Ajay Kashyap
2023-10-10 12:43:59

How is Diwali celebrated in the South?

2023-10-17 14:13:11

Decorations: Homes are cleaned and adorned with colorful rangoli designs, flower petals, and traditional motifs. Oil lamps and diyas are lit to illuminate the surroundings, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness.

Prayers and Pujas: Special prayers and pujas (religious rituals) are performed at homes and in temples. Devotees seek the blessings of deities like Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth), Ganesha (the elephant-headed god), and Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge).

Traditional Sweets and Snacks: Preparing and sharing traditional sweets and savory dishes is a central part of Diwali celebrations. Different regions have their signature dishes. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, people make sweets like 'Mysore Pak' and 'Adhirasam,' while in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 'Gavvalu' and 'Ariselu' are popular.

Fireworks: Bursting fireworks is a key tradition during Diwali, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness. Families often gather to enjoy fireworks displays, making it a colorful and lively part of the celebration.

New Clothes: Wearing new clothes is a customary practice, signifying a fresh start and the importance of looking one's best on this auspicious occasion.

Community Gatherings: Diwali is a time for family and community get-togethers. Friends and relatives exchange gifts, share meals, and celebrate the festival in a spirit of togetherness.

Visiting Temples: Many people visit temples during Diwali to offer their prayers and participate in special ceremonies and aarti (prayers with oil lamps).

Dhanteras and Narak Chaturdashi: The festival often spans five days, starting with Dhanteras and Narak Chaturdashi. Dhanteras involves the purchase of gold or silver items, and Narak Chaturdashi is associated with a ritual bath before dawn.

Annakut and Govardhan Puja: In some parts of South India, especially in Gujarat, Annakut (a mountain of food offerings) is celebrated, and Govardhan Puja, where a mountain of sweets and food is made, is a significant tradition.


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