Mashobra | Tranquil Mountain Retreat

Mashobra, a picturesque mountain retreat, beckons with its serene ambience. Here, time slows down to the rhythm of nature's symphony. The majestic mountains, pristine forests, and cool mountain air create a soothing atmosphere ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you seek solitude or adventure, Mashobra offers a tranquil escape from the world's demands.

  • Distance from Shimla- 10 km
  • Major Attractions- Wildflower Hall, Mashobra Greens, Carignano Nature Park, Mahasu Peak, Mashobra Valley
  • Best Time to Visit- April to June

3. Kufri | Snowy Bliss in the Hills

Kufri, a winter wonderland perched in the hills, is a paradise for snow enthusiasts. Blanketed in glistening white, it offers exhilarating experiences like skiing and snowboarding. As you glide down the snow-covered slopes, you'll feel like you're in a dream. Beyond the snow, Kufri's scenic beauty and charming landscapes make it one of the best romantic destinations close to Shimla for those seeking snowy bliss and love in the hills.

  • Distance from Shimla- 15 km
  • Major Attractions- Kufri Fun World, Himalayan Nature Park, Mahasu Peak, Indira Tourist Park, Green Valley
  • Best Time to Visit- April to June and December to February

4. Fagu | Elevated Paradise

Fagu, an elevated paradise, takes you closer to the heavens. Surrounded by towering deodar trees and picturesque vistas, this small hamlet offers an elevated experience in the lap of nature. The air is crisp, the views breathtaking, and the serenity unmatched. Fagu is where you can escape the mundane and find solace in the tranquil beauty at a higher altitude.

  • Distance from Shimla- 18 km
  • Major Attractions- Kufri, Hatu Peak, Fagu Valley, Apple Orchards, Winter Sports
  • Best Time to Visit- January to March

5. Naldhera | Golf and Greenery Await

Naldhera, a quaint town known for its golf course, welcomes you with open arms. It's a golfer's paradise, surrounded by lush greenery and pine forests. The 18-hole golf course offers a challenging game and stunning views of the Himalayas. Whether you're a golfer or simply a nature enthusiast, Naldhera promises a unique blend of outdoor recreation and natural beauty that awaits your exploration.

  • Distance from Shimla- 23 km
  • Major Attractions- Naldhera Golf Course, Shaily Peak, Tattapani, Nag Temple, Mashobra
  • Best Time to Visit- April to June

6. Theog | Scenic Beauty Unveiled

Theog, a hidden gem in the Himalayas, reveals breathtaking scenic beauty at every turn. Verdant valleys, rolling hills, and pristine forests create a mesmerising tapestry. As you explore the winding roads, you'll be treated to panoramic vistas that seem straight out of a postcard. Theog unveils nature's artistry in all its glory, inviting you to immerse yourself in its serene and picturesque landscapes.

  • Distance from Shimla- 27 km
  • Major Attractions- Jakhoo Temple, Kiala Forest, Tara Devi Temple, Himalayan Bird Park, Hanuman Temple, Tara Devi
  • Best Time to Visit- October and November

7. Chail | Royalty in the Hills