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10 Famous Hill stations Near Bhubaneswar Visit In 2024

Did you know that Bhubaneswar, often called the "Temple City of India," is a city where history and spirituality converge? This vibrant metropolis is home to over 700 ancient temples, each a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage. Notably, Bhubaneswar was designed to resemble Lord Shiva's trident, adding a unique geographical facet to its identity. It's also the birthplace of renowned poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore's poetry collection, "Manasi."

Bhubaneswar not only boasts of its historical grandeur but also serves as a gateway to some lesser-known hill destinations near Bhubaneswar that promise a captivating escape. These enchanting destinations offer a harmonious fusion of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. From the ancient allure of Deuli Hills to the awe-inspiring heights of Mahendragiri Hills, each place presents a unique facet of Odisha's charm. Whether you seek spiritual solace, thrilling adventures, or an escape into pristine nature, these hill stations invite you to enjoy a journey unlike any other. 

Get ready for this trip to the hill stations near Bhubaneswar, where you'll set sail on a journey that uncovers the hidden treasures of nature, culture, and history.

Immerse Yourself in the Splendour of Hill Stations Near Bhubaneswar

Are you looking for a peaceful getaway surrounded by nature's beauty and a touch of spiritual serenity? It's time to explore the charming hill stations near Bhubaneswar. We've selected some of the Best hill stations near Bhubaneswar to ensure you have a wonderful trip.

  • Deuli Hills | Temple Enigma
  • Olasuni | Mystic Retreat
  • Daringbadi | Kashmir of Odisha
  • Chandragiri Hills | Buddhist Haven
  • Taptapani | Healing Springs
  • Mahendragiri Hills | Mythic Peak
  • Barbil | Iron Beauty
  • Tensa Hills | Pristine Trek
  • Gandhamardhan Hills | Sacred Odyssey
  • Deomali | High Escapade

1. Deuli Hills | Temple Enigma

Did you know that Deuli Hills are home to ancient rock-cut temples intricately carved into the rugged terrain, dating back to the 9th century? These temples hold secrets of a bygone era, whispering tales of the past through their stone-carved artistry. What's more, the region is not only a historical treasure but also a culinary delight. Deuli Hills boast Odisha's iconic dishes, such as Dalma and Rasabali, tempting the taste buds of those who visit. This calm landscape is also a sanctuary for birdwatchers, where the melodious chirping of diverse bird species creates a symphony.

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar: 56 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Deuli Rock-Cut Temples, Bajragiri Waterfall, Harishankar Temple
  • Major Attractions: Ancient Rock-Cut Temples, Scenic Hiking Trails, Birdwatching

2. Olasuni | Mystic Retreat

Olasuni is believed to have been the dwelling place of the renowned Odia saint poet Bhima Bhoi. The mystical aura of Olasuni captivates visitors, offering a haven for spiritual solace and enlightenment. Additionally, Olasuni is celebrated for its culinary masterpiece, Chhena Poda, a delectable dessert crafted from cottage cheese and jaggery. Beyond its spiritual and gastronomic delights, Olasuni's lush greenery and landscapes provide a canvas of natural beauty that enchants all who venture here. Explore Olasuni, one of the charming hill stations within 100 km of Bhubaneswar, and enjoy its unique allure.

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar: 77 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Bhima Bhoi Samadhi Sthal, Gonasika Temple, Olasuni Hilltop
  • Major Attractions: Spiritual Serenity, Chhena Poda Delicacy, Natural Beauty

3. Daringbadi | Kashmir of Odisha

Did you know this charming hill station is often called the "Kashmir of Odisha"? The comparison arises from its striking resemblance to the picturesque landscapes of the North, complete with snowfall during the winter. But the fascinating aspect doesn't end there. Daringbadi is a visual delight and a treasure trove of biodiversity, home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The region is famous for its vibrant tribal culture, with the indigenous Kondh tribes adding to the area's rich tapestry. As you explore Daringbadi, you will be impressed not only by its natural splendour but also by its cultural and geographical uniqueness.

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar: 239 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Hill View Park, Doluri River, Daringbadi Coffee Gardens
  • Major Attractions: Snowfall in Winter, Kondh Tribal Culture, Rich Biodiversity

4. Chandragiri Hills | Buddhist Haven

Chandragiri Hills, located in the eastern ghats of Odisha, offer a glimpse into a realm of spirituality and history that's truly enchanting. Chandragiri is home to the revered Tibetan Buddhist settlement known as Jirang. This unique community preserves ancient Tibetan traditions, making it a fascinating place to explore. Beyond its spiritual allure, Chandragiri boasts amazing views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The region is also known for its delectable Tibetan cuisine, offering a culinary journey to please your taste buds.

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar: 253 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Jirang Monastery, Tenzing Norgay Rock, Chandragiri Reservoir
  • Major Attractions: Tibetan Buddhist Culture, Scenic Views, Tibetan Cuisine

5. Taptapani | Healing Springs

Taptapani gets its name from the natural hot water springs scattered across the region. These thermal springs are believed to have medicinal properties and have attracted pilgrims and travellers for centuries. Additionally, Taptapani is steeped in tribal culture, with the indigenous Saura tribe residing there. Their unique art forms, including tribal paintings, add a fascinating layer to the region's cultural landscape. Beyond the hot springs and tribal heritage, Taptapani offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and forests.

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar: 257 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Taptapani Hot Springs, Taptapani Deer Park, Taratarini Temple
  • Major Attractions: Medicinal Hot Springs, Saura Tribal Culture, Scenic Natural Beauty

6. Mahendragiri Hills | Mythic Peak

Did you know that Mahendragiri Hills have an ancient connection to the Ramayana? It is believed to be where Lord Ram performed the Ashwamedha Yagna after the defeat of Ravana. This historical and mythological significance lends an aura of reverence to the region. Moreover, Mahendragiri Hills houses the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) second satellite launch centre, making it a hub for space enthusiasts. The hills provide a vantage point for witnessing rocket launches, adding a modern touch to their heritage.

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar: 264 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Mahendragiri Temple, ISRO Launch Centre, Chingudipada Beach
  • Major Attractions: Historical and Mythological Significance, Space Launch Centre, Natural Beauty

7. Barbil | Iron Beauty

Barbil, one of the Bhubaneswar weekend getaways hill stations, earns its reputation as the "Iron Ore Capital of Odisha." This is because it's home to extensive iron ore mines, a vital resource for India's steel industry. The massive open-pit mines create a surreal, almost Martian-like landscape unlike anything else in the region. Barbil's proximity to lush forests and hills makes it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The town also has a rich tribal culture, with the indigenous people adding their unique traditions and festivals to the local tapestry.

  • Distance from Bhubaneswar: 275 km
  • Must-Visit Places: Joda Mines, Gonasika Temple, Keonjhar Forests
  • Major Attractions: Iron Ore Mines, Scenic Natural Beauty, Tribal Culture

8. Tensa Hills | Pristine Trek