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Champaner History

Champaner: A City that is all About Age-Old Architecture and Compelling History

Champaner is a historic and abandoned town situated in the Panchmahal district of Gujarat, thus, for anyone who has a sincere liking towards history, a visit to Champaner is a definite must.

Also being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Champaner holds a great prominence and a trip to this place can introduce you to some really interesting architectural wonders like mosques, temples and so much more to imbibe.

Moving on to the timings, the best time to visit Champaner would be between the months of October and February due to the overall pleasant climatic conditions.

A Bit of Champaner’s History

This city was founded by Vanraj Chavda, who was a great king hailing from the Chavda Dynasty. It is believed that he had named this city after the name of general Champa who also happened to be his good friend.

With the onset of the 15th century, the Khichi Chauhan Rajputs had the full control of Pavagadh fort. Seeing this, the then sultan of Gujarat, Mahmud Begda decided to attack this region and started marching towards it along with his army on December 4, 1482. 

Due to his greater fighting power, he was able to conquer the town and besieged the Pavagadh fort. Then, in 1535, it was Humayun who led his army to scale the fort and rule the region.

Exquisite Travel Attractions Worth Your Time in and Around Champaner

Pavagadh Fort

Constructed in the 10th century by the then King Mahmud Begda this fort is one of the oldest pieces of architecture located in Champaner. Till date, it exudes an old age charm about it. This ancient fortress only adds to the historic charm of the local landscape with its ethereal beauty.

Lakulisa Temple

Situated on the Pavagadh hill, the Lakusila temple dates back to the 10th century and is a remarkable piece of architecture established by one of the greatest revivalists of those times named Lakulisa. He belonged to the Shaivite school of belief system and was also considered as the founder of the Pashupata Shaivism.

However, as of today, the Lakulisa temple lies in ruins and is an incredible historic site to discover the ancient glory of our country.

Kalika Mata Temple