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Priyanka Chibber | In Conversation with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actress

A candid chat with a multifaceted person is always enriching. Well, on this note Adotrip brings to you one such heartwarming banter with popular Indian television actress, Priyanka Chibber. Right from her childhood travel memories to her all time favorite place in India, there are whole lotta unheard tales the Indian TV actress has shared for the first time. Read her exclusive interview.

Interview with Priyanka Chibber

Presenting excerpts from a heart-to-heart conversation with the most beautiful TV actress. Check out!

: What's the most fun childhood travel memory you have?

There are two prominent memories that I would like to share. One is about my maternal hometown, Allahabad. I remember going to Prayagraj, attending Ganga aarti, taking a dip in the holy river, and witnessing Sangam. All of it felt so peaceful even when I was a child. Grabbing our bags in the morning and going for darshan with cousins, it was so much fun.

Another beautiful memory etched in my heart is about Delhi. I have had some amazing times exploring the monuments, shopping at Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, picnics at India Gate, eating all possible delicious street food. I believe Delhi has so many exciting experiences to offer, no wonder it’s the capital city, the pride of India.

: If you make a travel documentary, which place would you like to endorse first?

For sure Kashmir, it is one of my favorite places which I believe is no less than heaven. It was only after visiting Kashmir with my husband, I realized that we actually have ethereal places like Switzerland in our own country. I remember waking up early in the morning during my Kashmir trip only to grab the mesmerizing view of the valley, it's surreal. I can spend endless hours gazing at the vistas, sipping on a piping hot kahwa and listening to Santoor.

Kashmir is one place where nothingness feels blissful.

: Being a food blogger, any culinary experience that inspires you?

I am a big time seeker of healthy food options at places I travel. It's surprising to discover so many healthy platters at the most unexpected places. There was this not so fancy place in Kashmir where I ordered a carrot cake with jaggery and it was surprisingly the most delicious carrot cake I could have asked for. Then there is this place in London, Pret- A-Manger which offers an array of healthy dishes to pick from. I wish we had such food joints in India as well.

I like to explore small cafes, food joints that offer local delicacies with some healthy twists. That kind of culinary experience inspires me

: You are also a wedding planner, which is your favorite wedding destination?

My personal favorite is Goa because it's the most event friendly destination in India in terms of resources, safety, fun factor and restrictions. You can procure anything even at the last minute, it's a chilled out place, people are warm, no time restrictions, you can party all night, nothing holds you back in Goa. Ambiance wise also there are options for different wedding events.

From beach side parties to the elaborate functions at the heritage property like Fort Aguada or even fun filled cruise parties, Goa is just a perfect location for a destination wedding.

: Which place you won’t mind being stranded at?

Mumbai is my pad where being stranded is also fun. From working to looking after my son, I can manage everything so easily.

: One place in India you would want your son to see?

Hands down, Kashmir because it has endless beauty and so much to discover. I would want him to see and be proud of our rich culture and diverse topography.

: One festival of India that is unique and worth witnessing?

Ganesh Chaturthi is huge for me because I am an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha. That’s one festival I wait for the entire year. Amazing vibe, hopping for darshan to friends and relatives place, beautiful pandals, excitement, these ten days of back to back fun just snap out with the blink of an eye.

: Name a person whose travel diary you would like to read?

Rick Steves, he’s the most renowned travel writer whose experiences are totally inspirational. The way he delves down in diverse cultures and encourages offbeat traveling across the globe is mind blowing.

: If you have to go on a girl’s trip, which place in India would you choose?

I would again pick Goa for a girl's trip. One - it is safe, two - I know the place really well, three - you can totally be yourself and have uninterrupted fun, four - you get amazing food. Even if I don’t booze or stuff, Goa has that irresistible party energy which is required when you are hanging out with your girl gang.

: What's your biggest fear when it comes to traveling?

I always worry about losing my luggage, I don’t know why. I have a fear of missing out on things whenever I am checking out from the hotel despite counting my luggage twice. That’s something that really bothers me.

: What's your all time favorite dish from the Indian menu?

Rajma Chawal, it’s basic and nice. Something that I can relish anytime.

: 3 things you always carry in your bag while traveling?

Lip Balm, Power bank, Hair Brush

: Who is your favorite travel buddy?

My husband is my favorite travel buddy. We both have had amazing trips together. Luckily both of us have similar preferences in terms of places we pick, food we eat and even activities we indulge in. That way, I have actually married a like minded guy. We hardly have contradictions even while planning a trip.

: What's one travel habit that you want to change?

Not one but two. I take a lot of time getting ready and I carry too many things while traveling. 40% of the stuff I carry in my luggage only occupies space. I barely use it but it has to be there. I really want to change these two habits.

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A popular Indian television actress, producer, food blogger, wedding planner, entrepreneur, mother and the most stunning wife, Priyanka Chibber Kalantri plays many roles with grace and humility. Won plaudits for her roles in popular daily soaps like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Palkon Ki Chaon Mein and Odhni Rang Badalti Odhni etc, Priyanka instantly became a TV sensation and heart throb of almost every Indian household. With many successful ventures to her credit, she certainly is an inspiration for many.

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