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Hampi Festival

Hampi Festival - Activities, Important Facts

The state of Karnataka has got another pride in the form of Hampi. Karnataka is happily accepting the fact that it’s one of the best places to visit in India. The gone years in history have witnessed great health, wealth, and a rich culture that is also reflected in today’s day-to-day life of Hampi.

The Hampi festival is one of the significant festivals that elaborate the culture and treasure of the Karnataka state. This year, it starts from 9th January and runs till 11th January. The 3-day festival brings back enormous joy and exhilaration to the environment. 

One can feel the hue and significance of the festival that encourages different art forms such as music, dance, and another artistic extravaganza.

The Different activities that are organized in the Hampi Festival

Light and Sound Show

The grand festival starts with a humongous enthusiasm that will ultimately give you a sense of happiness. The decorated animals like horses, elephants, and other animals are totally the exhibitory explanation of art. The sounds of the trumpet spread a magnificent atmosphere. Indian tourism is now taking its place and get international laurels.

Different Sports

Different activities that are organized in the festival keep people enthusiastic and mesmerized. The sports activities are table tennis, volleyball, kabaddi, swimming, stone lifting, and many others.

Dance, Drama, and Singing

Another mesmerizing spectacle that will woo you throughout the journey is the different art form of Dance, Drama, and Music. Different Bollywood celebrities participate in the festival including famous singers, actors, and drama personalities. Such exaggeration of culture and ethnicity is definitely a great initiative to retain and popularize internationally. Such huge recognition aid Indian Tourism that ultimately helps in the economic growth of the country.

Important Facts About Hampi Festival 

• In the local language, it is called Vijaya Utsav or Hampi Utsav

• It is called Vijaya Utsav because the Hampi city was named as Vijayanagar Empire

• It highlights the glorious parts of India

• The renowned Bollywood singers attend the festival every year

• The Kannada and other international artists perform at the festival

Are You Up For The Festival?

The festival is one of the significant gatherings that aids Karnataka as some of the best places to visit in India. If you haven’t experienced it ever, go and explore the festival in this January 2019.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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