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Best Beaches In Kona

25 Best Beaches In Kona You Must Visit In 2024

Hugging Hawaii's western shore is the vibrant city of Kailua-Kona, the starting point of the mesmerising Kona Coast beaches. These shores draw globetrotters worldwide, their unrivalled uniqueness. The array caters to diverse preferences, from bustling, well-equipped beaches to wilder, more windswept expanses. Universally acclaimed is the Kona coast's unparalleled beach beauty.

Amidst coffee and shaved ice havens, the best beaches in Kona Coast boast famed coral reefs and prime snorkelling. Many beaches house on-sand rental shops, eliminating equipment concerns. Lessons and rentals extend beyond beaches, catering to snorkelling, scuba diving, and boating desires.

List Of Top 25 Stunning Beaches In Kona 

Optimal snorkelling and swimming conditions grace Kona's beaches during tranquil summer months. Enthusiasts can choose boat tours for reef exploration, from glass-bottomed vessels to in-depth submarine ventures.

Shape your coastal sojourn with our Kona beach guide, embracing the Big Island's allure.

  • Hapuna Beach | Golden Sands and Crystal Waves
  • Kua Bay | Turquoise Waters and Sandy Dreams Await at Kua Bay
  • Magic Sands | Where Sands Disappear and Dreams Emerge
  • Mauna Kea Beach | Sunsets and Serenity
  • Waikoloa Beach | Adventures on the Horizon
  • Kukio Beach | Snorkel, Sunbathe, and Discover
  • Kikaua Point | Secluded Tranquility
  • Makalawena Beach | Off the Beaten Path to Beauty
  • Mahai’ula Beach | Secluded Shores and Sandy Bliss
  • Pauoa Bay | Pauoa's Elegance
  • Ho’okena Beach | Black Sands and Calm Waters.
  • Alulua Beach | Where Nature Meets Solitude
  • Pine Trees Beach | Catch Waves and Sunsets
  • Kamakahonu Beach | Where History Meets Paradise
  • Pu’uhonua O Honaunau | Cultural Richness and Ocean Wonders Awaits
  • Two Step | Explore Two Step's Underwater Wonderland
  • Kahalu’u Beach Park | Snorkel, Swim, and Explore
  • Keiki Beach | Smiles and Shores
  • Honl’s Beach | Sunsets and Serenity
  • Spencer Beach Park | Picnic, Play, and Relax
  • Puako Bay Beach | Tide Pools and Marine Marvels
  • Lone Palm Beach | Seek Solitude Under the Lone Palm
  • Kiholo Bay | Where Fresh Meets Salt
  • Mau’umae Beach | Tide Pools and Tranquility
  • Shoreline Park | Gather, Explore, and Enjoy

1. Hapuna Beach | Golden Sands and Crystal Waves

Hailed as Kona's finest, Hapuna Beach is one of the top beach spots in Kona. It is a State Recreation Area with impeccable facilities. Amidst its tropical allure, visitors relish shaded picnics, sun-soaked relaxation, snorkelling, and festive gatherings.

  • Location: North Kona
  • Advantages: Exceptional amenities, ideal for families and groups, good snorkelling.
  • Challenges: Constantly crowded.

2. Kua Bay | Turquoise Waters and Sandy Dreams Await at Kua Bay

Kua Bay's Manini’owali Beach boasts the island's softest sands. Unlike most lava-rock-lined shores, Kua Bay invites carefree swimming and boogie boarding, coupled with remarkable sunsets and the absence of resort distractions.

  • Location: North Kona
  • Advantages: Velvety sands, spectacular sunsets, water activity haven.
  • Challenges: High footfall, limited parking and beach space.

3. Magic Sands | Where Sands Disappear and Dreams Emerge

Magic Sands Beach offers a family-friendly oasis at Kailua-Kona's edge. Palm-fringed, coarse white sands meet turquoise waters, painting a paradise portrait. Easily accessible, it stands out for its proximity, reef-free shoreline, and ease of reach. It is one of the must-visit family-friendly beaches in Kona.

  • Location: South Kona
  • Advantages: Close to Kona Town, easy access, tropical ambience, suitable for swimming.
  • Challenges: Compact and busy.

4. Mauna Kea Beach | Sunsets and Serenity

Mauna Kea Beach, nestled by Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, offers clear waters and ample space. It's a haven for families with its well-maintained beach, ideal swimming conditions, and necessary facilities.

  • Location: Kohala Coast
  • Advantages: Abundant parking, spacious white sands, family-friendly, great for swimming.
  • Challenges: Adjacent to resorts, limited shade, semi-coarse sand.

5. Waikoloa Beach | Adventures on the Horizon

Waikoloa Beach, or Anaeho’omalu Bay (A-Bay), caters to upscale visitors in the Waikoloa region. Amidst scenic beauty and coral gardens, this beach offers a quintessential tropical experience with bustling crowds, sufficient facilities, and Kona beach activities.

  • Location: Kohala Coast / Waikoloa Region
  • Advantages: Shaded sand, remarkable snorkelling, sunset views, convenient for Waikoloa stays.
  • Challenges: Somewhat coarse sand, bustling atmosphere, upscale locale.

6. Kukio Beach | Snorkel, Sunbathe, and Discover

Despite its breathtaking allure, Kukio Beach remains an oasis of solitude. In 2022, during my recent visit, a majestic sunset embraced us with only an endangered Hawaiian monk seal as a company. This tranquil haven is predominantly enjoyed by Four Seasons hotel guests and its neighbours. The lava rock shelf, though picturesque, impedes snorkelling and water activities, making it more suited for basking in the sun rather than water escapades, particularly for families or those seeking aquatic adventure.

  • Location: North Kona
  • Advantages: Serene seclusion amidst tropical beauty.
  • Challenges: Lava rock shelf hinders swimming and sand coarseness.

7. Kikaua Point | Secluded Tranquility

Kikaua Point Park seamlessly extends Kukio Beach at its southern edge. A grove of palm trees adorns the grassy knoll, providing shaded havens perfect for picturesque moments. Moreover, a petite sandy cove, sheltered by lava rock breakers, awaits waders. It is surely one of the hidden gem beaches in Kona.

This cove draws visitors for two compelling reasons: it frames classic Kona sunsets against volcanic vistas and shapes a natural wading pool ideal for young ones or tranquil water immersion.

  • Location: North Kona
  • Advantages: Cove for wading, lush palm ambience, prime sunset spot.
  • Challenges: Coarse sand, compact beach, facilities nearby, not on-site.

8. Makalawena Beach | Off the Beaten Path to Beauty

Mahai’ula and Makalawena Beaches stand as quintessential Big Island icons. They epitomise the island's uniqueness—lava rock-strewn coarse sands, crystalline waters, towering palms, and thriving foliage. A refuge for the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, they're found within Kekaha Kai State Beach.

Access requires traversing a rugged dirt road, and compliance with park hours is essential. While Hawaii's beaches are public, vehicles within the park post 7 pm may incur fines. Durable beach shoes are vital for Kekaha Kai State Park due to the rocky terrain.

  • Location: North Kona
  • Advantages: Astonishing beauty, remote charm, monk seal sightings.
  • Challenges: Tough access, early closure with enforced tickets.

9. Mahai’ula Beach | Secluded Shores and Sandy Bliss