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Imambara Lucknow

Facts and History Of Bada Imambara Lucknow: The Gravity Defying Palace in Lucknow

Located in Machchhi Bhavan, Bada Imambara is one of the major attractions of Lucknow that pulls massive crowds from all over the world. The architectural brilliance of Bara Imambara aka Asfi Mosque is a living example of the best gravity-defying structures, not only in India but the entire world. 

Bara Imambara was built by the fourth Nawab of Awadh, Asaf-ud-Daula in 1784 when science was not studied in classrooms but it’s quite intriguing to discover the genius imagination of the architects who designed this masterpiece. An epitome of inventions by the human race, the architectural finesse is what defines Bara Imambara.

Bara Imambara was designed by Kifayat-Ullah who was the relative of Ustad-Ahmad Lahori, the main architect of The Iconic Taj Mahal. As the meaning of Bara Imambara suggests, ‘Bara’ is big and ‘Imambara’ signifies a shrine, there are a lot of elements to be discovered in this huge monument of Lucknow. 

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Mind-Blowing Facts Of Bara Imambara

This enigmatic monument in Lucknow has always been a center of interest for science aficionados. Boasting Arabic and European radiance, the magnificent structure of Bara Imambara challenges the notion of gravity.

The architecture of Lucknow ka Bada Imambara

The architecture of Lucknow ka Bada Imambara

One of the mystical facts of this historical site in Lucknow which catches the fancy of visitors is the classic and robust construction of its central hall. This largest vaulted chamber in the world stands on archways and no pivotal support which indeed defies the logic of gravity that pulls everything towards the center of the earth.

Another whimsical discovery that makes Bara Imambara the architectural wonder is to closely view the dexterity in building its interior galleries. The absence of woodwork, metal beams, or support wires in the entire structure of Bara Imambara marks it as the largest un-backed up structure in the world. 

Built with lakhauri brick and lime plaster, the unique material used in Bara Imambara gave way to stucco ornamentation and plaster decoration which was way different from the stone and marble monuments during the Mughal era. The intricately crafted floral motifs, false arches, domes painted on walls, columns, and ceilings speak volumes of the brilliant artistry practiced during the 18th century.

Bhool Bhulaiya in Bara Imambara

Bhool Bhulaiya in Bara Imambara

One of the biggest tourist attractions of Lucknow is Bhool Bhulaiya of the Bada Imambara. One of the most obfuscating parts of this maze-like monument is that it comprises 1024 doorways to let the visitors in and just 2 to exit. Other amazing elements to marvel in Bhool Bhulaiya are labyrinthine passages, beamless structure, mind-boggling stairways that are identical, serpentine corridors, rooftop balconies, and doorways that can put you in a tizzy. It is advised to take a tour of Bhool Bhulaiya only with an authorized guide because there are fair chances of getting lost between baffling doorways.

Asafi Mosque

Asafi Mosque

Tomb to Nawab Asaf-ud-Daul, Asif Mosque which lies on the western side of Bada Imambara is the epitome of Mughal architecture. In the center of the massive hall lies the grave and the crown of Nawab that evokes his sanctimonious presence. The whispering sounds near the balcony of this hall are quite an enigma for the visitors. As the name suggests, ‘Bara’ means big and the word ‘Imambara’ signifies shrine

Shahi Baoli in Bara Imambara

Shahi Baoli in Bara Imambara

The five-storeyed Shahi Baoli (stepwell) on the eastern side of Bara Imambara is believed to be the secret surveillance system of the Nawab and his officials. The officials used to keep an eye from the inner Eastern chamber of the well to keep the trace of visitors as it is designed with such excellence that the reflection of visitors fell on the water of the well as they maneuvered. 

Also known as Shahi Hammam, Shahi Baoli is connected to the Gomti river and 3 stories from the below remain perennially immersed in water.

Bara Imambara History

Bara Imambara

Besides the mind-blowing facts, Bara Imambara has a spectacular history to grapple the mind of curious tourists who visit this fascinating Uttar Pradesh Tourism site. The masterpiece is the labor of love of Nawab towards his countrymen. The thoughtful idea behind building this monument was none other than raising employment when the Awadh region was immensely impacted by catastrophe. 

The relief project by Asaf-ud-Daula gave employment to more than 20,000 people including rich, poor, and elite, and took 11 years to completion, exactly till the famine lasted. The poor and working-class worked on the project in the morning and all the construction done during the daytime was demolished by the elite class in the evening. 

This process ensured that everyone worked and earned their livelihood until things became normal in 1791. 

Best Time To Visit Bara Imambara

The weather between the months of October to March is pleasant in Lucknow making exploring the gems of Lucknow more enjoyable for tourists. You can visit Bara Imambara all days of the week and anytime between 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Entry Fees To Visit Bara Imambara

INR 50 per person Adult for Indian Citizens

INR 25 per child for Indian Citizens

INR 500 per person for Foreigners (inclusive of Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara, Picture Gallery, Shahi Hamam)

INR 10 for Digital Camera

INR 25 for Video Camera

By now, you know why Bara Imambara is the famous place to visit in Lucknow. Discover the interesting elements of many such intriguing monuments of India in the blogpost section of Adotrip. You can also book economical flight tickets, hotels, and tour packages. We ensure you make the best travel memories to cherish forever! With us, nothing is far!

--- Published By  Shradha Mehra

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